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Hairdressing scissors in the length of five and a half inches are typically used for cutting medium-length hair.

They can also be used for trimming bangs or other medium-length hairstyles. The most common haircutting techniques that use 5.5" hairdressing shears include:

  • Slice Cutting
  • Freehand Haircutting
  • Blunt Cutting
  • Point Cutting
  • Graduate Cutting
  • much more!

The 5.5" size hair cutting shears are the most popular size shears for cutting hair. They are considered all-around scissors and can be used for most applications.

They are also great for detailed work such as textured cuts, layering, and hair thinning.

Shop 5.5 Inch Hairdressing Scissors at Japan Scissors. Haircutting scissors in the 5.5-inch range include:

  • Sharp convex edge blades for precision cutting
  • Offset and Traditional 5.5 inch handle ergonomics 
  • Japanese and German brands
  • Professional designs and high-quality material 

Medium-sized and Lightweight blades that fit comfortably in your hands. The best selling and most commonly used blade size!

Beauticians, hairdressers, and barbers are on the lookout for the latest 5.5" inch scissor collections.

The most common size for female hairdressing professionals is 5.5" inches and is recommended for most.

To measure the scissor, place the blade on your middle finger and the 5.5" inch shear should come down and fit onto your palm.