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Rose Gold Hairdressing Scissors - Japan Scissors

Shop the best Rose Gold hairdressing scissors for salon and barbershop professionals! Stylish Rose Gold hair scissors with over 100 layers of high-quality allergy-neutral colour coating that keeps them shining for years to come.

Save by buying your Rose Gold hairdressing scissor sets with a hair cutting scissors and thinning shear, plus bonus extras!

Only the best scissor brands including Ichiro, Juntetsu, Joewell, Kamisori Shears and produce professional Rose Gold hairdressing shears!

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Rose Gold Hairdressing Scissors - Japan Scissors

Rose Gold Hairdressing Scissors: A Style Statement for Professional Hair Stylists quick guide.

From Australia to the USA and Canada, one universal scissor trend echoes in every hairdresser's salon or barbershop - the allure of Rose Gold.

Gracing the hands of stylists worldwide, Rose Gold colored hair scissors have emerged as the most sought-after shears. In 2023, Rose Gold hairdressing scissors crafted from superior quality steel such as 440C, VG10, and Damascus not only outsold but also outshone every other scissor style. The unique appeal of these haircutting scissors lies in the durable color coating layered over the polished steel finish, presenting a sophisticated yet vibrant aesthetic.

As a hairstylist, your arsenal of tools defines the quality of your work. If you're considering an upgrade, the trending Rose Gold hairdressing scissors should top your list. But what makes them a stylist’s favorite?

Elegance meets craftsmanship:

Here are the reigning champs of the hairdressing scissors category in terms of style:

  1. Matte Black scissors
  2. Rose Gold scissors
  3. Rainbow scissors

Every pair of Rose Gold scissors is a testament to quality craftsmanship and premium materials. They are a perfect fit for stylists who desire a blend of durability and style in their tools. The current rage of rose gold color will certainly make your scissors a standout piece in the salon.

The high-quality steel used in crafting Rose Gold scissors is layered with over a hundred layers of superior color coating, ensuring that the stunning pink gold shine remains intact through the years.

If your quest is for a pair of scissors that screams quality while setting you apart from your peers, look no further than the Rose Gold hairdressing scissors. They're worth every penny!

Top-notch Rose Gold Scissors for Hairdressing and Barbering:

  • 440C Hair Scissors With Pink Rose Gold Coating
  • VG10 Offset Rose Gold Cutting Scissors
  • Rose Gold Plated With a Damascus Design
  • Japanese Steel Rose Gold Hair Scissors

These popular choices feature offset ergonomics, a sharp convex edge slicing blade, and key adjustable tension for effortless and precise cuts.

Why Choose Rose Gold Scissors for Professional Hairdressing and Barbering?

The rose gold hue, while being subtly glimmering, maintains a classy aesthetic without being overly flashy in the salon environment. Elegance combined with simplicity defines the choice of modern hairdressers and barbers. However, adding a dash of color to your toolkit is never a bad idea!

Rose Gold leads the color palette for hairdressing scissors, followed by matte black. The elegant look of rose gold, when fused with Japanese steel, takes the aesthetic and functionality of hair cutting scissors to another level. We offer three distinct rose gold shades to suit your style: dark rose gold, light rose gold, and bronze rose gold.

  • Dark Rose Gold: Features a satin finish for a subtle rose gold appearance without excessive glimmer.
  • Light Pink Rose Gold: Offers a bright sheen making these scissors a stunning choice.
  • Bronze Rose Gold: Strikes a balance with a modest glimmer and sophisticated look.

The Japanese Juntetsu Rose Gold and Ichiro Rose Gold are among the best value-for-money hairdressing scissor sets available online for customers across the globe.

Color Coating Methods for Achieving Rose Gold Finish on Stainless Steel Scissors

Method Description
PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) Highly durable and corrosion-resistant coating, maintains the shine and color for a long period.
Electroplating Creates a thin coating, providing an affordable solution for achieving rose gold color, but may wear off over time.
Anodizing Effective method for titanium scissors, results in a durable, corrosion-resistant coating.
Ion Plating Produces a thin but extremely durable coating, making the scissors resilient to wear and tear.


The allure of Rose Gold, particularly on stainless steel products like hair cutting scissors, has taken the world by storm. The popularity of Rose Gold can be traced back to its distinctive hue, which beautifully merges the warmth of traditional gold with the cool undertones of silver and a subtle hint of coppery blush.

This fusion creates a versatile color palette that exudes an air of luxury and sophistication, yet retains an edge of contemporary chic, making it highly appealing to a wide range of stylistic preferences. In the world of hairdressing tools, this appeal translates to a surge in popularity for Rose Gold coated scissors. In 2023, over 15% of the world's hair scissors sold feature this enigmatic Rose Gold color coating, a significant increase from just 6% in 2018.

The rapid rise testifies to the enduring appeal of Rose Gold, as more and more professionals in the hairstyling industry are captivated by the blend of durability and aesthetic elegance that Rose Gold scissors offer.

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