Warranty Guide

Your satisfaction is our utmost priority at Japan Scissors. If you find a manufacturing defect in your product or are not completely satisfied with your purchase, we are here to help!

Every product is carefully inspected before shipping, but in case of any issues, we strive to resolve your concerns swiftly.

Key Points of Our Warranty:

  • Peace of Mind: Rest easy knowing that your products come with a warranty that covers manufacturing defects.
  • Easy Reporting: If you spot any defects, you can swiftly contact us:
  • Varied Warranty Periods: Warranty durations can vary by brand and product.
  • Resolution Options: Common solutions include product replacement, repair, or refund.
  • Exclusions: Please note, our warranty does not cover wear and tear, physical damage, corrosion, or change of mind.
  • Change of Mind Returns: To help you find the perfect pair of shears, we offer a 7-day change of mind return policy. If you're not 100% satisfied with your selection, you can return them for a refund or exchange. Read more here!

Warranty Periods by Brand

Brand Warranty Period
Juntetsu Scissors Lifetime Warranty
Ichiro Scissors Lifetime Warranty
Mina Scissors 2 Year Warranty
Jaguar Scissors 1 Year Warranty
Yasaka Scissors 1 Year Warranty
Kamisori Shears 1 Year Warranty
Feather Razors 1 Year Warranty
Kasho Shears Lifetime Warranty
Other Products from Japan Scissors Lifetime Warranty

Understanding Warranty Defects

Defects that may fall under our warranty coverage include issues such as a non-working tension system, fading colour coating when cleaned, or a non-rotating swivel handle. On the other hand, issues such as dullness of scissors, physical damage, corrosion, or dissatisfaction with style/type, do not fall under warranty defects.

In line with consumer law, we aim to repair or replace goods (or part of them) to maintain a positive customer experience and to ensure your purchase is made with confidence!

Warranty Examples

For instance, if you have just received your new Jaguar Scissors and you notice the screw is loose and won't tighten, you can simply email our team, return the scissors in their original packaging, and we'll inspect them. If the problem is confirmed, we'll either fix it immediately or send out a replacement pair. Should you have issues with the scissors' sharpness within the first 7 days, you can return them for an exchange or replacement.

For complete information on your warranty coverage, please refer to our Warranty Policy Here!

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