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The Best Hairdressing Scissor Brands

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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions About Hairdressing Scissors

When looking to buy hairdressing scissors, barber shears and razors online, it can be overwhelming with the large number of brands, styles and choices available.

Based on our years of customer feedback and supper, we have decided to put together a list of the most asked questions about hairdressing and barber scissors!

What are the different types of hairdressing scissors?

Whether shopping online or in-store, choosing the right size of hairdressing scissor that is both comfortable and works for all cutting techniques is difficult.

Here we explain all the different types of hairdressing scissors available:

  • Haircutting scissors: Haircutting shears are the most fundamental and basic trimming apparatuses you can see at any barbershop or salon. It's a direct pair of slicing shears used to eliminate length for additional styling. It can likewise be utilized to cut different things around the salon. Furthermore, for DIY beauticians, a couple of haircutting shears are the principal apparatus to get. Hairdressers searching for a couple of haircutting shears will likewise discover this sort helpful.
  • Texturizing scissors: Another broadly utilized haircutting instrument is the texturizing shears. These have a plan like scissors, yet one sharp edge has teeth that snatch the hair. It can have 7 to 16 teeth and thought about an uncommon kind of shears. This is utilized for diminishing cumbersome hair without fundamentally eliminating length.
  • Swivel scissors: Swivel shears, then again, are utilized to decrease the pressure on all fours of the client. It's appropriate for those experiencing carpal passage disorder and tedious strain injury. Dissimilar to different scissors with finger openings found one next to the other, the turn shears have a pivoting thumb opening connected to the edge. More often than not, the thumb is more limited and plotted for advantageous and more characteristic developments.
  • Thinning scissors: Thinning scissors are regularly traded with texturizing shears, in spite of being an alternate apparatus. Not at all like texturizing scissors with generally gapped teeth, diminishing shears have denser teeth. This is utilized to eliminate mass while mixing with the outline lines made by some scissors.
  • Long barber blade scissors: Long-bladed shears are essential trimming devices, however with longer cutting edges. This is utilized to trim more hair in one go, which is valuable for salons and hairdressers the same. These scissors are typically 6 to 7.5 inches long and broadly utilized for over the brush methods. It's likewise ideal for gruff cutting methods since it clips in one go.
  • Short hairdresser blade scissors: Short-bladed trimming scissors can be effectively utilized by beauticians with more modest hands as they are more lightweight and give better control, consequently diminishing hand exhaustion. Short-bladed hair scissors are frequently accessible in 4" to 5.5" sizes. It's reasonable for itemizing and cutting, making it imperative among beauticians.
  • Left handed scissors: Last yet not the least, there are the left-gave scissors. These are planned with various handle designs than customary, right-gave ones. The handles are formed to suit the left hand for simpler and more advantageous cutting.

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What size hairdressing scissors do I need?

To figure out what scissor size suits you best, we need to understand what haircutting techniques you will perform.

There are two main hairdressing and barbering scissor sizes:

  • Smaller scissors: these are typically between 4.5" inches and 5.5" inches. Smaller scissors have shorter blades that give you more precision when cutting hair.
  • Longer scissors : these are typically between 6" inches and 8" inches. Longer scissors have bigger blades, are usually used by barbers with the Over Comb technique, and are useful for quickly trimming hair.

The most common scissor size used by hairdressers, barbers, hairstylists, and for cutting hair at home is 6".

The 6" inch size is the perfect length that allows you to perform almost every haircutting and styling technique.

In light of this, when choosing the correct scissors for you, we suggest estimating the length of the edge against your centre finger and the complete length of the scissors against the palm of your hand. Significantly, most scissors cover a broad scope of cuts ranges from 4.5" to 8".

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Which scissors are best for cutting hair at home?

For beginners and people looking to cut hair at home, looking for a pair of scissors that suits your needs can be a challenging task.

What type of scissors do you need for cutting hair at home? A simple pair of cutting scissors that use stainless steel and have a sharpened flat-edge, bevelled or convex edge blade is the perfect choice.

You don't need to spend $500 on a pair of scissors for cutting hair at home! We have put together a list of the best scissors for cutting hair at home:

  1. (Best Home-Use Scissor) Umi Hair Cutting Scissor
  2. (Best Home-Use Scissor Set) Timeless Cutting & Thinning Set
  3. Jaguar Jay 2 Hair Cutting Scissor
  4. Mina Matte Black Cutting Scissor
  5. Jaguar Pink Pre Style Ergo
  6. Sakura Cutting & Thinning Set
  7. Mina Ash Black Cutting Scissor
  8. Mina Traditional Black Scissor Set
  9. Ichiro Relax Cutting Scissor
  10. Mina Barber Scissors

Let us know if we have missed out on any of your favourite home-use hair scissors!

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What are the best hair scissor brands?

Whether you are in Australia, the USA, Canada or Europe, the best hairdressing scissor brands are typically from Japan or Germany.

What makes a good brand of hair scissors? The top factor is always reputation, as it determines how confident you can be when buying a pair of scissors online. The best brands use high-quality materials, sharp edges that are perfect for cutting hair, and last for many years of use.

To summarise, here are the best 10 hair scissor brands for professionals or home-use:

  1. (Best Value Japanese)Yasaka Scissors
  2. (Best Quality & Value) Juntetsu Scissors
  3. (Best German) Jaguar Scissors
  4. (Best Unique Designs) Kamisori Shears
  5. (Highest Quality) Fuji MoreZ Scissors
  6. (Best All-Round) Joewell Scissors
  7. (Best Priced) Ichiro Scissors
  8. (Best Beginner & Home-Use) Mina Scissors
  9. Hikari Shears
  10. Kasho Shears
  11. Feather Scissors & Razors

Let us know if we have missed out any of your favourite brands of hairdressing scissors for hairdressers, barbers, hairstylists, beginners and apprentices or home-use.

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Can you cut your hair with normal scissors?

The main changes between regular scissors and hairdressing scissors are the size of the blades.

If you have a pair of kitchen scissors, the blades are much bigger and broader as they are made to tear and not slice.

Haircutting shears are explicitly intended to smoothly slice through hair, and this requires finer and thinner blade edges.

The difference with regular scissors and hair scissors is also with the handles and how your hands are positioned while cutting.

Kitchen, fabric and craft scissors have more oversized handles as you need to put more strength into cutting and tearing. Hair scissors have smaller handles as the sharpened blades cut through hair effortlessly.

With blades, scissors likewise have a big difference in their sharpness between the regular and hair scissors.

Slicing hair scissors have a finer blade that delicately slices, while regular scissors-like kitchen shears have sharp jagged edges that are made to tear through meat and vegetables.

You can utilise ordinary scissors if they are sharp enough however most are not thus they simply twist your hair as opposed to trimming it and depending how much hair you're trimming off it may take some time because of dull scissors.

Be careful when using scissors at home, and try to limit yourself to trimming and not restyling your hair.

Scissors become dull quickly, and it doesn't take a lot to damage or make the blades blunt by trimming paper.

Trimming your hair with standard scissors, those that are commonly utilised for cutting things like paper, cardboard, texture, can harm the closures of your hair and cause them to part. They ordinarily aren't as sharp as styling shears so they quite the hair before trimming it.

It's likewise challenging to get a straight cut with scissors. Since the edge isn't as sharp, as you crush them shut they really push the hair out towards the tips of the edges as opposed to trimming every hair precisely where you have it pulled to.

The result is the hair ends, and tips are damaged, split and roughed. You will have to go to a salon or hairdresser to fix your hair after the regular scissors damage your hair.

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Why are hairdressing scissors so expensive?

Hairdressing scissors, and all other hair or barber shears, are expensive due to the materials (steel) used to produce blades perfect for haircutting and styling.

Hair scissors use premium stainless steel because this is the only material that will hold a fine blade sharp enough to cut hair.

Cheaper hair scissors under $100 typically use cheap steel that tears and damages your hair because the cutting edge isn't nearly sharp enough for hairdressing or barbering.

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How do I maintain and sharpen my hair scissors?

Hair scissors are not intended to be utilised at work or home while dry. Oil the hair scissors once per week with a decent quality scissor oil. This will make your scissors cut hair better, stop them from rusting and they will for many more years.

Your hairdresser and barber scissors should be cleaned toward the day's end, thoroughly dried and then oiled before putting them away.

Use warm water to soak, rinse and wash your hair scissors, and thoroughly wipe and scrub away any debris or build-up, then dry them.

Make sure to oil the hair scissors between the two blades after drying them.

Try to remember that the more expensive scissors become, the more fragile and brittle they can be.

For hair scissors to hold a sharp edge, they have to have hardened steel, and the harder the steel, the easier they are to crack due to physical damage.

Scissors with a ultra fine edge break easier by dropping them on the floor or hard surfaces. Most hairdressers, hairstylists, barbers and beauticians will use a pouch, case, holster or scissor wallet to protect their expensive scissors.

  • Keep the scissors consistently dry and safe in a pouch or case to prevent any damage from corrosion (rust) or physical damage.
  • Avoid chucking your hairdressing scissors into your bag or purse unprotected. The most common way scissors are damaged is due to minor physical damage in bags.
  • After cleaning and drying scissors, place a few drops of cutting oil on the blades.
  • Make sure to hold the scissors by the handle. Make sure to keep your hands dry when using your hair scissors.
  • Begin trimming or cutting hair after the client has washed their hair. Clean hair means less stuff to get caught in your scissors.
  • Continuously place the scissors on a stand or safe place to avoid physical damage.
  • Utilise a brush or paper towel to clean the scissors and any remaining debris.
  • Never trim paper or any material other than the hair so as not to lose the honing of the cutting edges.
  • Utilise the scissors effectively when trimming hair.

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How Much Do You Pay For Hairdressing & Barber Scissors?

With so many scissor brands, models and new styles coming out each year, how much do hairdressers and barbers expect to pay for scissors?

To understand how much hairdressers and barbers pay for scissors, we need to know what types of shears are available. These include:

  • Cutting scissors are between $100 and $500
  • Thinning scissors are between $100 and $500
  • Stainless steel scissors are $100+
  • 440c steel scissors are $200+
  • VG10 steel scissors are $300+
  • Cobalt steel scissors are $600+
  • Many many more...

For new apprentice or student hairdressers and barbers, you can expect to pay between $100 to $250 for a pair or cutting or thinning scissors.

For professional hairdressers and barbers, you can expect to between $150 to $1000 for a pair of cutting or thinning scissors.

If you are looking for a premium pair that will last a lifetime,  you will be paying over $500!

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For a quick and cheap replacement, hairdressers typically pay $150 for a cutting and thinning scissors.

So when asked "how much do you pay for haircutting scissors?", they pay between $100 and $300. This gets you a high quality professional hair cutting or thinning and texturising scissors.

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Barber Shears are typically longer and most people expect to pay a higher amount, but they typically cost the same as the smaller hairdressing scissors.

Barber scissors cost between $150 and $300 for an entry level professional hair cutting scissors that can be used with over the comb techniques.

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Professional premium barber scissors cost around $500 and usually feature a 3D convex edge blade, Offset ergonomics and high quality steel.

Hairdressers expect to get a pair that cuts hair effortlessly, has professional ergonomics and lasts a long time. The higher quality the steel the longer these hairdressing scissors will last.

How to hold hairdressing scissors

There are a few different styles and ways to hold hairdressing scissors, but the most common method is the western traditional. The benefits of holding hair scissors properly is that you remove pressure off your wrist and fingers, and it also gives you steadier hands while cutting hair.

The steps to hold hairdressing scissors are:

  1. With the scissor hook facing upwards towards the ceiling, put your ring finger in the smaller finger hole.
  2. Put your thumb in the larger finger hole of the scissors.
  3. Your index and middle finger should rest on the upper part of the handle
  4. Use your thumb to open and close the hair scissors

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