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Barber scissors are everywhere, online and in local retail stores in Australia, New Zealand (NZ), the USA, and Canada. New brands and models of barber shears appearing every year.

With so many options available, how do you choose a reliable brand that has models that suit you?

The most popular barber scissor brands and new additions in the USA are as follows:

These brands are international and mainly available online in the USA. They are popular due to their reputation, reliable scissors, and best value for either professionals or beginners.

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When searching for a new pair of barber scissors, you need to focus on these aspects when choosing a new model:

  • The scissor steel used determines the sharpness of the blade and its overall lifespan
  • The handle determines the ergonomics and how comfortable the barber shear will be when cutting hair all-day
  • The barber blade and edge determines how it will cut 

So when you are choosing a new pair of barber scissors in the USA, choose a reputable brand, and focus on the three points above to choose a pair that suits you best.


What you need to know when choosing a pair of barber scissors

Paying more is sometimes the cheapest path when buying a pair of scissors. A more expensive model with higher quality steel and manufacturing will last for many more years. Replacing a pair of scissors less often means that you will save money in the long-run.

The most popular brand for beginner and apprentice barbers in the USA has been Mina and Ichiro.

The most popular brand for professional barbers in the USA has been Juntetsu, Kamisori, and Yasaka.

Let us know what brands you think will be popular this year and why! Send us an email and we'll update the list.

Barbers make up 35% of all scissor customers in Australia, but what do know about these Shears?

  • Barber scissor sizesinclude 6" inches, 6.5" inches, and 7" inches
  • Barber hair shear are longer and are better for over the comb and other barbering techniques 
  • Barbering requires a long blade with a convex edge to give the precision haircuts
  • Barber scissors use hardened steel
  • The difference between barber Shears and hairdressing scissors is the length, design, and the blade

Our sources of premium-quality Japanese/German steel make our barber scissors collection superior in hardness and in combination, equipt with a perfectly sharp cutting edge. The ergonomically designed handles are solid, reliable, and comfortable, ranging from traditional to complete offset levels.

The Difference Between Barber Shears & Hairdressing Scissors

Is there a difference between hairdressing scissors and barber Shears? We looked deeper into what scissors hairdressers and barbers use every day.

The difference between hairdressing scissors and barber Shears are:

  • The size of the scissors or Shears. Hairdressing scissors are typically between 5" and 6" inches
  • Over the comb haircutting Shears with a longer blade
  • The blade design can be suited for hairdressing techniques 

Traditional barbering schools taught their students over comb haircutting techniques. This works better with a longer blade. Nowadays barbers don't need to use long blades and they can use hairdressing scissors.

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Barber Scissor Brands For Professionals

Japan Scissors barber shears are both balanced and agile, resulting in cutting blades of maneuverability and control without sacrificing the toughness and durability of high-quality steel. We carry professional barber scissors from reputable brands such as Ichiro Scissors, Yasaka Shears, Jaguar Scissors & much more.

All of our barber scissors are hand-crafted by industry professionals and require little maintenance to ensure that these must-have tools are a reliable shear year in and year out. At Japan Scissors we strive to provide you with the uttermost quality barber shears on the market.

Please contact us if you would like another thinning shear that isn't on this page & a team member will be happy to help.

The best barber scissors have precision haircutting with their sharp convex edge blade. 

Barbers are one of Australia's oldest professionals and are cemented in our history as an important service. The haircutting equipment barbers use today is not too different than they were 100 years ago, though we can be thankful for electric shavers and shears.

Even though barbering as an industry has changed, the requirements to become a barber still remains the same: a pair of scissors, a steady hand, training, and a sense of style.

The main tools barbers use daily are combs, razors, electric shavers/razors, scissors, and shears.

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The history of barber scissors

Since 2010, there have been over 40,000 barbers employed in Australia and that number is growing higher as more and more people are willing to pay for premium barber services. In 2020, there are an estimated 66,000 barbersand hairdressers in Australia.

Barbers can go through college, or a private school to learn how to cut hair with scissors in Australia.

There is more to barbering than just cutting hair, you need to understand how to maintain your scissors, proper sanitary practice, hairstyles, scalp physiology, and safety precautions.

What do barbers need to do every day? Their goals are to cut hair with scissors, satisfying their client's requests, and build a business based on repeat customers coming back over and over again.

A barber makes as much as his chair is full, so repeat business is important. As of 2020, there are over 650officially listed barbershop businesses in Australia.

The Australian Tax Office defines a barber occupation or barbershop business to include "men's hairdressing", "men and boy's hairdressing" and "hairdressing that sells personal care and tobacco products".

The most popular barbershops in Australia go further than ever before with a stylish environment, beer and drinks for their customers, and modern hair cutting techniques to satisfy all their customers.

The everyday work duties of a barber may include:
- shampooing
- hair coloring
- hair styling
- facial and scalp massages
- cutting hair
- shaving bears
- customer service
- advertising and social media marketing

You can see that it's not as simple as cutting hair with scissors, as most barbers are filling their downtime with social media to capture a larger audience.

The recent popularity of barbershops in Australia has lead to more people looking for the qualifications required to become a barber.

The minimum required qualifications to become a barber includes:
- ability to cut hair with barber scissors
- customer service
- training or college certification in barbering or hairdressing
- ability to perform various hairstyles with haircutting techniques like "over the comb"