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The Top 10 Best Barber Scissors | Professional Hair Shears

find out what are the most popular barber hair cutting scissors in 2021! With information on the best barber styles, blades, sizes and new trends for up and coming barbering specialists in Australia and New Zealand.

What does it take to find a pair of Barber Scissors that will cut your clients hair reliably everyday?

In this short guide, we will cover a brief summary of The Difference Between Hairdressing & Barber Scissors, The Different Types Of Barber Scissor Blades, and The Top 10 Best Barber Scissors list!

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For the sharpest haircuts that gives you confidence and keeps clients coming back, finding the best pair of barber shears is what brings you to the next level.


Let's jump right into the best barber scissor for professionals, apprentices and barbering enthusiasts!

Summary: Why & Which Barber Scissors?

There are a lot of different hair scissors out there, but the pairs most popular for barbering are typically long enough for barber techniques like Scissors Over Comb.

To perform most barbering haircutting techniques, you need a hair scissor between 6.0" Inches and 7.5" inches. The most popular size for male and female barbers is 7.0" inches.

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Aside from the size of the barber scissors, the next most important aspect of the shears is the type of blades. The most common blades used for professional barbers scissors are:
  • Bevel Edge
  • Convex-Edge
  • Sword
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Barber scissors and their blades are only as good as the Steel and Materials used to create them. The higher quality the steel, the sharper your barber blade will be, and they will also stay sharper for a lot longer.

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When you see the different prices of barber scissors and wonder why one is more expensive than the other, then its typically due to the Professional Brands, Scissor Steel, Blade Types, and what's included in the set or kit.

In case you are just here for a quick peek of what pairs are trending, here is a taste of the Top 10 Best Barbering Scissors: 
  1. Ichiro K10 Scissor : Best Value Premium VG10 Japanese Steel Scissors
  2. Yasaka 7.0" Barber ShearThe Most Popular Japanese Barber Scissor
  3. Mina Barber Scissor : The Most Affordable Entry-Level Professional Barber Scissor
  4. Juntetsu Moonlight Shear : Ultra-Sharp Barber Scissor Made From VG10 Japanese Steel
  5. Juntetsu Snow Scissor : The Most Elegant & Stylish Long-Blade Barber Shear Made From VG10 Japanese Steel
  6. Yasaka SK Long Blade : Elegant Long-Blade Barber Scissor With Clam-Shaped Blades
  7. Mina Sakura Barber Scissor : Affordable & Reliable Barbering Scissor
  8. Ichiro Sword Barber Shear : Excellent Sword Blade For Professional Barbering
  9. Kamisori Sword ScissorPowerful Barbering Sword Blade
  10. Jaguar White Line Satin Scissor : Simple German Design For Barbers
The difference between up-and-coming apprentice barbers and experienced professionals is a good knowledge of what type of barber shears have excellent edges that give the sharpest cuts, what kind of scissor sizes suit your style, and which blade edges suit your cutting type.

Read on as we cover all aspects of barber shears to find the best pair that suits you in Australia. 

What’s The Difference Between Hairdressing Scissors and Barber Shears?

Barber Shears Sizes

Within the hair cutting scissors ranges you will find 4.5”, 5”, 5.5”, 6”, 6.5” and 7” as the most common sizes used in both hairdressing and barbering.

You will find that people who work in hairdressing salons typically lean towards the smaller range and barbershops and men's salons usually lean towards the large range, as most professionals have experience and understand what suits their styles, we won’t cover this too deeply.

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The smaller range of hair cutting scissors are the 4.5”, 5” and 5.5” and are popular within the hairdressing industry as they provide precision and are better for creating closer, more detailed cuts that are popular within salons.

Another factor for choosing a smaller size is people’s hand sizes, as finger inserts only help so much, typically when placing the scissor on your palm the end blade should reach the middle finger if you extend it.

2019 Barber Hair cutting Finger and Comb Styles
The main reasoning for this is about controlling each cut and giving you confidence, for every half inch that the scissor blade goes beyond your middle finger, you will lose a little control making it more difficult to cut with.

Barbering includes different hairstyles and the type of scissors you use will depend on the type of men’s hairstyles you want to achieve.

The most important factor in deciding which barber shear to choose is to find a size that suits your style of cutting and typically barbers and using 6”, 6.5” and 7” as the blade is in line with the tip of the male middle finger and the finger hole on the longest handle is touching your thumb.

What Types of Scissors Blades 

The different types of barber scissor blades

The two categories of blades used for hair cutting by barbers and hairdressers are bevelled edge blades, which are very popular with German Scissors, and Convex edge blades, which are very popular with Japanese shears.

The types of blades depending on your own preference and your experience of how each type fits your cutting style.

Bevelled edge blades

They are constructed from various lightweight steel and usually have a level of the curve within them.

This stops hair from sliding down, so they are particularly good at entry-level blades as they are easy to use and cut any falling hair. These do not perform well for slicing styles as the hair builds up on the blade the more you cut.

Convex edge blades

These sharpest of blades, and this is particularly impressive with Japanese made scissors, as it also requires specialist sharpening skills to be able to maintain and improve on these types of shears.

The difficulty in creating extreme sharpness with convex blades requires high-quality steel with superior hardness. Scissors made from high-quality steel with convex edge blades are typically heavier than the alternative bevelled edge blades.

All convex edge blades hollow grounds, so it becomes easier to sharpen as long as the professional scissor sharpener has experience with this.

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They also give a very smooth haircutting action. Convex edge blades are the number 1 chosen option when it comes to slicing style of haircutting as they are they sharpest choice.


So How Do I Choose The Best Barber Shear?

As a professional, the barber scissor you choose best suits your hand size, and the style of cutting.

If you are looking for a larger pair of scissors for men’s hairstyle work and your preferred style is slicing, then choosing a convex edge blade with high-quality steel from Japan Scissors is going to provide the support necessary to perform professional hair cuts on a daily basis.

If you are looking for entry-level barber scissors, then focus on a bevelled edge blade as this will help you perform and learn as you go. 

The Top 10 Barber Scissors Found In Professional Barbershops

As promised from our taste of the best barber scissors for professionals, based on client feedback from professionals in Australia and New Zealand, we will run through the best value and most popular scissors available.

#1 - Ichiro K10 Barber Shear 

Ichiro Japanese Steel K10 7" Barber Scissor
This pair ticks all the boxes with its simple and elegant designs, premium steel, ultra-sharp professional barber blades, you can't find a better pair at this price.

The Ichiro K10 has been extremely popular for professional barbers, as the most affordable premium-grade barber shear with a variety of sizes from 5.5”, 6”, 6.5” to 7” inches that suits every barber.

Ichiro also uses high-quality VG10 steel with a convex edge that uses offset ergonomics for comfortable natural cutting styles.

The Benefits of the Ichiro K10 Scissors are:
  • Premium VG-10 Steel
  • Ultra-Sharp Japanese Convex Edge Blade
  • Comfortable Offset Ergonomics
  • Best Value Price
Browse more barber scissors from the popular Ichiro Brand Here!

#2 - Yasaka 7” Barber Scissor

Yasaka 7" Made in Japan Barber Shear
The Yasaka brand is one of the most popular Japanese barber shears for professionals.

As one of the most well known Japanese Hair Cutting Scissor manufacturers, they have produced an affordable premium shear with a convex edge perfect for sharpening.

Using Hitachi Cobalt stainless steel, this premium hairdressing scissor is one of the most popular in for style, quality and barbering.

The Benefits of the Yasaka Barber Scissors are:
  • Most Popular Japanese Scissor Brand
  • Premium ATS314 Cobalt Stainless Steel
  • Ultra-Sharp Clam-Shaped Convex Edge Blade
  • Unique Design With Stylish Engravings
Browse more barber scissors from the Yasaka Brand Here!

#3 - Jaguar White Line Satin

Jaguar White Line Germany Barber Scissor
Jaguar is one of the most famous and oldest scissor manufacturers from Germany. With almost 100 years of experience, they produce high quality and affordable hair cutting scissors with sharp bevelled edge blades.

These have become extremely popular with an affordable price and used for entry-level hairdressers and barbers with sizes from 5”, 5.5”, 6”, 6.5”, to 7” the Jaguar Satin hairdressing scissors are extremely popular for professional barbers.

The Benefits of the Jaguar Satin Scissors are:
  • Famous German Scissor Brand
  • Simple Design
  • Sharp Bevel Edge 
  • Affordable Price
Browse more barber scissors from The Jaguar Scissors Brand Here!

#4 - Mina Sakura Barber Shear

Mina Sakura 7" Barber Scissor
Mina produces quality hairdressing scissors with bevelled edge and convex edge shears for barbers in Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand and the rest of the world!

With an affordable price range and offset ergonomics, these Sakura barber shears are extremely popular and usually bought pre-order due to a large number of purchases from barbershops and salons.

The Benefits of the Mina Sakura Scissors are:
  • Unique Handle Design
  • Easy Tension Adjustment
  • Sharp Blade Edge
  • Affordable Price
Browse more from the popular Mina Scissor Brand Here!

#5 - Mina Barber Scissor

Mina barber scissor for haircutting 7.0"
The Mina Barber Cutting Shears are extremely popular due to the high quality hand-forged blades, comfortable ergonomics and simple styles.

The slim design is a real head turner and the quality of cuts you get from these make them your daily go-to for hairdressing and barbering.

Designed to be lightweight and perfectly balanced, barbers jump on these for both quality, style and affordability as the up and coming barber scissor.

The Benefits of the Mina Barber Scissors are:
  • Elegant Slim Design
  • Allergy-neutral Black Color Coating
  • Sharp All-rounder Haircutting Blade
  • Affordable Price! 
  • Perfect Entry-Level Professional Shear
Browse more from the popular Mina Scissor Brand Here!

#6 - Kamisori Sword Barber Shear

The Best Sword Barber Scissor From Kamisori

Kamisori is an internationally famous hair scissor brand that delivers premium-grade shears to professional hairdressers, barbers and hairstylists.

The most popular model they have is the Kamisori Sword, which features a long and powerful blade, ultra-sharp 3D convex edge, and a comfortable offset handle.

If you are looking for a powerful barber scissor from a reliable and popular brand, then Kamisori may be right for you!

The Benefits of the Kamisori Sword Scissors are:
  • Famous Kamisori Brand
  • Premium Steel
  • 3D Ultra-Sharp Convex Edge Blade
  • Unique and Stylish Design
Browse more from the Kamisori Brand Here!

#7 - Yasaka SK Long Cutting Scissor

Yasaka Made in Japan SK Long 7" Barber Shear
The Yasaka SK Long barber scissors are highly sought after as they use ultra-high quality Cobalt Stainless Steel with an offset design.

The convex edge blade is perfect for slicing with men’s hairstyles in barbering, and are on the top-end of Yasaka’s barber shears used by professionals.

Keep an eye out for these barber shears from Japan as they are real head turners for men’s hairstyles. 

The Benefits of the Yasaka SK Scissors are:
  • Famous Yasaka Brand
  • Unique Handcrafted Design
  • Ultra-Sharp Clam-Shaped Convex-Edge Blade
  • Comfortable Offset Ergonomics
Browse more barber scissors from the Yasaka Brand Here!

#8 - Ichiro Barber Shear

The Best Japanese Style Sword Barbering Scissor
Ichiro produces quality scissors used by hairdressers and barbers for affordability and quality convex and bevelled edge designs.

If you are looking to get started in barbering or having an everyday shear used for men’s hairstyles without any tugging or pulling, this sword blade with a convex edge sharp barber scissor is the best choice for you.

The Benefits of the Ichiro Sword Scissors are:
  • Powerful Sword Angle Barbering Blade
  • High-Quality 440C Steel
  • Comfortable Offset Ergonomics
  • Sharp Convex-Edge Blade Tips For Effortless Haircutting
Browse more barber scissors from the popular Ichiro Brand Here!

#9 - Juntetsu Snow Barber Shear

The best Japanese Juntetsu Snow Barber Shear
The Juntetsu Snow mixes elegant designs, premium Japanese VG10 steel, and ultra-sharp convex-edge to create a powerful barbering shear.

The Snow Jewel design makes tension adjustment easy. The ergonomic offset handle design provides you with a powerful grip that reduces stress on your hand, wrist and shoulder.

Truly a professional hair shear for barbers and hairdressers looking to mix style and elegance with a confident haircutting experience.'

The Benefits of the Juntetsu Snow Barber Scissors are:
  • The Popular Juntetsu Premium Scissor Brand
  • Premium VG10 Japanese Steel
  • Ultra-Sharp Convex-Edge Blades
  • Stylish and Elegant Design
  • Comfortable Ergonomics
Browse more premium barber scissors from the Juntetsu Brand Here!

#10 - Juntetsu Moonlight Barber Shear

The best barber scissor is the Juntetsu Moonlight
Juntetsu is a high-quality scissor manufacturer producing convex edge blades with quality Japanese VG10 steel that are used for the sharpest slicing style cuts in men’s hairstyles.

We use these daily in comparison to Jaguar, Yasaka and other popular brands, and the quality of steel give the absolute sharpest cuts.

You won’t find excellent edges elsewhere than the Juntetsu convex edge blades, with their simplistic designs and modern ergo offset styles that suit professionals haircutting on a daily basis.

The Benefits of the Juntetsu Moonlight Scissors are:
  • The Popular Juntetsu Premium Scissor Brand
  • Premium VG10 Japanese Steel
  • Ultra-Sharp Convex-Edge Blades
  • 3D Angled Blade
  • Comfortable Ergonomics
Browse more premium barber scissors from the Juntetsu Brand Here!

What brand do barbers use?

The most popular brands of scissors and shears that barbers use are reliable, affordable and hold a sharp blade for longer.

The most common barber scissor brands include:

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You can ask your coworkers or other barbers about their favourite brands, but always focus on quality for barber scissors. The best barber shear brands use high-quality steel as they last longer, have sharper blades and keep cutting for longer.


Whether you are just starting out as a barber or just want to keep up to date with the latest barber trends, we are here to talk about the best barber scissors online and a quick guide to picking a pair that suits you.

We want to fill you in on more than a few popular selling pairs of barber scissors, as the hair cutting industry is changing every few years and we found that a large number of our professional clients are leaning on their scissor re-sellers for advice and recommendations with choosing the best barber shears for affordability, style and price.


  • I read the blog “Are Scissors And Shears The Same Thing” because it’s puzzled me what the differences are between the two. However, this article on the top 10 barber scissors and professional hair shears explained things much better. Now I feel like I know why a stylist will use hair cutting scissors as opposed to shears. Good job.


    Leslie Anderson

  • There’s much more here than a list of the top 10 barber scissors. You break everything down when it comes to hair-cutting scissors and shears. I remember reading that shears are longer than scissors but this helped explain it a bit more. As far as control of scissors goes, the more control the better because haircutting seems like something requiring a lot of finesse.


    Earl Butler

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