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Jaguar Satin Double Sided Hair Thinning Scissors

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  • Features

HANDLE POSITION Offset Ergonomics
STEEL Stainless chromium steel
SIZE 5" and 6" Inches
CUTTING EDGE A fine degree of thinning
BLADE Thinning/Texturising micro-serration
FINISH Satin Finish
Item Numbers JAG 3350 & JAG 3360

  • Description

Jaguar Germany Scissors create the best professional hairdressing and barber shears for Australia and New Zealand. The Jaguar Hair Cutting scissors are made with German steel are carefully crafted to produce effortless cuts.

These scissors are Double Sided Satin Thinning Scissors from Jaguar. With 28 teeth on the 5" inch and 30 thinning teeth on the 6" piece, it has a fine V-teeth serration for a pleasantly smooth feeling and a precise cut.

The teeth are extra sharp using prism technology. Teeth with prism allows with effortless thinning motions that are highly sought after scissors by hairdressing and barber professionals.

The uniquely doubled sided thinning and texturizing shear that'll outperform most othering single sided scissors.