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Browse the best collection of authentic Kamisori Shears for professional hairstylists in salons and barbershops.

Each pair of Kamisori Hair Cutting Shears & Thinning Scissor is made from the highest quality steel with superior blades for an effortless haircutting experience.

Kamisori Shears are famous for being made in Japan by Japanese bladesmiths. Shop the best Kamisori Hair Cutting Kits at Japan Scissors!

Browse The Best Collection Of Kamisori Shears!

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Kamisori Hairdressing Shears | Kamisori Scissors - Japan Scissors

Kamisori Shears: A Premier Professional Hair Scissor Brand quick guide.

Kamisori Shears are renowned for their superior production of professional hairdressing scissors. With unparalleled sharpness, these scissors are designed to make haircutting effortless. Kamisori Shears is not only recognized internationally but also admired for its exceptional hairdressing and barber scissors.

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Kamisori Shears

  • Superior Japanese Steel: Kamisori uses hardened Japanese steel to deliver sharper convex edge blades.
  • Internationally Acclaimed: With a reputation for winning international awards, Kamisori stands as one of the top hairdressing scissor brands.
  • Premium Convex Edge: The scissors come with a premium convex edge blade suitable for a variety of haircutting techniques, including chop, point, slide, and more.
  • Ergonomically Designed: Each scissor model is created to provide ergonomic comfort for all-day professional hair cutting.
  • Unique and Stylish: Kamisori offers limited edition designs that add a trendy touch to your toolset!

Experience the combination of quality and style with Kamisori Shears. Enjoy FREE SHIPPING on every order, worldwide!

Features and Benefits of Kamisori Shears
Feature Benefit
Hardened Japanese steel Ensures sharp and durable blades
Award-winning reputation Guarantees quality and performance
Premium convex edge blade Provides versatility in cutting techniques
Ergonomic design Supports comfort during prolonged use
Unique and stylish designs Keeps your tools looking fashionable

Their craftsmanship exudes uniqueness and precision, with each product sourced from the highest quality steel available. This ensures the sharpest blades that give Kamisori the cutting edge in the scissors industry.

Their manufacturing protocol is strict, with each pair cleverly constructed and compared to their high standard from years of study and research. Each shear goes through rigorous craftsmanship, with 93 different steps utilized to maintain the much reputable final product that has made them famous for their perfect quality.

Such craftsmanship doesn’t happen overnight and they have been designing and innovation hair cutting instruments for generations now. In the eyes of Kamisori, superior blade-making is a form of art. Only certain individuals with extensive talent and experience can master such methods and techniques to deliver and keep on delivering high-quality products.

After much hard work and intergenerational techniques, the end result is a light-weight and perfectly balanced shears for both fast, accurate and delicate cutting.

Kamisori Shears Black Diamond Model
Picture: Kamasoir’s Black Diamond Model

One of the best-developed steels for sword-making in the history of warfare was Damascus. While it is believed to have originated in Syria, the Damascus steel system was used extensively in Japan for the legendary Samurai sword.

Today, professional hairstylists do not go into battle with swords, but they do need exquisite steel that is flexible, hard, sharp and durable. Kamisori's innovation continues with our exclusive collection of Damascus shears.

These models are manufactured one-by-one by the most respected Japanese bladesmiths with a tradition steeped in the finest craftsmanship passed from one generation to the next. Used by famous platform hair artists all over the world.
These high-rated tools, as one celebrity stylists once famously said; are the "Ferraris of the shear world"!

Picture: Kamisori Dragon Collection

These shears are forged in Japan from some of the finest material available today. Each pair cleverly constructed using results from years of study, research and testing. Our Dragon collection brings the hairdresser refreshingly stylish, well-balanced and precise shears to enjoy and perhaps even show off with!

The handles and styles are real head turners that make these ones of most popular and sought after hairdressing scissor models in Australia. Professional hairdressers are looking for real high-quality shears and the Dragon Collection is the best.

From the Kamisori Kobur, FeatherLite, Kaos and Havok, the Dragon Series leads as one of the best and highly searched for hairdressing scissors in Australia. The Kamisori 3 Piece Sword Master is one of the best Japanese hairdressing scissors found in-store and online. Using the Kamisori anatomic system and unique angled sword blades, these lead to one of Kamisori’s superior cutting and ergonomic shears.

Picture: Kamisori Shears Titanium Collection (Premium)

The Kamisori Titanium collection is daring, exciting and well-performing. Leading with well-known models like the Pride and Perseverance, the Titanium series has been around for more than 15 years and impressed and awed professional hairdressings in Australia.

The Titanium collection has a lower price-tag than most other hairdressing scissors like the Damascus and Dragon Collection. Most professional hairdressers swear by these as the best entry-level pair of Kamisori. Not only will you fall in love with their unique designs and styles, but you will also get a pair that cuts smooth and has unique ergonomic and curved handles that protects you while you cut.

Our personal favourites are the Kamisori Black Diamon and the Kamisori Diablo hairdressing scissors. Simple and stylish designs with uber sharp edges. These come at a reasonable and affordable price and will easily last you through your cutting career. They do not “push” the hair, they glide and price sharp slicing cuts.

Kamisori Diablo Hairdressing Shears Model

Picture: Kamisori Shears Diablo Model

Kamisori Shears Reviews & Scissor Comparisons

Rather than ending this run-through of Kamisori hairdressing scissors in Australia in 2019. At Japan Scissors we find that guides on what we think are the best scissor brands of 2019 always helps when digging deeper to find the best hairdressing shears for you.

As a professional hairdresser or barber, you know that the right tools will not only help you perform, but they protect you (ergonomics) and gives you the confidence to keep cutting endlessly.

We’re going to do a speed round and compare the brands against Kamisori. There usually isn’t any major difference or negatives between brands, as in 2019 we have high-quality hairdressing scissors everywhere and it’s hard to narrow down the list to just 5 haircutting shear brands.

Are Kamisori Shears Any Good?

When hairdressers and barbers are out looking for a reliable brand of hair-cutting scissors, Kamisori Shears appears as one of the top professional shears.

The biggest question people are asking is "are Kamisori shears any good?", as each pair is usually over $500. It's quite an investment, so you want to be sure.

A few things Kamisori shears do well when creating a good hair cutting scissor are:

  1. Sharp convex edge blades
  2. High-quality steel materials
  3. Offset ergonomic handles
  4. Unique artistic designs

To learn or not Kamisori Shears creates good scissors, we looked into their company information.

They are based out of Canada and sell primarily to America (USA). This is not confirmed 100%, but it appears as if they make their scissors in either South Korea or China.

When asking whether or not Kamisori Shears is any good, we have to check their long list of awards.

Kamisori holds scissor manufacturing awards for:

  • unique designs
  • well-performing barber shears
  • influential scissor brands

Their popularity as a brand for making good hairdressing scissors and barber shears stems from their unique designs and immense marketing campaign.

They are estimated to be spending over $1 million USD each year on international marketing campaigns through Google, Facebook, Instagram, and more.

When professional hairdressers and barbers look for a new pair of hair scissors, most people choose a safe, reliable, and well-known good brand. Kamisori Shears is one of those well-known brands.


Overall, Kamisori Shears is a good brand, 5 stars, and if you like what you see, then take the jump and buy a pair! They ship reliable and good quality hair shears from Canada to anywhere in the world!

The specialty of shaving Kamisori razor tools

The Art Of Shaving assortment brings refreshingly sharp exemplary straight cutting edges created with the best Japanese steel. Kamisori holds its worldwide standing as the debut brand for quality styling instruments in high respect and we remain by our Art of Shaving assortment.

Read more on Kamisori shears here:

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