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Shop Left Handed Scissors at Japan Scissors. We have high-quality Japan and German cutting and thinning Left Handed Scissors and Shears to suit professionals and apprentices alike! 

What is a left handed hair scissor?

A left handed hair scissors is simply a scissor that can be used comfortably by left handed people.

They are designed to fit the natural curvature of a left hand, allowing for a more comfortable cutting experience.

It is important for left handed hairdressers to use the right scissors to avoid discomfort and potential injury.

How do you choose left handed hairdressing scissors?

When choosing left handed scissors, it's important to consider the handle, blade, brand, and price.

Left Handed Scissor Handles

When choosing left handed scissors, it's important to consider the handle. Most left handed scissors have a handle that is designed to fit the natural curvature of a left hand. This allows for a more comfortable cutting experience.

The most popular type of lefty handles are the Offset (more ergonomic) and Classic Straight handle.

Left Handed Scissor Blades

Hairdressing scissor blades come in various types and styles, but they can all cut through hair. The most popular scissor blades types are:

  • Convex Edge: ultra sharp blades that are typically found on high-end scissors
  • Serrated Edge: popular for apprentices and students for all-round haircutting as it catches hair as it falls
  • Bevel Edge: popular all-round haircutting blade that holds a sharp edge for longer.

Can a left handed hairstylist use right handed scissors?

While some lefties prefer to use left handed scissors exclusively, others find that right handed scissors work just fine.

It all comes down to personal preference and what feels most comfortable in your hand. So, if you're left handed and don't have a left handed scissors, don't worry!

You can still use right handed scissors without any problems for short periods of time. But make sure you order a pair of left-handed scissors soon as constant use of right-handed scissors can potentially cause injuries like RSI.

What makes a left handed hairdressing scissor? The blade stays the same, but the handle switches sides and is molded.to comfortably fit everyone's left hand.

Left handed hair cutting and thing scissors are available in the following sizes:

  • Lefty 6.5" inch
  • Lefty 6" inch
  • Lefty 5.75" inch
  • Lefty 5.5" inch
  • Lefty 5" inch

The most popular out of these left handed scissors are the 5.5 inch and 6 inch models.

If you are looking to buy some left handed scissors, then check out these popular brands:

  • Jaguar Solingen 
  • Kamisori
  • Ichiro
  • Juntetsu
  • Mina

For the best price and value, you can find a wide range of left handed hairdressing scissors.

side note: always make sure to look the picture of the left handed scissor and confirm the lefty handle.

A real authentic left handed handle should be on the right side with the tensions adjuster screw facing up, not down.

Always feel free to contact us here if you have any questions about left handed scissors in Australia.