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Read More About Rose Gold Hair Scissors

Whether you are a hairdresser in Australia or a barber in the USA or Canada, the same popular scissor trends all lead to Rose Gold.

Rose Gold coloured hair scissors are the most popular type of shears available.

In 2020, the Rose Gold hairdressing scissors made from 440C, VG10 and Damascus steel outsold every other scissors style.

A pair of Rose Gold scissors for haircutting use a durable colour coating layered on top of the polished steel finish.

The most popular Rose Gold Scissors for hairdressing and barbering are:

  • 440C Hair Scissors With Pink Rose Gold Coating
  • VG10 Offset Rose Gold Cutting Scissors
  • Rose Gold Plated With a Damascus Design
  • Japanese Steel Rose Gold Hair Scissors

The majority of popular rose gold scissors use offset ergonomics, a sharp convex edge slicing blade and key adjustable tension.

What makes Rose Gold scissors the best choice for professional barbers and hairdressers?

The rose gold colour glimmers in the light but isn't overly illuminating in the salon.

Nowadays, hairdressers and barbers buy elegant and straightforward hair scissors, but that doesn't mean you can't mix in a bit of colour.

The most popular colour style of hairdressing scissors is Rose Gold, followed by the matte black.

The rose gold looks elegant, and when partnered with Japanese steel, becomes the best hair cutting scissor available. 

There are three primary rose gold colours: dark rose gold, light rose gold and bronze rose gold.

  • The dark rose gold: scissors have a slight satin finish that maintains its rose gold look but doesn't glimmer as much.
  • The light pink rose gold: It has an illuminating string that makes them attractive haircutting Shears.
  • The bronze rose gold: is the perfect all-rounder colour. These scissors won't glimmer too much, but they still illuminate.

The Japanese Juntetsu Rose Gold or Ichiro Rose Gold is the best value hairdressing scissor sets available online for USA, Canadian, Australian, New Zealander customers, and other country customers.