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Scissors Pouches, Cases & Holsters - Japan Scissors

Protect your hairdressing scissor investment with a case. The most common ways hair scissors get damaged is in your bag, backpack, or by simply dropping them.

Keep your hair cutting and thinning scissor sets safe from damage in a case. Each case locks your scissors in to safely secure them in transit.

Buy a premium leather holster that allows you to keep your salon scissors and barber shears close while cutting your client's hair.

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Scissors Pouches, Cases & Holsters - Japan Scissors

Discover the Best Value Hairdressing and Barbering Accessories Online - Protect your scissors and shears with premium leather pouches, cases, and holsters. 

Travel Cases, Pouches, Wallets and Holsters For Hairdressing Scissors are an important addition to any hair stylist and barber's collection.

Explore our extensive collection of high-quality accessories that cater to professionals in barbershops, salons, and hairdressers across Australia.

The Different Types of Hair Scissor Cases, Pouches & Holsters

Every hairdresser, hairstylist, and barber understands the importance of protecting their expensive hair scissors. Choosing the right accessories can be a daunting task.

How do you get started when shopping for the best scissor wallet, case, or pouch?

Look for cases, pouches, and wallets with secure buttons to keep your scissors safely stored. Physical damage is a common cause of broken hairdressing scissors, and having buttons ensures that your shears won't slip out and break.

The main types of cases, pouches, and holsters include:

  • Fabric
  • Pleather (Plastic Leather)
  • Leather

While each type offers some level of protection, leather cases are known for their durability and superior protection of your shears.

For hair cutting professionals, hairdressing cases, holsters & pouches keep your beautiful hairdressing shears warm, cozy, and safe during the cold winter months. Your scissors are extensions of your hands, serving as your paintbrush for a simple trim or a complete restyle. Every hairdresser and barber deserves the best scissors, along with the protection and practical storage that premium leather products provide.

Leather is a traditional material used for many cutting tools, including knives, swords, arrowheads, and Japanese cutting shears. Leather scissors pouches offer several advantages. They not only look aesthetic and feel pleasant, but they also provide excellent blade protection. Unlike flexible materials like pleather, leather securely holds your scissors in place, preventing them from rattling or moving inside the holster. Leather holsters also reduce noise compared to plastic alternatives.

Orange & Black Leather Scissors Holster

While leather requires maintenance, it offers longevity when cared for properly. Avoid excessive exposure to water and direct sunlight, which can cause drying and cracking. Apply a leather conditioner or cream moisturizer every 6-12 months to keep your leather scissors holster in excellent condition.

At Japan Scissors, we offer a collection of premium quality genuine leather hide products to simplify your choice. Our focus is on materials that our ancestors used, as they are better for the environment and provide an amazing look.

Finding the Right Holster for Your Hairdressing Scissors

To excel in the hairdressing industry, you need to find the right pair of scissors and the perfect home for them when they are not in your hands.

As shown in the images above, we offer a range of holsters with varying capacities and colors to suit your needs. However, if carrying scissors at your hip isn't your preference, we also provide leather pouches and cases.

While pouches and cases may lack mobility during a haircut, they still offer the crucial service of keeping your precious scissors safe. Our variety of sizes and designs ensure that you can find the perfect case or pouch for your needs. Avoid the hassle of damaging your expensive shears and choose genuine leather products that provide optimal protection.

How to Choose the Best Leather Case for You

Choosing the right leather product depends on two factors: the number of scissors you want to store and the purpose. If you prefer something lightweight and mobile, a holster is the ideal choice.

Explore our range of holsters with different scissors capacities and colors. Alternatively, if carrying scissors at your hip isn't your preference, our leather pouches and cases are available in various sizes and designs.

Make the right choice to keep your precious shears safe and sound. Avoid settling for pleather products and opt for the durability, protection, and aesthetics of genuine leather.

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