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Scissor Over Comb Technique: How To Cut Hair Guide

When you think about the most popular barber techniques, the scissor over comb technique is probably on the top of the list.

After all, this technique is widely used especially on shorter hair. In case you are thinking that you could also use a clipper and get the same effect, you can but the result will be different. Ultimately, the scissor over comb technique delivers a softer hairstyle.

This technique is very used when you want to create a defined shape ow when you are looking for a hairstyle that tapers in at the side areas and nape of the head. When you use the scissors to soften the edges, the cut can then be shaped and styled as you want.

It's important to keep in mind that to use this technique properly, you need to keep in mind the importance of using a comb. After all, it will not only help you lift the hair as it will also guide the scissors to shape the cut.

Scissor Over Comb Technique: How To Cut Hair Guide

Scissor over comb haircutting

The best way to use the scissor over comb technique is to actually perform it on damp hair. In the first stage, you should remove bulk from the top portion of the haircut.

As soon as you complete this step, you will be ready to start working on shaping the bottom half using the scissor over comb technique. To perform it correctly, you should stand to the left or right of the person receiving the haircut to get a good view of the full head.

Hold the comb on your less dominant hand so you can lift one section of hair at a time. Now, hold the scissors in your dominant hand and cut off hair sticking past the comb, holding the blade parallel to the comb.

One of the things that you need to keep in mind is that you should always keep the scissors' blade moving as you cut each section of hair for smooth and consistent ends.

Notice that most of the time, you will be cutting close to the comb. However, only in very extraordinary situations such as a very short style is that you may actually touch it.

As soon as you cur the first section, you can use it as your guide for the rest of the sections. Notice that you will want to use the comb to lift some of the cut hair along with the next section to see the length.

This will allow you to keep the comb at a consistent angle and distance from the scalp for consistency. Just work your way around the haircut, lifting each section either vertically or diagonally.

Extra Tips For A Successful Haircut

When you are using the scissor over comb technique, you should do it fairly quickly since hesitation may lead to getting horizontal steps in the haircut.

To apply this technique successfully, it is better to choose a scissor with long blades.

You should avoid cutting with the tips of the scissor since it may lead to a choppier cut.

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