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7.0" Hair Cutting Scissors For Hairdressing: The Perfect Blend of Length and Precision

Discover the unmatched precision of 7.0 Inch Scissors at Japan Scissors. Expertly crafted with long, lightweight blades, these scissors offer an effortless fit in your hands. Renowned for being the longest blade in our collection, these shears are often the preferred choice of professional barbers.

One Size Fits All: The Versatility of 7" Inch Scissors

Whether you're a barber or a hairdresser, the 7" inch scissors are versatile enough to meet all your styling needs. Their extended length makes them an excellent tool for various haircutting techniques, leading to diverse and unique styles.

Unleash Your Creativity with the 7.0" Blade

Different size scissors can indeed lead to different styles. Haircutting techniques that are enhanced by a longer 7.0" blade include:

  • Blunt Cutting
  • Graduate Cutting
  • Scissor Over Comb
  • And much more!

With the tip of the 7" scissor's blade resting on the top of your middle finger and the handle comfortably fitted in your palm, these scissors provide a perfect grip for precision cutting.

Why Choose the 7.0" Scissor Size?

Hairdressers and barbers prefer the 7.0" scissor size for several reasons:

  • Comfortable Fit: The 7" scissors typically have finger holes ranging between 2cm to 3cm. For those with smaller, thinner fingers, finger inserts can be used to fill the remaining space.
  • Barber's Choice: The majority of barbers prefer the 7" size shears for their cutting styles.
  • Precision and Control: A larger blade provides more control and allows for more precise cutting.
  • Smoother Finish: When cutting long hair, the smoothness of the finish is essential to achieve an elegant look.
  • Ideal for All Hair Types: A larger blade is suitable for cutting all hair types, including curly and thick hair.

Experience the versatility, precision, and smoothness that our 7.0" Hair Cutting Scissors bring to your styling routine.

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