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Shop Scissors Sets & Kits at Japan Scissors. We have high-quality Japan and German cutting and thinning kits for apprentices and professionals! 

What are hair cutting scissor kits? These are a set that includes:

  • Hair cutting scissors
  • Maintenance accessories (cloth, oil brush, tension adjuster, etc.)
  • Leather pouch for protection
  • Neck razor for the final touch ups

What are hair cutting and thinning scissor kits? These are a hair cutting and texturising kit that includes: 

  • Hair cutting shears
  • Hair thinning and texturising scissors
  • Protective leather pouch 
  • Maintenance kit
  • Hair razor for neck and sides
  • Hair comb

For the professional hairdressers and barbers out there looking for a cutting and thinning scissor set, we have a full catalogue for you!

Our professional scissor sets include:

  • Jaguar Jay 2 Set
  • Yasaka Master Set
  • Juntetsu Professional Cutting and Thinning Set
  • Miya John Rainbow Set
  • And many more right and left handed professional sets

What makes a scissor set professional? We have broken down the main components:

  • Professional sets have higher quality metals, like 440C Hitachi Steel
  • Bevel or convex edges that allow for sharper cuts
  • Offset ergonomics that keeps professionals cutting for hours without fatigue
  • Advanced tension adjusters that keep these professional scissor sets tight for months on end

When looking for the best hairdressing scissor sets across Australia, make sure to look for professional hairdressing scissor sets.

These are usually priced between $200 to 600 for a hair cutting and thinning set online in Australia.

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