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The most popular razors used by barbers are the Shavette Razor (aka Disposable Straight Razor). These Shavette Razors use a disposable blade that is replaced after 1-5 uses.

Professional barbers and hairdressers stand all-day cutting their client's hair and rarely have the time to sharpen and sanitize razors.

This is why the Shavette has become so popular; due to the replaceable razor blades making it easy to keep shaving all day.

Shavette razors save you time and money during the day by letting you focus more on your clients and less on your shaving tools.

The history of the Shavette Razors

The Shavette razors originated in Germany with a company called 'Dovo'. The Shavette was invented to provide barbers a way to shave the nape of the neck and to dispose of the blades once finished.

Modern Shavette razors can shave you bade, nape of the neck, sideburns, hairlines, and more!

These disposable straight razor blades are perfect for shaving hair efficiently and also maintaining the hygiene standards required in the barbershop.

Rather than stopping for 15 minutes to sanitize and sharpen your razor, the shavette allows barbers and hairdressers to replace the blade within seconds with a brand new, ultra-sharp and blade.
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