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We often get asked "what is the difference between normal scissors and haircutting scissors?", and the easy answer to this is:
  • Hair cutting scissors use higher quality hardened steel
  • The high-quality steel allows for sharper convex edge blade
  • Haircutting scissors also use comfortable ergonomic handles that reduce fatigue

When choosing a pair of scissors, make sure they are built for engineering. We cover the best hair cutting scissors in Australia. 

You can buy hair cutting scissors cheaper than any other store in Australia. Made with high quality German or Japanese steel, these shears cut hair with precision and smooth motions.

Cutting hair at home only requires scissors with basic stainless steel and a simple bevel edge blade. These scissors cost between $50 to $150.

Cutting hair as a student or apprentice requires some better steel. These hair cutting scissors need to have hardened steel with a sharper convex edge blade between 4" to 6" inches. These scissors cost between $150 to $250.

For hair professionals looking for scissors, you will need hardened steel, offset ergonomics and precision cutting through a sharpened convex edge blade. Most professionals use Japanese or German scissors.

Buying professional hair cutting scissors has never been easier in Australia or New Zealand. Japan Scissors has a large collection of hair cutting scissors types and also hair scissors afterpay payment is available to make your life easier! For the sharp hair cutting scissors, browse our left-handed, swivel, offset and traditional haircutting scissors that can spruce up any hair house warehouse collection. 

Professional hair cutting scissors that suit all techniques and offer effortless cuts from various hair cutting scissors types and buying hair cutting and hair styling scissors is now easier with afterpay, so pick up the best of Jaguar, Yasaka or our Japanese scissors to improve your hair house warehouse collection.

We offer Jaguar Pre Style Ergo, Yasaka Offset Handle Shears, Premium Japanese Hair Shears, and hair scissors to complement any professional hairdresser and barber.

You only require the basic training to learn how to cut hair in Australia. The government also supports hairdressers and barbers to learn how to cut hair with scissors.

The ATO also coversthe education and purchasing of hair cutting scissors. You can also learn how barbers, salons and hairdressers purchase hair cutting scissors for staff when needed.

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