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Best Hairdressing Scissor Brands: For Hair Stylist Professionals

Are you a hairstylist or barber looking for the perfect pair of hairdressing scissors? Look no further!

We have compiled a list of the top hairdressing scissor brands that professionals trust and use worldwide.

Explore these top-quality brands and find the perfect pair of scissors to elevate your hair cutting game.

Quick Summary: The Best Scissor Brands For Hair Professionals

Hair scissor brands

For people looking for the quick answers on the best scissor brands, we have created a list that includes the needs of professional hairdressers, barbers, and home haircutting enthusiasts.

The best selling professional hairdressing scissor brands that are available in Australia, Canada, USA, New Zealand, Europe and Asia are:

  1. Jaguar Solingen Scissors (Most Reputable & Diverse Collection)
  2. Juntetsu (Best Value Professional Hair Scissors)
  3. Yasaka (Most Well Known Japanese Brand)
  4. Ichiro (Great Value Professional Sets)
  5. Kamisori (Unique & Powerful Professional Scissor Designs)
  6. Mina (Best Beginner & Basic Hair Scissors)
  7. Joewell (Best Custom Design Japanese Scissors)
  8. Feather (Best Razors + Basic Japanese Scissors)
  9. Kasho Shears (Best Mid-Range Japanese Scissors)

If you are looking for a professional scissor brand, you now have many options to choose from. Each scissor brand is different, and they all have their perks, satisfy hair professionals, and continue to deliver amazing models to the world.

If you think we are missing hairdressing scissor brands that should be in this list, let us know! We are always searching for new and changing brands that professionals are searching for.

The most important aspect to professional scissor brands is the satisfaction hairdresser and barber customers have with their purchase.

The best brand can be a premium producer, a cheap and affordable manufacturer of scissors, it doesn't matter as long as customers are satisfied!

Whether you are in the USA, Europe, Canada, UK, Australia, Asia or New Zealand, the best scissor brands are available internationally with free shipping!

We are building our list of 2020 hairdressing scissor brands, so contact us today for more information. 

The Best Hair Scissor Brands List

Let's go into a little more detail around each scissor brand, their history, and what makes them the best brands available internationally.

Without wasting anymore time, we are going to jump right into the list of the best scissor brands starting from number 1!

1. Jaguar: The Most Reputable & Diverse Scissor Brand

 Jaguar Scissors Brand From Germany

Jaguar Solingen, Official Website Found Here, is one of the world's most famous, reputable and oldest hair scissor brand!

They have been around for almost 100 years, and provide a full and diverse range of scissors that differ by price, style and use. They even have an electric scissor called The TCC The Carecut!

This makes Jaguar one of the most innovative scissor brands that keeps pushing the boundaries of design and efficiency when it comes to the hair industry.

You can browse the full Jaguar Scissor collection here!

2. Juntetsu: The Best Value Professional Hair Scissor Brand

Juntetsu the best value professional scissor brand 

Juntetsu is a hair scissor brand that produces simply, yet powerful designs and models at affordable prices. 

Similar to Yasaka, they focus on using the best steel materials to create professional hair scissors for hairdressers and barbers.

The most popular Juntetsu models are the Offset, Rose Gold and Night series that use top of the line steel, sharp convex edge slicing blades, and comfortable offset ergonomics. 

Most popular for their sharp excellent edges, Juntetsu continue to release more and more models that compete with Joewell, Yasaka and other popular brands.

You can browse the full collection of Juntetsu hair scissors here!

3. Yasaka: The Most Well Known Japan Brand

Yasaka is Japan's oldest and best scissor brand  

Yasaka Scissors is another reputable Japanese brand offering a wide variety of hair cutting tools.

Their scissors are crafted from high-quality stainless steel and feature unique designs.

Known for their durability, sharpness, and affordability, Yasaka Scissors are a popular choice for hairstylists and barbers worldwide.

Utilising local premium Japanese cobalt and alloy steel, Yasaka handcrafts hair scissors with a uniquely sharp clam-shaped blade for a professional haircutting experience.

The designs are simple, but the manufacturing and overall quality is amazing. The Yasaka brand is especially popular in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the USA.

You can browse the full collection of Yasaka hair scissors here!

4. Ichiro: Great Value Brand With Professional Scissor Sets

Ichiro Scissor brand the best value sets

Ichiro is a hair scissor brand the produces haircutting tools with simple designs and amazing prices. Using high-quality steel, they focus on creating a premium haircutting experience with their convex-edge blades.

The Ichiro scissor brand is popular for their sets, especially the Rose Gold model, which was one of the best sellers internationally in 2021 and 2022.

"Simple designs, quality manufacturing..." is Ichiro's motto and what they focus on delivering to professional hairdressers and barbers internationally.

You can browse the full Ichiro scissor brand collection here. 

5. Kamisori: Unique Brand With Powerful Scissor Designs

Kamisori Scissors Brand  

The Kamisori hairdressing scissor brand is a famous brand that produces powerful hairdressing and barbering scissors for professionals.

Most famous for their Kamisori Barber Sword, they continue to deliver unique models made from high-quality steel that sell faster than they are made.

Compared to Yasaka and Joewell, Kamisori focuses on more colourful designs, and each model is a limited edition that changes over-time.

You can browse the full collection of Kamisori scissors here!

6. Mina: The Best Beginner and Apprentice Scissor Brand

Mina is the best scissor brand for beginners and apprenticesMina is a scissor brand that produces quality hair scissors for beginners, apprentices, students and home hairdressing enthusiasts.

Not everyone is looking to pay a high price for a premium pair of scissors, that's where Mina comes in to save the day with their reliable and affordable hairdressing scissors.

Cheap isn't always a positive word to describe a pair of scissors, but Mina continues to receive 5 stars, especially on their most popular Umi model, while still maintaining an affordable price.

You browse the full collection of the Mina brand of hair scissors here!

7. Joewell: Japan's Best Scissor Brand For Custom & Unique Designs

The best Japanese Joewell Scissor Brand 

Joewell is a scissor brand, the official website found here, that continues to deliver innovation in the hair scissor industry through their Japanese engineering.

Originating from Japan, Joewell Scissors are known for their premium quality and craftsmanship.

Joewell has been producing hairdressing scissors for over 100 years, with a commitment to excellence and innovation. With a range of styles, sizes, and price points, Joewell Scissors cater to all professional hairdressers and barbers.


You can browse the full collection of the Joewell scissor brand here!

8. Feather: The Best Razor & Basic Scissor Brand in Japan

 Feather the best Japanese razor and scissor brand

The Feather Japan brand, official website found here, produces high-quality hair razors and scissors for professionals. Even though Feather is mostly known for their razors, they actually produce hair scissors that have started to become more and more popular!

You can browse the full Feather Japan brand collection here!

Honorary Mentions: Hair Scissor Brands

There are too many amazing hair scissor brands that produce premium haircutting tools for salons and barbershops across the world. Here are a few other brands that you may be interested in!

Passion Osaka Scissors: Japanese Steel Shears

Osaka Passion hairdressing shear brand

Osaka Scissors are a great addition to any serious hairdressers haircutting collection. They use high-quality Japanese steel to produce premium slice cutting hair scissors.

Read more about the Passion Osaka Scissor Brand Here!

Wahl Scissors: American Stainless Steel Shears

Wahl hairdressing shears

There's an explanation for why Wahl Corporation has been manufacturing hair scissors and clippers for well over 100 years. They are the very most effective.

Wahl Scissors are made from premium materials and feature light-weight designs that make them ideal for use at home or in a salon that is professional.

They also come with AISI 420, ice tempered stainless steel that has an elegant satin finish that makes them appear professional. If you're looking for an excellent pair of scissors for reasonable prices Then Wahl Shears are the perfect option for you!

Read more about the Wahl Hairdressing Shears here!

Kasho (Kai) Japanese Steel Hairdressing Shears

The kasho (kai) logo with their best hairdressing shears

Kasho Professional Scissors are manufactured in Japan made of stainless steel alloys with high carbon.

This results in a top-of-the-line blades that are resistant to wear and corrosion.

Kasho's cutting edge is unique to every scissor and delivers the smoothest, precise cutting performance when used with premium grade scissor blades. This advanced manufacturing process allows absolute precision when making the right curvature for the outside and the inside surfaces of the hollow blades.

Read more about Kasho Hair Scissors For Professional Hairdressing and Barbering here!

Conclusion: What are the best hair scissor brands for 2022 and the future?

Thank you for getting this far into the article of scissor brands for professional hairdressers and barbers!

To summarise, the best scissor brands ultimately depend on your needs, as a student or apprentice will prefer Mina scissors, and a professional hairdresser may prefer Juntetsu or Joewell.

Each year surprises us with scissor brands releases new and exciting models. So far the brand with the highest selling model was Mina with the Umi model. This was due to more people wanting to cut hair at home, and also learn hairdressing as an apprentice.

We expect to see more reliable and exciting scissor brands in the future, but its always hard to compete with the best that already exist!

Starting a scissor brand is one of the hardest things a new company can do, but we always try out new models to see how well the brands manufacture scissors.

Keep an eye out as we add more brands to the list, until then, we hope you can choose the best professional brand for your next pair of scissors and shears!

We frequently get asked "What are professional scissors brands in Australia?", and we know how hard it is to choose a reliable pair when there are so many brands available.

In this article, we have put together a list of What is the best brand of hairdressing scissors available!

Professional scissors brands include hair scissors for cutting and thinning. They are typically made in Japan or Germany. Professional scissors brands include: 

So what makes these brands professional? A few factors that include:

  • High-quality steel
  • Reviews from professional hairdressers and barbers
  • How many years manufacturing 
  • Price points
  • Ergonomics 
  • Blade types

If you go into a supermarket, you might find a pair of scissors, but would they be professional?

They might not have high-quality steel, have poor ergonomics, and a dull blade.

So the result of this brand would not be professional.

But if you shop for Yasaka or Kamisori, you will find that they are a professional hairdressing scissor brand due to:

  • High-quality steel
  • Sharp bevel edge or convex edge blades
  • Offset ergonomics reducing fatigue for the hairdresser

There are a lot of other obvious factors, but the most obvious one is: "Will it cut hair?" and the answer for these shears is a definitive "YES!".

So when you are looking around for professional hairdressing scissor brands, take a moment to look for the right signs that show these brands sell scissors used by professional hairdressers and/or barbers.

What are the best hairdresser scissors brands?

 Scissor Brand Price Point Quality
Juntetsu Scissors $$-$$$ High
Yasaka Scissors $$-$$$ High
Jaguar Germany $$-$$$ Low to High
Mina $ Medium
Kamisori $$$ High
Joewell $$$ High


When you look into the current hairdressing scissor market, there are new brands appearing almost every month.

So how do you choose a brand that will not give you a regrettable experience?

Reviews, feedback and ensuring the product matches your needs is a start.

The majority of professional brands manufacture in Germany, China or Japan.

Brands manufactured in China are not necessarily bad, as they can use Japanese steel to produce high-quality professional hair cutting products.

These brands are then able to sell professional hairdressing scissor products at a more affordable price.

The real and honest criticism that people have with the Japanese hair scissor brands is that you are paying for so so so many overheads.

That $2,000 pair of expensive Japanese scissors you just bought actually cost $150 to make, but we are being charged $2,000 due to:

  • company overheads
  • high cost of labour (japan)
  • the company needs to profit
  • An Australian company that imports it also adds their 30-50% margin
  • Japanese and Australian tax
  • Shipping and import fees

By the time these $150 pair of scissors hit the shelves in Australia, there is so much bloat that it ends up costing you $2,000.

It is what it is though, and we can't change it. But other manufacturers are securing that same Japanese Hitachi steel and having them produced in China to reduce overheads.

This does not always work though. You often have poor quality Chinese scissors, but often it's due to the steel and parts being cheaply made.

So when you are looking for Professional Hairdressing Scissor Brands, start with the list above, make sure they are reputable and the model matches your needs as a professional hairdresser or barber.

The best brand may be different for professional hairdressers, barbers, students, and home hairdressers, so to conclude this article, we have listed out the best brands for each category of hair enthusiasts.

  1. Jaguar Solingen Scissors: For their affordable prices and high-quality products
  2. Juntetsu Scissors: For their unique styles and professional quality
  3. Yasaka Scissors: Australia' Best Japanese Scissor Brand
  4. Joewell Scissors: The most premium hairdressing scissors available from Japan 

To summarise, Australia's top brands of scissors are selected for hairdressers and barbers looking for the best scissors brands available in Australia.


  • My kid can’t stand it when someone else is cutting his hair so I have to take it upon myself. Up until now I’ve relied on a pair of no-name scissors I bought from the mall but now the kiddo decided he wants long hair so I have to be more careful with what I use and how I style it, he has very fine hair. Let’s see how he reacts when I use the new scissors…



  • You really have a lot of brands! When I landed on this website I didn’t expect to see so many professional products with such a hefty discount. I was a bit reluctant to spend so much on two scissors but then I landed in the home scissors category. The review section convinced me to try the Mina black set – which looks pretty darn cute to boot. Can’t wait to get my hands on them!



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