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Browse the best premium left handed hairdressing scissors from Japan Scissors. Each pair of hair scissors are made from high-quality steel for a lightweight and sharp design.

True Lefty hair scissors for professionals, apprentices, and home-use that are ergonomic and comfortable to use.

Our left handed hair cutting and thinning scissors are from trusted brands: Yasaka Shears, Jaguar Hairdressing Scissors, Juntetsu, Ichiro, Joewell, Mina, and Kamisori Shears!

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Left-Handed Scissors - Japan Scissors

Left Handed Ergonomic Hairdressing Scissors quick guide.

Discover the joy of precision cutting with our curated collection of Left Handed Scissors. Exclusively crafted in Japan and Germany, our assortment includes both cutting and thinning scissors that meet the demands of professionals and apprentices alike.

What sets a Left Handed Hair Scissor Apart?

A left-handed hair scissor is specially designed to cater to the unique requirements of left-handed stylists. It accommodates the natural curvature of a left hand, making the cutting experience more enjoyable and less straining. Properly using left-handed scissors can significantly reduce discomfort and potential injuries, optimizing your cutting proficiency.

Choosing the Ideal Left Handed Hairdressing Scissors

The art of choosing the right left-handed scissors encompasses several factors such as handle design, blade style, brand reputation, and pricing.

Left Handed Scissor Handles

The handle design is an essential aspect to consider. Our left-handed scissors incorporate handles designed to match the natural curvature of a left hand, ensuring a comfortable and less straining cutting experience. We offer a selection of handles, the most popular being Offset (more ergonomic) and Classic Straight handle.

Left Handed Scissor Blades

The blade type influences the cutting experience. Our scissor blades offer different options, including:

  • Convex Edge: ultra-sharp blades ideal for high-end scissors
  • Serrated Edge: perfect for all-round haircutting, popular among apprentices and students as it retains hair while cutting
  • Bevel Edge: an all-round haircutting blade known for its durable sharpness

Common Left Handed Hair Stylists Problems and Scissor Solutions

Problem Scissors Solution
Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) Offset handle design for less wrist and hand movement
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Ergonomic handles and finger rests for less thumb movement
Hand Fatigue Lightweight materials like Japanese Stainless Steel and comfort grips
Imprecise Cutting Convex edge blades for sharper, precise cuts

Left Handed Vs Right Handed Scissors

While some lefties may opt for right handed scissors, others find that left-handed scissors provide a more comfortable experience. It is a matter of personal preference, however, continuous use of right-handed scissors by a left-handed person could result in RSI and other discomforts. Therefore, it is advisable to invest in a pair of left-handed scissors for long-term use.

Available in an array of sizes including Lefty 6.5", 6", 5.75", 5.5", and 5" models, with the most sought-after being the 5.5" and 6" scissors. We offer a wide range from celebrated brands including Jaguar Solingen, Kamisori, Ichiro, Juntetsu, and Mina, ensuring you get the best value for your money.

Note: Always verify the product image for the left-handed scissor handle. An authentic left-handed handle is located on the right side with the tension adjuster screw facing upwards. For any queries regarding left-handed scissors in Australia, please feel free to contact us.

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