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Hair Cutting Scissors & Shears For Professional Hair Stylists and Barbers quick guide.

Often, we are asked, "what sets apart normal scissors from haircutting scissors?" Here's a straightforward answer:

  • Haircutting scissors are crafted from high-quality hardened steel
  • The top-notch steel allows for a sharper, durable convex edge blade
  • These scissors feature ergonomic handles designed to reduce hand and wrist fatigue

When selecting a pair of scissors, ensure they are engineered for precision and durability. Explore our range of the finest hair-cutting scissors in Australia.

At our store, you can buy hair-cutting scissors at prices more affordable than anywhere else in Australia. Constructed with superior German or Japanese steel, these shears deliver precise, smooth cuts every time.

For home hair cutting, all you need are scissors made from basic stainless steel featuring a simple bevel edge blade. These cost-effective scissors range from $50 to $150.

If you are a student or an apprentice looking for better-quality scissors, you will need ones made from hardened steel with a sharper convex edge blade. These scissors are designed to be between 4" to 6" inches, fitting perfectly in your hand, and are priced between $150 to $250.

Choosing the Best Hair Cutting Scissors

The selection of professional hair cutting scissors should consider comfort, quality, and the type of steel used to create the blade. Whether you're looking to invest in an entry-level professional pair for precise haircuts or shopping for home-use scissors to trim your kid's hair, we've got you covered.

The Hair Cutting Scissors Collection Includes:

Scissor Type Blade Type Length Best For
Home Hairdresser Scissors Bevel Edge Short Precision: 4.5"-5.5" Blunt Cutting, Bang Trimming, Basic Layering
Student and Apprentice Scissors Convex Edge All-rounder: 5.5"-6.0" Slide Cutting, Scissor Over Comb, Point Cutting
Professional Scissors Clam Shaped Edge All-rounder: 5.5"-6.0" Precision Cutting, Dry Cutting, Slide Cutting
Professional Scissors Convex Edge Longer Powerful Blades: 6.0"-7.5" Scissor Over Comb, Heavy Layering, Chopping
Home Hairdresser Scissors Micro-Serrated Edge Short Precision: 4.5"-5.5" Blunt Cutting, Basic Trimming
Student and Apprentice Scissors Flat Edge All-rounder: 5.5"-6.0" Scissor Over Comb, Basic Layering, Basic Texturizing

Additionally, we offer a diverse range of payment options to accommodate every customer:

Premium Hair Cutting Scissors Brands

When seeking a premium brand for hair cutting scissors, consider these top choices:

Each brand has a unique feature and advantage that make them stand out. Consider your budget, style, and comfort to choose the right one for you.

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