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July 30, 2019 11 min read

You can thin hair with cutting scissors, but if you want to thin the perfect amount, a pair of texturising or chunking thinning scissors are important!

  • Hair thinning scissors will be used on your clients to thin out thick and dense hair.
  • Texturizing thinning scissors have between thirty and forty teeth. These are the most commonly used thinning scissors
  • Chunking thinning scissors have between ten and twenty teeth and are used to take larger amounts of hair
  • Thinning scissor sizes usually come in 5.5" and 6" inches
  • Thinning scissor prices range between $150 and $400

The thinning shears price changes depending on the design, materials and brand. 

We cover thinning scissor brands from Germany, Japan and more. Whether you are looking for a $150 texturizing shears pair or a premium Japanese $400 pair, we have a full collection available with Free Shipping Anywhere in the world!

What Are Hair Thinning Scissors?

Hair Thinning Scissors are shears that are not your average regular shears as the two blades are different. The difference between thinning scissors and texturizing shears is the number of teeth, serrated V-shaped teeth, and their ability to cut-away hair. 

One blade is similar to the normal hair cutting scissors. However, the other blade has gaps along with it which we call teeth.

Depending on the type of hair thinning scissors bought, the number of teeth will range.

These teeth allow the professionals to remove less hair with each cut than you would get with a regular shear.

It is designed explicitly with opposing blades for a specific purpose which is to give your hair a seamless look.

Regardless of the style that your client is choosing, their hair will look smooth and uniformed from any angle.

Side Note: It should not be used all the time in your client’s hair and does not replace the use of a regular good ole shear.


What Type Of Hair Requires Thinning?

How to thin thick and tough hair

the type of hair that requires the use of the thinning scissors is not as the name suggests – it’s quite the opposite. It is used on “thick or dense hair”.

They are helpful when your client has a specific style in mind that they want to achieve; however, their hair needs to be manipulated to make it.

The manipulation is thinning the hair so that their style is flawless. These styles can include a pixie cut, asymmetrical bob, blending short hair, barbered cuts as well as blending extensions into layers.

Each of the methods will leave the hair uneven if a regular shear is used. Hence, the thinning scissors allow their ends to be shaped up with texture yet still looking uniformed.

Difference Between Thinning and Texturizing Hair


Hairdressers Collection Of Hair Thinning And Cutting Scissors

You can use thinning scissors for thinning out their hair or texturizing their bulky ends to achieve their style. The preferred technique will depend on the texture and volume of your client’s hair.

Texturizing Hair:

Using the thinning shears to texturize hair means removing the thickness of the hair towards the end to a “thinner look and feel”.

Although the ends are thin, the transition between your thick and thin hair is seamless. Also, it will add a bit of texture to your new hairstyle.

Hence, the name of the technique. Your style will be shaped to perfection with the scissors.

With it positioned at different angles, you can remove less hair towards the ends of the hair. Thus, allowing you to see what you’re working with for a well-groomed result.

For this style, you would take ½ inch thick of their hair and pull it towards you. Also, pull it away from their face not to obscure your vision and place between your fingers.

Your fingers should be around 3 inches away from the ends so that you’re able to see the area better.

Then, the other hand would be used for cutting the hair. You would cut from the outer corner of the section towards the inside. Then, you will repeat the steps for the other parts throughout their hair.

And voila, you’re “texturizing” their hair.

Thinning Out Hair:

On the other hand, you can use the scissors for “thinning out” a thick or unruly hairstyle. It will give their hair a more defined shape and layers for you to work with.

As a barber/hairdresser, you will start from the midsection and work your way towards the end with the scissors positioned at different angles.

In addition, their hair is being pulled taut up or down to achieve regularity while cutting it.

The weight and volume will be removed from mid-section and reduces as you go down towards the ends.

Therefore, you’re “thinning out” the length of their hair. In the end, the results will be a more manicured look.

For this technique, you have to ensure that their hair is separated into different sections.

This allows you to work and clip away with ease. Depending on the length, you may need more or less than 10 sections before cutting. You would unravel each section and begin to thin their hair.

At about mid-way of the section, start cutting using the shears until you have reached the ends.

The shear would be pointed towards the floor at an angle to remove the excess hair while still giving seamless results. Once the first section is done, then it’s on to the next one until all the sections are completed.


How To Use Thinning Scissors

How To Use Your Thinning And Texturising Scissors

Depending on the style
that you are going for and the length and thickness of your hair, the scissors will be used differently.

1. Determining The Right Pair Of Thinning Shears To Purchase:

As a professional, you should have a variety of shears on hand as each works differently. And, one of the essential tools should be your “thinning shears”.

Each shear is manufactured differently with different teeth numbers, adjustable screws, for different hair textures, and so much more. However, each shear should be able to cut between 40 to 70% of the hair in just a couple of cuts.

You can have three different thinning shears including a (1) Blending and Texturizing Shears, (2) Chunking Shears and (3) Finishing Shears. Or, you can choose to have the first option alone. All of this will depend on what you’re able to work with as well as your clients’ needs.

Each shears’ teeth will fall between the range of 7 to 25 depending on the brand and purpose of that type of shear.

The number of teeth will affect the amount of hair that it cuts off. If it has fewer teeth, then bigger chunks of your hair will be removed at once!

However, if it has more teeth, then less hair will be gone so that you’re able to see what you’re working with.

Also, it would be great to choose a scissor with an adjustable screw in the middle.

The screw will make your job more comfortable because you’re able to adjust the tension when cutting your client's hair.

You will be able to gauge it depending on the thickness, length and the desired style that you’re trying to achieve.

2. Brushing/Combing Through Their Hair:

Next, you have to detangle your client’s hair before cutting. It allows you to remove any tangles, knots or bulges along the length of their hair.

Thus, giving you a smooth and tangle-free canvas to work with. You can use your comb, brush, tangle tweezer or even your fingers to get the job done.

If your client's hair is not smoothing out because they have curly hair, then you may just have to straighten it using your flat iron or blow dryer.

Side Note: Inform your clients to keep their hair dry before getting a style done as the scissors work better on “Dry hair”.
Now unto what we’re all here for.

3. Cut It Off:

Then, you need to cut it.

With your shears in hand, ensure to keep it open to separate the blades. Then, hold the section of the hair that you are working with.

Depending on whether you are thinning or texturizing the hair, you would hold it at different sections to get the job done properly.

Next, hold the shears at an angle of 45 degrees or diagonally. Then, cut it! You may have to angle the scissors differently while cutting their hair to get the right cuts.

Ensure to keep your detangling tool on hand to keep the hair tangle-free while you’re cutting. In addition, you’re able to remove any shed or fallen hair.

As a professional, you should be monitoring the work that you are doing to ensure that the right amount is removed to meet the client’s expectations.

There's a lot of information surrounding hair thinning scissors, and we’re happy to be able to provide it in a summarized version for you.

Ensure to do your own further research on our blog about this topic and others related to Hair Thinning Scissors.

It will be beneficial for you to help your clients achieve their desired style, which in the end will make you and more importantly, them happy.

And, look out for our next blog post on how to choose the best hair thinning scissors for you coming soon.

Let us know in the comments about how you use Hair Thinning Scissors for your clients!


Clients are looking for modern haircuts from salons and barbershops in Australia. To achieve the best hairdressing styles, you will need the best hair thinning scissors.

There is a common misconception that the scissors at home are the same as what professional hairdressers use.

Professional scissors have different styles, from cutting scissors with a convex edge or chunking thinning scissors, let’s take a moment to learn about professional texturing scissors.


The Most Popular Thinning Scissors In Australia


Hairdresser thinners in Australia are commonly understood as a tool to reduce hair thickness and bulk around unwanted areas.

Thinning scissors are definitely not something you will find at home, as these are necessary to get the right hairstyles that your clients are asking for.

Using these hairdressing thinning scissors are also useful to let the heat out during summer, so you will notice a higher demand for thinning styles around summer.

Unlike normal shears, hair thinning shears have one plain blade and one blade with teeth. The teeth range from 10 to 30 or 40 depending on the thinning performance you are looking for. These scissors do not slice through the hair in a single move, rather the teeth target small pockets of hair. 

You can use hairdresser thinners on any length of hair and also very thick hair.

2020 Guide to Buying Thinning And Texturising Scissors In Australia

Hairdressing thinning scissors have various types and sizes, but the main thing you will notice is the number of teeth that are in each pair.

Depending on the thinning performance you are looking for, you may want to go for a pair with 20-30 teeth that is quite balanced and allows you to thin with just a few moves. 

You may also want to go for something that performs a bit more for thick and curly hair. These are called chunking scissors and usually have 7 to 16 teeth and are called chunking (chunk) hairdressing thinning scissors.

What makes chunking hairdressing thinning scissors unique is creating notches for extremely curly hair. These thinning scissors are especially popular in Australia and New Zealand.


Top 5 Hairdresser Thinning Scissors in Australia

  1. Juntetsu Offset 6 Inch Thinning Scissors
  2. Yasaka YS 6.0 Inch Hair Thinning
  3. Jaguar Pastell Plus ES40 Viola Thinning Scissors
  4. Jaguar Jay 2 Hair Thinning Scissors
  5. Mina Ash Black Thinning Scissors


    1. Juntetsu Shears Offset Thinning Scissors



    These Juntetsu Hair Thinning scissors are handcrafted with superior VG10 steel and designed to be lightweight. Juntetsu makes a perfect balanced blade for professional use. The craftsmanship of there clam-shaped blade and ergonomic handle makes for sharp effortless cuts for hours without straining or injury (RSI). With 30 thinning teeth on the 6" inch piece, it has a fine V-teeth serration for a pleasantly smooth feeling and a precise cut. These thinning scissors are used by professional hairdressers, and barbers in Australia and New Zealand.

    This Set includes A Juntetsu Thinning Scissor of your choice, a leather pouch cleaning cloth, and scissor oil.

    2. Yasaka YS 6.0 Inch Hair Thinning Scissors

      The 6" Inch YS Yasaka Thinning Scissors use a Japanese sharpened prism technology to ensure the sharpest cuts. These have various teeth that are perfect thinning and texturising partners to your cutting scissors.

    40 Teeth is an estimated 50% Cut Away
    30 Teeth is an estimated 35% Cut Away
    20 Teeth is an estimated 25% Cut Away
    16 Teeth is an estimated 15% Cut Away

    The unique ergonomic design is perfect for professionals cutting for hours on end, as it places your finger and thumb in a naturally comfortable position that reduces stress. The lightweight and firm grip also reduce pressure off your wrist and elbow.

    This Set Includes: Your chosen thinning scissor and a Yasaka pouch.

    3. Jaguar Pastell Plus ES40 Viola Thinning Scissors


    Jaguar Germany Scissors create the best professional hairdressing and barber shears for Australia and New Zealand. The Jaguar Hair Cutting scissors are made with German steel are carefully crafted to produce effortless cuts. These Jaguar Pastell Plus Viola Thinning Scissors are an offset design with 40 thinning teeth with fine V-teeth serration for a pleasantly smooth feeling and a precise cut, using German Chrome steel, stylish design and engineered to be well-performing for any hairdresser or barber.

    It comes with an offset handle design to release pressure on your thumb while cutting for long periods of time.

    The Thinning Scissors are an offset handle position design with 40 thinning teeth with fine V-teeth serration for a pleasantly smooth feeling and a precise cut.

    4. Jaguar Jay 2 Hair Thinning Scissors


    The Jaguar Jay 2 (JAY2) Thinning Scissors are perfect for any casual, student/apprentice or professional hairdresser. The Jay 2 use a simple serration on the teeth and simple classic handles that make them easy to pick up and go.

    Whether you are looking to practice cutting on mannequins or having a backup pair to use instead of your main hair cutting scissors, these Jay 2's are versatile enough to cover you in most situations.


    5. Mina Ash Black Thinning Scissors



    Mina produces quality hair cutting and thinning scissors at the best prices. Mina Scissors uses Stainless Steel and Professional Ergonomics to produce hairdressing and barber scissors at affordable prices.
    The Mina Ash Black Hair Thinning Scissors have a fine V-teeth serration for a pleasantly smooth feeling while cutting. These also have Offset Ergonomics and lightweight balance to reduce any stress or pressure while cutting. 
    The Mina Ash Black uses Stainless Steel with a sharp cutting edge that delivers sharp cutting for apprentices, students, casual hairdressers or professionals alike. 
    This Set Includes 6" Inch Mina Ash Black Offset Cutting & Thinning Scissors and an Authentic Japan Scissors Leather Pouch.

    Hair Thinning Scissors for Blending & Texturizing: 

    As mentioned above, when you are looking for the best hairdressing thinning scissors, but aren’t sure where to begin, hairdressers tend to go for a well balanced texturing and hair thinning shear. These usually consist of 20 to 30 tooth and they cut most hair within just a few moves. Within Australia, you will find that most hairdressers will use 25 teeth thinning scissors for texturing and hair thinning as they work well on fine hair of any length.

    Hair thinning Scissors for Chunking: 

    Chunking scissors are also very popular in Australia due to thick and curly hair. You will find that hairdressers are not always prepared when you ask to thin out the unwanted parts of thick and curly hair, and without a pair of chunking hairdressing thinning scissors you will have difficulty getting the style you want. These usually have 7 to 16 teeth and are much better for summer hairstyles due to many people asking you to use hairdressing thinning scissors to thin out for a lighter summer haircut.

    Hair Thinning Scissors for Finishing: 

    So here we are at the end of our little introduction and explanation about hairdressing thinning scissors with for texturing. The Hairdressing Thinning Scissors for Finishing is the most popular and common in Australia as they are used as the “icing on the cake” so to speak for the perfect hairstyle. These scissors are used for giving a perfect final finish to the hairstyle and to give a fine detailing at the end. 

    In comparison to the other type, these have a large number of teeth, approximately 30 to 40 teeth, and are commonly used in salons by professional hairdressers looking to give the best styles. More teeth have a finer look for these hairdressing scissors and they take a longer amount of time giving the final texturing finish. If you are looking for a hairstyle that makes even transactions in hair, then look no further than these finishing hair thinning scissors.

    Before buying hair thinning scissors in Australia online, make sure you learn more about which scissors are best for you. There are three types, the all-rounder thinning scissors for a balanced thin, the chunking scissors for thick and curly hair, and the finishing hairdressing scissors used to give a fine detailing at the end.

    Learn more about the new revolution with hairdressing scissors in Australia with high-quality materials and lower prices, purchasing a new pair has never been easier. Explore Japan Scissors’ new collections of thinning scissors available today.

    James Adams is an author for Japan Scissors. He focuses on writing informational content on Hairdressing scissors for beginners and professionals.

    James Adams
    James Adams

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