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5.5" Hair Cutting Scissors & Thinning Shears: Precision in Every Cut.

Our collection of 5.5" hairdressing scissors is perfect for crafting medium-length hairstyles. These versatile shears are ideal for trimming bangs and other medium-length hairstyles. They are well-suited for the following haircutting techniques:

  • Slice Cutting
  • Freehand Haircutting
  • Blunt Cutting
  • Point Cutting
  • Graduate Cutting
  • And many more!

The All-Rounder: 5.5" Hair Cutting Shears

5.5" hair cutting shears are an all-time favorite among professionals for their versatile applications. These shears are ideal for precision tasks like texturing cuts, layering, and hair thinning.

Discover Our 5.5 Inch Hairdressing Scissors Range

Browse through our range of 5.5 Inch Hairdressing Scissors at Japan Scissors. Our collection features:

  • Sharp convex edge blades for precision cutting
  • Offset and Traditional 5.5 inch handle ergonomics
  • Renowned Japanese and German brands
  • Professional designs crafted from high-quality materials

Comfortable and Lightweight Design

Experience the comfort of our medium-sized and lightweight blades that fit nicely in your hands. They are among our best-selling and most commonly used blade sizes.

Popular Choice Among Professionals

Beauticians, hairdressers, and barbers are continually searching for the latest 5.5" inch scissor collections. This size is especially popular among female hairdressing professionals.

Finding the Perfect Fit

For the perfect fit, place the blade on your middle finger, and the handle of the 5.5" inch shear should rest comfortably in your palm.

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