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Hardressing Scissor Reviews

Hairdressing scissor shop reviews

With so many different hairdressing scissor and barber shear brands available, it is hard to make a confident choice without reviews.

Our customers from Australia, the USA, Canada, Hungary, U.K., Ireland and the rest of the world are contributing to the best scissor and shear brand reviews to help you buy with confidence.

The most common feedback we have received from hairdressers and barbers when buying hair scissors online are:

  • Reviews will allow me to understand how other professionals think of these scissors
  • More pictures will give me a better idea of what these scissors look like
  • I want to know if this brand is popular or reliable. 

Whether you are looking for a review on a new pair of hairdressing scissors, or you are looking at reviews for the best scissor brands, we work with professionals across the world to bring you the best photo and feedback on scissor brands and shears.

Our scissor brand reviews include:

Hairdressing Scissor Reviews

Find out why brands like Juntetsu, Yasaka, Kamisori and Ichiro have become so popular with hairdressers and barbers across the world! 

 Hairdressing Scissor Reviews really help us understand which pair is right for you.

There are new scissors brands appearing every year, but how do we know which manufacturer makes a long lasting professional shear?

Reviews are the way that professionals feel protected and confident with their purchase. This let's you know what scissors are reviewed and rated to be the best for professionals.

The most common reviews for hairdressing show that they are working after a few tries, but it's the professionals in the industry that gives you the scissor reviews that will last forever.

In this article we review hairdressing scissor brands, haircutting shear models, and the best sets and accents in Australia.

These reviews have been written by hairdressing and barber customers since 2018. Focusing their reviews on the professional feedback on the sharpness, the ergonomics, tension and overall performance of haircutting, thinning and texturising scissors.