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Razor & Styling Blades - Japan Scissors
Most professional barber razors, and styling or texturizing razors require replacement blades that can be changed after 1-3 uses.

These replacement razor blades are made from high-quality stainless steel with ultra-sharp edges for easy shaving or texturizing experience.

Even though these razor blades are disposable, most are economically friendly with each blade giving up to 5 uses before needing to be replaced.

The best barber blades use premium steel that allows them to hold a sharper edge for longer. Often the more expensive razor blades are the cheapest due to their long-life.

You can buy the best blades for razors including:
  • Feather Razor Blades
  • Feather Styling Blades
  • Fixed Razor Blades
  • Shavette Razors
  • Astra Razor Blades
  • Feather PB-20 (PB20) Blades
These replacement razor blades are compatible with the most popular shavette razors, including:
  • Feather Artist Club SS Straight Razor
  • Feather Artist Club Folding Razor SS Model
  • Feather Styling Razor
  • Feather Texturizing Razors
  • Kamisori Razors
  • Dovo Silver Shavette
  • Parker SRX Stainless-Steel Shavette

Buy your replacement blades for razors, shavettes and styling razors online in Australia!

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