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Our thinning scissors/shears are made from selected premium grade Japanese or German steel & designed by professionals in the business. Japan Scissors’ hair thinning scissors are imported from well-known brands such as Juntetsu Scissors,Jaguar Scissors, andYasaka scissors.

Hairdressing/Barber thinning scissors allow for the creation of a textured/layered aesthetic, an industry must for a range of modern hairstyles. All our thinning scissors are both highly precise and durable, resulting in a consistently clean cut for any layering effect.

Each shear features ergonomic handle designs ranging from crane handles to offset, giving you a maximum amount of comfort and control all day long.

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What Are Thinning Scissors?

Hair thinning and texturizing shears are the second most used haircutting tool found in salons, hairdressers, and barbershops.

Thinning scissors have sharp teeth on one blade and a normal cutting blade on the other side. These thinning scissor blades only cut hair caught between the teeth during each cutting motion.

These scissors are mainly used to thin our thick and curly hair.

We supply right and left-handed thinning scissors, available in a range of unique and efficient styles; Stainless steel, rainbow chrome, various prints, rose gold, and matte black designs.

All of our thinning scissors are hand-crafted by industry professionals and require little maintenance to ensure that these must-have tools are a reliable shear year in and year out.

At Japan Scissors we strive to provide you with the uttermost quality thinning scissors on the market ideal for any texturizing effect your heart desires. Please contact us if you would like another thinning shear that isn't on this page & a team member will be happy to help.

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How to choose hair thinning scissors

Buying hair thinning scissors comes in two forms: online and physical retail stores.

The best prices for scissors are online, as they ship directly from the warehouse to your doorstep.

When buying hair thinning scissors, there are three quality types available at different prices, and these include:

  • Home hairdresser thinning scissors ($50-150)
  • Apprentice and Student hair thinning scissors ($100-250)
  • Professional hair thinning scissors ($150-500)

There are a few different types of hair thinning scissors you can buy, and these include:

  • 40 Teeth is an estimated 50% Cut Away
  • 30 Teeth is an estimated 35% Cut Away
  • 20 Teeth is an estimated 25% Cut Away
  • 16 Teeth is an estimated 15% Cut Away

Depending on how thick or thin the hair is, you may want to use a different pair of thinning scissors.

These thinning scissors typically come in 6" inches, but they can be as small as 5" inches and as long as 6.5" inches.

Our most popular brands of hair thinning scissors to buy from are:

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What Is The Price Of Thinning Scissors?

Hair thinning and texturising scissors come in a wide variety, but how much should you expect to pay?

You can buy a pair of thinning scissors for less than $50, but they will not perform as well.

The craftsmanship of hairdressing thinning and texturising scissors is delicate. 

The most common teeth used are V-shaped, Serrated, or Prism-shaped teeth.

Compared to cutting scissors, the thinning scissors require better steel to perform without tugging or pulling.

The minimum required materials for thinning scissors is hardened stainless steel, and these pairs usually cost $150.

The better the material the sharper the teeth and you will have a consistent thinning rate.

Japanese Scissors offers premium materials that really enhance the thinning and texturising experience.

The Price Breakdown Of Every Thinning Scissor

Here is our quick summary of how much you will pay for hairdressing thinning and texturizing scissors.

 Thinning Type Material Price
12 Teeth 440C $199-299
16 Teeth 440C $199-299
30 Teeth 440C $249-399
40 Teeth 440C $249-399
Texturising VG10 $399-599
Thinning VG10 $399-599
Thinning Stainless Steel $149-249

With the higher quality of steel you get with a higher price, the edges of the scissor teeth have sharper points and higher integrity.

If you are looking for a cheaper price,  then you can still get decent cutaway performance from your thinners with stainless steel.

But how much should you pay for professional thinners needed for everyday use? We would say anywhere between $249 and $399.

Higher quality means you sharpen less often and you end up saving money within 12 to 24 months.

If you are looking for a cheaper price for home or practice hairdressing,  then a stainless steel Jaguar or Mina pair of texturizing Shears is only $149. 

Most professionals pay for the Jaguar Jay 2 or Mina Jay thinners to use for practicing. The low price point of $100-149 makes it an easier purchase for everyday practice.

Overall, the price of good quality thinning and texturising scissors has never been cheaper! So start shopping and message us if you have any questions about scissors!

How Do Thinning Scissors Work?

For hairdressers and barbers, normal haircutting Shears are all you need. But there are times that clients have thicker and curlier patches of hair.

For thick hair, thinning scissors are used to thin out sections of hair that give the hair a lighter look.

Each cutting motion with thinning scissors typically cuts 20% to 30% percent of wet hair and 15% to 25% percent of dry hair.

The more teeth thinning scissors hair typically means a higher thinning and cutaway rate, so 40 teeth thinning scissors could cut away 40% and 10 teeth thinning scissors could cut away 15%.

The teeth on the thinning scissors are what cut hair, and the sharper these teeth, the more hair they will thin away.

Professional thinning and texturising scissors cost anywhere between $150 to $500.

Compared to cutting scissors, it is very important to have a higher quality thinning scissor made from premium steel as the teeth are more sensitive need harder steel.

Do Thinning Scissors shorten hair?

How about we clarify what happens to hair after using thinning scissors on them. A thinning shear (hair tool) can diminish mass and whenever utilized mistakenly will eliminate length which can be a dread for some.

I had my own hair done in front of an audience years prior and the beauticians utilized a thinning shear and razor on each (wavy hair) model. It destroyed my hair highlighting my frizz.

Understanding which kind of hair benefits best with the thinning shear you chose. It's actual each thinner performs unique thins or shortens hair due to the number of teeth. 

A decent method to see how thinning shears eliminate hair is to consider trimming each fifth strand (it might trim additionally relying upon section dividing). So indeed, when utilized accurately mass will decrease modernizing the hairdo while looking after length.

At the point when utilized mistakenly, the hair turns out to be too slim and the length is risked driving an absence of amicability to the general hairdo. Think about what happens now? Indeed, I should trim more hair off to adjust and prepare for future styles. Try not to let everybody trim your hair, stuff begins happening incorrectly.

Do barbers use thinning scissors?

Barbers use thinning scissors for thick hair with a medium to long length. So if you have shoulder-length thick and curly hair, your barber might bring out a trusty pair of thinning shears.

Thinning shears vary based on the number of teeth. The more teeth the finer the thinning and fewer teeth means the scissors will take bigger chunks of hair.

Should you expect your barber to have a pair of thinning scissors?

Generally, yes, barbers should use thinning scissors to thin out their client's long and thick hair.

As a barber, you want to be capable of handling every client that sits in your chair.

Thinning hair is a simple and easy process where you locate regions of thick hair, take your thinning shears and thin them out until you can see a notable difference.

Barbers thin out their client's hair when it gets too thick and curly, and also during summer to keep them cooler. Nobody likes a thick head of hair during a hot summer's day!

There are a lot of small corner Barbershops that only use a pair of cutting shears and a neck razor on their clients.

Always ask ahead of time and I'm sure the barber will tell you if they are capable of cutting your hair.

Barbers will use thinning shears on clients with thick and curly hair. Thinning out medium to long hair keeps the head cool during summer and also helps with styling.

Barbers cut all types of hairstyles, so a thinning shear is just as important as their cutting scissors.