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Yasaka Scissors

Yasaka YS 6.0 Inch Hair Thinning Scissors

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  • Features

STEEL ATS314 Cobalt Japan Steel
SIZE 6" Inches
CUTTING EDGE Sharpened Prism Teeth 
BLADE 16 Teeth, 20 Teeth, 30 Teeth or 40 Teeth
FINISH Polished
MODEL YS-400, YS-300, YS-200 & YS-160

  • Description

These Yasaka Thinning & Texturising Scissors use the highest quality Japanese steel, are hand-crafted in Japan, and made for professional hairdressing and barbering.

The unique hardness of Yasaka scissors allows for the sharpest thinning teeth, abrasion, corrosion, and overall resistance for long-lasting scissors.

The 6" Inch YS Yasaka Thinning Scissors use a Japanese sharpened prism technology to ensure the sharpest cuts.

These have various teeth that are perfect thinning and texturizing partners to your cutting scissors. 

  • 40 Teeth is an estimated 50% Cut Away
  • 30 Teeth is an estimated 35% Cut Away
  • 20 Teeth is an estimated 25% Cut Away
  • 16 Teeth is an estimated 15% Cut Away

The unique ergonomic design is perfect for professionals cutting for hours on end, as it places your finger and thumb in a naturally comfortable position that reduces stress. The lightweight and firm grip also reduce pressure off your wrist and elbow.

The premium made in Japan steel allows for the thinning teeth to stay sharper for longer than most other scissors. This keeps you performing well with each thinning motion, and avoids tugging or pulling from cheaper scissors.

This Set Includes Your chosen thinning/texturizing shear and a Yasaka pouch.

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