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Hairdressing scissors in the length of six inches are typically used for cutting hair that is long. They can also be used for trimming bangs or other long hairstyles.

The larger size of these scissors makes them ideal for cutting thick hair, including afros, dreads, and other styles where the hair is very thick.

6.0" size hair cutting scissors are perfect for haircutting techniques like blunt cutting, graduation, scissor-over-comb, layering, and texturizing.

The majority of professional hair thinning shears also come in a 6.0" size as it's a perfect all-rounder length that's suitable for male and female hairstylists, and it also provides enough length to fit the required 20-30 thinning teeth.

6-inch hairdressing scissors are the most popular range of hair cutting Shears in Australia. These 6 inch scissors cover:
  • Hairdressers 
  • Barbers
  • Beauticians 
  • Home hairdressers 
  • And more!
The most popular brands for 6.0" hairdressing scissors are made in Japan and Germany. These include:
  • Jaguar Solingen 6" inch range
  • Yasaka Shears
  • Juntetsu
  • Wahl
  • Ichiro 6" scissors series 
Shop 6 Inch Scissors at Japan Scissors. Medium and Lightweight blades that fit comfortably in your hands. Great size and extra length for a precise cut.
The most popular and commonly used hair scissor size is 6" inches. Male and female hairdressing professionals look to 6" inch shears for the best cuts.

The different size blades and handles vary, but the 6" versions cover the majority of hair professionals.

Placing the blade on the tip of your finger and the handle onto your palm, you should see the 6" scissor fit nicely.