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We often get asked "what is the difference between normal scissors and haircutting scissors?", and the easy answer to this is:
  • Haircutting scissors use higher quality hardened steel
  • The high-quality steel allows for sharper convex edge blade
  • Haircutting scissors also use comfortable ergonomic handles that reduce fatigue

When choosing a pair of scissors, make sure they are built for engineering. We cover the best hair-cutting scissors in Australia. 

You can buy hair-cutting scissors cheaper than any other store in Australia. Made with high-quality German or Japanese steel, these shears cut hair with precision and smooth motions.

Cutting hair at home only requires scissors with basic stainless steel and a simple bevel edge blade. These scissors cost between $50 to $150.

Cutting hair as a student or apprentice requires some better steel. These hair-cutting scissors need to have hardened steel with a sharper convex edge blade between 4" to 6" inches. These scissors cost between $150 to $250.

For hair professionals looking for scissors, you will need hardened steel, offset ergonomics, and precision cutting through a sharpened convex edge blade. Most professionals use Japanese or German scissors.

How To Choose The Best Hair Cutting Scissors?

Buying hair cutting scissors in Australia is available online and in physical stores.

The cheapest way to buy hair cutting scissors is online and these come in three main categories with different prices. These categories of hair cutting scissors include:

  • Home hairdresser: hair cutting scissors ($50-150)
  • Student and apprentice: hair cutting scissors ($100-250)
  • Professional: hair cutting scissors ($150-500)

These are situations where you can get a cheap pair of home hair cutting scissors for less than $50, or that a professional pair of scissors can cost up to $3,000.

The good news is that it has never been so cheap to buy hair cutting scissors online 

When buying hair cutting scissors, there are also a wide array of payment options to cater to every type of customer, and these include:

What do you need to look out for when buying a pair of hair-cutting scissors online or in-store?

  • The handle ergonomics. Offset is more comfortable and better for cutting for many hours on end
  • The scissor blade: the convex edge is sharper and gives the most precision while cutting. Bevel edge blades catch hair that falls while cutting making them perfect for students, apprentices, and home hairdressers.
  • The steel/materials: higher quality steel keeps the blade sharp for longer 

When you are looking for a premium brand of hair cutting scissors, check out out these:

We have a wide range of scissors starting between $50 and $500 that cater to the needs of every kind of hairdresser. 

What should I look for in the best professional hair-cutting scissors?

When shopping for a new pair of hair-cutting scissors, we have to look at a lot of different options, styles, and materials to make the best choice.

So what should I look for in hair-cutting scissors?

1. The first thing to look for in hair-cutting scissors is the material. 

Depending on what kind of price range you are looking for, the material used in hair-cutting scissors will decide the overall quality of the cutting blade.

Hair scissors, or "shears" are the association between a beautician and a check, which means approaching a bunch of value shears is basic for each expert beautician or stylist.

There are a few factors that should be viewed while picking your shears, yet we've coordinated them into three all-encompassing classifications with an end goal to assist you with folding your head over it each of the: (1.) comfort, (2.) quality, and (3.) Steel used to create the cutting blade.

There's a great deal of information on what you should for in hair cutting shears, so get a beverage, get settled, and appreciate the read!

The most common materials to look for in hair-cutting scissors are Japanese steel, German steel, Stainless steel or 440C, and VG10 steel.

2. The second thing to look for in hair cutting scissors is the length of the blade. 

The size of the scissors will suit the need of the hairdresser or barber. The most common size for men and women is 6" inches. For barbers though, they may use 7" inches for longer over the comb cutting techniques. 

3. The third thing to look for in hair-cutting scissors is the handle. 

The old-style is a traditional opposing handle. The new style is an ergonomic offset handle. The most commonly bought handle type for hair cutting scissors is Offset.

4. The fourth thing to look for in a hair cutting scissor is the blade. 

The most common blades are beveled and convex edge. The convex edge is sharper, but the blade's performance really depends on the materials. Convex edge or bevel, either one is well-performing as long as they are made from high-quality steel.

The conclusion for "What should I look for in hair cutting scissors" is high-quality steel, a 6" scissor with an offset handle, and a sharp convex or bevel edge blade.

The Different Prices For Hair Cutting Scissors (Home, Apprentice & Professional)

The most commonly searched hair cutting scissors are for parents cutting their children's hair or family hairdressing. It saves a lot of money and time learning how to cut your kid's hair.

The haircutting scissor price for people cutting once or twice a month is between $20 to $150. These scissors are made from basic steel and include a bevel edge blade for beginners.

Apprentice And Student Hair Cutting Scissor Prices

Learning how to cut hair and not sure how much to spend? Well, here we cover hair-cutting scissor prices for students and hairdressers or barber apprentices.

You will be looking for an entry-level professional pair of hairdressing scissors. Learning how to cut means you need to practice with a real pair that allows precise hair cuts.

The typical price for apprentice and student hair cutting scissors is between $99 to $250 and includes a sharper convex or bevel edge blade, higher quality steel, and offset ergonomics.

Professional Hair Cutting Scissor Prices

Professionals cut hair standing up for hours on end every day.

It's critical to have a pair of hairdressing scissors that will cut sharp, stay sharp longer without going blunt, and are light and ergonomic to reduce fatigue.

Professional hair cutting scissor prices range from $250 to $600 in Australia and include premium lightweight durable steel, sharp convex edge blades, and offset ergonomics to keep your fingers, wrist, and elbow comfortable.

What are men's haircutting scissors?

The best hair cutting scissors for men's hair is made in Japan and Germany. 

These scissors include a long blade and have an overall length of anywhere between 6" inches and 7" inches.

What makes these scissors suitable for men's haircuts?

The longer blade easily cuts the men's hair from the sides and also conveniently cuts through the comb.

These are the most popular hair-cutting scissors found in barbershops.

Men's haircutting scissors cost anywhere between $99 and $200 at Japan Scissors.

How to cut men's short hair with these scissors?

Take your new men's haircutting scissors and insert your thumb in the bigger hole, and ring your finger inside the smaller hole. 

Make sure to use your thumb to open and close the scissors, and not the ring finger.

Start by lightly spraying the side's hair, and be careful not to dampen or drench the hair.

Start by combing the hair straight, then grab some of the hair at an even length through the comb, and slice smoothly with the scissors 

Continue this process until the hair has been cut evenly across the head.

Use the comb to straighten the front of the hair, and start to cut the fringe.

The most important aspect of cutting men's hair with scissors is to stay calm, patiently cut evenly, and review.

When you review the haircut, you can see if there are any uneven areas. Trim, cut, and perfect the haircut.

How to choose hair cutting scissors for men

Men's haircutting scissors are between 6" inches and 7" inches in length.

They feature a long blade and are popular for their Over Comb traditional barbering style men's haircut.

If you are looking to buy men's haircut scissors, then you can expect to pay anywhere between one hundred and five hundred dollars.

It's easy to cut men's hair with these scissors, spray, and a comb.

You can easily cut men's hair by going through the sides and cutting over the comb evenly.

Men's haircutting scissors are extremely popular and are available at Japan Scissors. 

Numerous men are looking for approaches to make their hair under control with haircutting scissors.

Men's haircutting scissors are used to trim and maintain male hair until their next appointment  Be that as it may, the vast majority don't have the apparatuses accessible to get a salon-commendable cut at home, so we contacted a couple of experts for their best exhortation.

With regards to at-home hairstyles, it's ideal to stay with a straightforward trim — leave the confounded stuff for the experts.

Managing a man's hair is generally straightforward in the event that you focus and take as much time as is needed. You can utilize men's haircutting scissors, electric trimmers, or a mix of the two. Ask the man how short he needs his hair, how uniformly he needs its trim, and how he intends to style his hair a while later. Be sure and trust your instinct. The practice is the most ideal approach to sharpen your abilities!

Summary: What you need to know when choosing hair cutting scissors

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You only require basic training to learn how to cut hair in Australia. The government also supports hairdressers and barbers to learn how to cut hair with scissors.

The ATO also coversthe education and purchasing of hair-cutting scissors. You can also learn how barbers, salons and hairdressers purchase hair cutting scissors for staff when needed.