Shop 6.5" Inch Hairdressing Scissors

Shop 6.5" Inch Hairdressing Scissors - Japan Scissors

Browse the best 6.5" inch size hair cutting and thinning scissors for professional hairdressers. Japan Scissors has a huge collection of shears for cutting hair that suits your needs!

The 6.5" scissor length is perfect for scissor over comb, and similar techniques that use a longer blade.

Choose premium longer hair shears from trusted brands: Jaguar Hairdressing Scissors, Kamisori Shears, Ichiro Scissors, Yasaka Hairdressing Scissors and more!

Shop The Best 6.5" Inch Hair Cutting Scissors Online!

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Shop 6.5" Inch Hairdressing Scissors - Japan Scissors

The 6.5" Hair Cutting Scissor Collection: Ideal for Salons & Barbershops

Our 6.5" hairdressing scissors are meticulously crafted for precision and style. These shears are often chosen for cutting long hair, making them a versatile tool for trimming bangs or shaping long hairstyles. Their larger size makes them the perfect companion for tackling thick hair, including styles such as afros, dreads, and other dense hair types.

The extended 6.5" length of these shears supports a variety of powerful haircutting techniques, including blunt cutting, graduation, scissor-over-comb, layering, and texturizing. The majority of professional hairdressers and barbers prefer the longer blade for its superior accuracy and smoother finish.

Why Choose Our 6.5 Inch Scissors?

At Japan Scissors, we offer an expansive selection of 6.5 Inch Scissors, each featuring long, lightweight blades designed for a comfortable grip. Their longer length makes them the go-to choice for hairdressing and barbering professionals alike.

Discover a Wide Range of 6.5" Hairdressing Scissors

Our collection spans a wide range of professional hairdressing scissors in the 6.5" size. Whether you're in the market for a hair thinning scissor or a barber shear, you're sure to find the perfect tool in our extensive selection.

Your Search for Top-Quality 6.5" Shears Ends Here

Beauticians and barbers alike trust our high-quality 6.5" shears for their cutting needs. Discover the precision, comfort, and performance that set our scissors apart from the rest.

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