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Shop 5.75 Inch Scissors at Japan Scissors. Medium-sized and Lightweight blades that fit comfortably in your hands.

Hairdressing scissors in the length of five and three-quarter inches are typically used for cutting hair that is long. They can also be used for trimming bangs or other long hairstyles.

The 5.75" scissor size is not as common as its 5.5" and 6.0" counterparts, but its the perfect in-between that allows you to perform the majority of hairstyling & haircutting techniques including:

  • Scissor Over Comb
  • Point Haircutting 
  • Blunt Cutting
  • Stroke Cutting
  • Dry Stoke Haircutting
  • Twist Haircutting
  • much more!

The larger size of these scissors makes them ideal for cutting thick hair, including afros, dreads, and other styles where the hair is very thick.