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Top 5 Best Rose Gold Hairdressing Scissors

If you’re a hairdresser, you know how well a good pair of scissors is to style and cut hair. Your years of experience as a hairdresser have instilled this fact that a dull pair of scissors not only hampers you from showing your skills but makes life as a hairdresser a tad difficult.

Choosing the right hairdressing scissors is essential to your profession. The size, design, and material matter a lot. To be direct, a quality pair of shears is the most important tool in your profession as a hairstylist. But that doesn't mean you can't add a bit of bling!

Are Hairdressing Scissors Available In Rose Gold?

Rose gold as a colour has enjoyed immense popularity over the past few years. It has gone from an “unfashionable” colour choice to an instant classic in just about anything. From home interiors to accessories and even styling. Yes, rose gold hairdressing scissors are available and are as chic as ever. It’s an instant colour boost to your styling tools, as it glitters like jewellery.

It's just as popular a colour in the hairdressing world as it is in the rest. Rose gold is also known as pink gold. It's not gold, it is an alloy of gold. It is a mixture of gold, copper, and silver alloys that contribute to its rose colour.

A pair of Rose Gold scissors for haircutting uses a durable colour coating layered on top of the polished steel finish. In 2020, the Rose Gold hairdressing scissors made from 440C, VG10, and Damascus steel outsold every other hairdressing scissors style

No matter where in the world, whether Australia or Canada, once a trend picks up, it's here to stay. Rose gold shears are very popular and, we at Japanese Scissors have a wide collection of rose gold hairdressing scissors to choose from.

The Most Popular Rose Gold Scissors for Hairdressing and Barbering

  • Hand crafted Japanese 440c hair scissors with pink rose gold coating
  • VG10 offset rose gold cutting scissors
  • Rose gold plated with a Damascus design
  • Japanese steel rose gold hair scissors

The majority of popular rose gold scissors use offset ergonomics, a sharp convex edge slicing blade, and chief adjustable tension.

What Makes Rose Gold Scissors The Best Choice For Professional Barbers And Hairdressers?

Rose Gold colour for scissors

We think adding rose gold coloured hairdressing scissors to your tool kit is a good addition. The rose gold colour glimmers in the light but isn't overly illuminating, making the scissors stand out amongst a crowd of other tools. Besides, every hairdresser and barber has a personal style that they can exhibit with the rose gold scissors of their choice.

The rose gold translates to elegance. When it is partnered with Japanese steel, it becomes a potent tool in hair cutting and styling.

There are three primary rose gold colours very popular amongst hairdressers and barbers alike. Dark, light, and bronze rose gold.

  • Dark Rose Gold: The dark rose gold scissors have a slight satin finish that maintains their rose gold look but doesn't glimmer as much.
  • Light Pink Rose Gold: The light pink rose gold has an illuminating string that makes them attractive as haircutting shears.
  • Bronze Rose Gold: The bronze rose gold is the perfect all-rounder color. These scissors won't glimmer too much, but they still illuminate and are a great addition.

Below we are highlighting some of our most sold-out scissor sets. These value rose gold hairdressing scissor sets are available online for Australia, Canada, the USA, New Zealand, and other countries as well.

Top 5 Rose Gold Hairdressing Scissors

1. The Japanese Juntetsu Rose Gold Set

Juntetsu Rose Gold Hairdressing Scissor Set

Juntetsu crafts this rose gold scissor set from premium steel (440 C Steel).

The 440 C steel creates one of the sharpest convex edge blades which are extremely durable as cutting scissors. The hairdressing scissors are lightweight yet deliver a sharp cutting edge.

They are also resistant to wear and corrosion. The Juntetsu Haircutting thinning scissors have 30 fine teeth. The teeth have a V serration and are pleasant to use for a thinning motion.

The whole scissor kit includes razors, blades, comb, an oil brush, finger inserts along with a tension key, and a leather pouch.


2. Ichiro Rose Gold Hairdressing Scissor Set

Ichiro Rose Gold Premium Hairdressing Scissor Kit

The Ichiro rose gold hairdressing shears set is made with high-quality steel to manufacture professional hair tools.

Ichiro scissors are known for being comfortably ergonomic. The hardened steel makes it resistant to corrosion and wear and gives it a strong cutting edge.

Rose gold hairdressing cutting scissors by Ichiro has a simple offset design. They're lightweight and offer the perfect balance for professional use.

The convex edges of the scissors allow for ruler-straight sharp cuts. The scissors are engineers to allow long cutting hours without straining or causing injury. Furthermore, models for both right and left-handed individuals are available.

The thinning scissors in the Ichiro rose gold set has fine grooves on the teeth that ensure smooth thinning. Their normal thinning rate with wet hair is 25 to 30 percent. On dry hair, it's 20 to 25 percent.

This particular set sold at Japanese scissors includes the 6" Ichiro rose gold cutting and thinning scissors. The complete scissor kit also includes a leather pouch, scissor oil, a razor, and a cleaning cloth.


3. The Jaguar Silver Line Fame Rose Gold Hair Scissors

The Jaguar Rose Gold Fame Shear

Jaguar is a German-based hairdressing scissors manufacturer and creates quality, professional pieces. These rose gold shears are crafted with German steel and produce flawless haircuts.

These particular Silver Line Rose Gold Fame offset cutting scissors by Jaguar use ice during its forging process to increase its sharpness.

The blades are convex and have a long-lasting sharpness. The convex blades have a "semi-integrated" cutting edge making it a highly sought-after hairdressing tool.

The offset handles allow effortless movement, they naturally angle the finger and thumb ring for an optimum working position without stress.


4. Kamisori Pro Jewel III Haircutting Shears Set

The Kamisori Hair Cutting & Thinning Scissor Set

We aren't biased but, this might be our favourite out of the lot. Made from premium Handcrafted Japanese 440 C.

It is coated with high-quality titanium nitride that helps keep it safe from corrosion and wear. This beautiful rose gold scissor is an excellent tool to your arsenal and will deliver all-around cutting effortlessly.

This particular set available at Japanese Scissors comes with an exclusive Kamisori lifetime warranty alongside a one-year drop warranty. It comes to an illuminating luxury Kamisori case and, you deserve to flaunt it!


5. Kamisori Jewel III Double Swivel Haircutting Shears

Rose Gold Swivel Scissor

The last one on our list is another very coveted model of the Kamisori Jewel.

This hairdressing scissor is now available in double swivel and allows for ultimate control and leverage. The double swiveling handles make it comfortable to use.

It too is made with handcrafted Japanese 440 C steel and coated with titanium nitride. Like the scissors above, it comes with a lifetime and one drop warranty and the luxury Kamisori case.




  • Rose gold is gorgeous and I think it’s a great color for hair cutting scissors. Talk about adding some style to your work. Sure, you want to focus on your body of work but what’s wrong with a little flair?


    Sam Danvers

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