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Shop Scissors Sets & Kits at Japan Scissors. We have high-quality Japanese and German cutting and thinning kits for apprentices and professionals! 

Hairdressing scissor sets and kits are becoming more popular due to their cheaper price and full-package that allows you to cover all your haircutting needs, and to also maintain your scissors.

Hairdressing is no doubt an art that requires a wide variety of different tools to execute correctly. Anyone who knows the slightest thing about hairdressing knows for a fact that this isn’t just something that you can successfully pull off with a single scissor and a comb.

Alongside having the right set of skills, a hairdresser needs to have the right tools for the job. The primary means for hairdressing are, of course, the scissors, but it’s important to highlight that there are multiple kinds of scissors, each with its own distinct role.

Some scissors are designed solely to cut and reduce the length of hair, whereas others exist to thin and, in turn, reducing the volume of hair a bit.

There’s no one-size-fits-all scissor that’s perfectly catered for every task, and this is why any effective hairdresser requires a collection of special scissors so that they can deal with each situation presented to them.

With all this in mind, there’s no doubting the fact that hairdressing scissor sets are a truly worthwhile investment. While you can certainly go out and purchase each scissor per your requirement.

The great thing about a full-fledged hairdressing scissor set is the fact that it’ll allow you to get your hands on each scissor you need to cut every type of hair you come across. This is why you can be confident that a good set will allow you to deal with any hairstyle situation that’s presented to you.

Alongside everything else, it’s also worth noting that purchasing entire scissor sets in one go will allow you to save a fair bit of money since these sets are usually significantly cheaper than the sum of their parts, so they’re no doubt a worthwhile purchase.

What are hair-cutting scissor kits?

The majority of hairdressing scissor sets include a thinning or texturizing shear, a hair-cutting scissor, a maintenance kit to look after your scissors for many years to come, and a protective case or pouch.

More and more professional hairdressers, hairstylists, and barbers are buying hair scissor sets and kits due to the discount when buying multiple items at once.

Rather than paying $199 for hair-cutting scissors, $249 for a thinning scissor, and $100 for a maintenance kit, often you will find a hairdressing scissor set that includes all three for as low as $399 - saving you $149.

The best hair cutting scissor sets includes:

  • Haircutting scissors
  • Maintenance accessories (cloth, oil brush, tension adjuster, etc.)
  • Leather pouch for protection
  • Neck razor for the final touch-ups

What are hair cutting and thinning scissor kits?

The most popular hairdressing scissor sets are the hair cutting and thinning scissor kits; as they provide a complete hairstyling experience for professionals, students/apprentices, and even home hairdressing enthusiasts.

These are a hair cutting and texturizing kit that includes: 

  • Haircutting shears
  • Hair thinning and texturizing scissors
  • Protective leather pouch 
  • Maintenance kit
  • Hair razor for neck and sides
  • Hair comb

For the professional hairdressers and barbers out there looking for a cutting and thinning scissor set, we have a full catalogue for you!

The most popular scissor brand sets

Our professional scissor sets include:

What makes a hairdressing scissor set professional?

We have broken down the main components that separate cheap and low-quality sets and the professional high-quality scissor sets:

  • Professional sets have higher quality metals, like 440C Hitachi Steel
  • Bevel or convex edges that allow for sharper cuts
  • Offset ergonomics that keeps professionals cutting for hours without fatigue
  • Advanced tension adjusters that keep this professional scissor set tight for months on end

When looking for the best hairdressing scissor sets across Australia, make sure to look for professional hairdressing scissor sets.

These are usually priced between $200 to 600 for a hair cutting and thinning set online in Australia.