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    Feather Japan produces the world's highest quality barber razors, styling and texturizing razors, safety razors, and hair cutting tools in the world. Made in the heart of Japan, they use premium Japanese steel to make safe and reliable hair tools.

    The Feather safety razors are popular for personal grooming and barber shaving. They include two main settings; mild or aggressive. This suits soft and sensitive skin or cutting hard and coarse thick hair.

    Option 1: gives you a mild shave as it provides less blade exposure. This reduces the irritation and razor rashes that can be caused by sharper blades on sensitive skin.

    Option 2: gives you an aggressive shave with more blade exposure. This is excellent for cutting thick and coarse hair with minimal effort.

    The world's most advanced safety razors with disposable blades are made from premium Japanese stainless steel in the heart of Japan (岐阜県, Gifu-ken).

    The adjustable double edge razor features include:

    • Two options that suit sensitive skin and thicker coarse hair.
    • Perfect for personal grooming or shaving at a barbershop.
    • Suitable for beginners and intermediate shaving experience.
    • Most affordable Made in Japan high-end shaving razor for professionals and personal grooming

    Hair Tip Closeup 

    This is what the hair tip generally looks like from cheaper razor shaves after you cut. A typically flat end of the hair tip from a smooth slicing motion of hair scissors. This is one of the causes of irritation, in-grown hairs, and a number of other problems.

    The hair tip is flat after cutting it with scissors.

    This is what the hair tip generally looks like from Feather razors after you shave. The hair tip has been finely cut at a slanted angle. This causes less damage and produces a beautiful texture. Leaving a soft and smooth shave after the Feather SS razor effortlessly glides over your skin.

    Hair tips after cutting it with a styling razor

    All Feather hair products are made in Gifu, Japan. They are the most popular and famous razor and styling brand due to their 5-star quality and affordable pricing.

    What Makes the Feather Double Edge Adjustable Razors Popular?

    The Feather Adjustable Double Edge Razor is a beautiful razor that is simple to operate and is suitable for all levels of users and different kinds of facial hair.

    Its adjustable aggressiveness allows for easy work of both dense and coarse growth, whereas in its gentler setting, it's perfect for people with sensitive skin or less brittle facial hair.

    The convenient butterfly-style mechanism allows loading and unloading the blade simple, and an ergonomic and long non-slip handle makes moving the device an absolute breeze.

    Includes two Feather High-Stainless Platinum Blades that will start you off. Blades for replacement are available separately.

    How To Use The Feather Double Edge Razor?

    1. Loading a Blade The butterfly mechanism allows it easy to load and unload razor blades that are compatible. 
    2. Turn the knob clockwise until the head rises and opens up to reveal that blade's compartment. Be careful when loading and unloading.
    3. Adjusting the Blade Exposure: To adjust the level of intensity of the razor, turn the knob clockwise until you loosen it, change the level to two options:
    4. For a lower exposed blade and a less abrasive shaving
    5. The other is for increased blade exposure and more aggressive shaving. Turn the knob counterclockwise, which will close the head

    Final Details About The Adjustable Feather Razor With Double Edge Blades

    • Model: DER-A
    • Specifications: Twist Easy Butterfly Opening Double Edge Razor, with Blade Exposure Adjustable
    • Dimensions: 4.2 cm x 2.5cm x 11.5cm
    • Head and Handle: Heat-resistant ABS handle made of resin and handle brass and stainless steel head, and finishing
    • Manufacturing location: Made in Japan

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