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Professional Shaving & Styling/Texturizing Razors - Japan Scissors
The best barber razors available online are made from high-quality cutting steel and have an ergonomic handle that allows you to keep a steady hand while shaving.

Whether you are using a professional straight edge (cutthroat) razor, safety razor, or folding barber razor, buying the best tool means having high-quality materials that give it the longest life possible.

The majority of barbers and hairdressers use a straight edge razor or a folding shavette razor with replaceable blades for the clients every day without a chance to properly maintain them.

If you use barber razors every day, buying the best means you can rely on your razor not breaking when you need them.

The most popular barber shaving razor brands are:

The top-selling barber razor types are:

  • Straight Edge (Cut Throat) Razor
  • Folding Razor
  • Shavette Razors
  • Japanese (Kamisori) Long Straight Handle Razor
  • Safety Razors

What razors do barbers use?

Investing in a high-quality razor allows you to have confidence shaving at the barbershop or get a closer shave at home.

Choosing the best razors that barbers use makes the choice of "which razor should I buy?" an easy one!

The type of razors barbers use in a professional barbershop environment are:
Straight Edge (aka Cut Throat) Razor: No replacement blades and an extremely sharp edge for the sharpest shave every time.

Straight or Folding Shavette Razor: These are more common due to their minimal maintenance. You can easily replace blades after each client. This saves barbers time sharpening and sanitizing the razors.

Japanese Straight Razor (aka Kamisori): The Japanese use a unique non-folding straight handle for their razors. This gives them a more confident grip while shaving.

Safety Razors: The safety razors can use single-edge or double-edge blades. Hairdressers and barbers don't typically use safety razors as its better for shaving at home.

So if you are still looking for the best-selling razors online for professional barbers or at home, take a look at our ultimate collection of shaving razors!
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