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Kamisori scissors are popular hairdressing and barber shears made for professionals that include:

  • Hardened Japanese steel
  • Convex edge sharp blades
  • Offset handle ergonomics 
  • Unique styles and designs

Kamisori a growing giant in the scissors industry, notably a creation of high quality, professional-grade, hair cutting scissors.

Each product is carefully hand-crafted and sourced from some of the highest quality steel available. Kamisori pride themselves on their diverse product line of high-quality scissors.

Their unique craftsmanship, ergonomic designs and deadly sharp blades give them the edge they have fought for in the scissors industry. 

Kamisori Australia's manufacturing protocol is strict, with each pair cleverly constructed and compared to their high standard from years of study and research. Each shear goes through rigorous craftsmanship, with 93 different steps utilized to maintain the much reputable final product that has made them famous for their perfect quality.

Such craftsmanship doesn’t happen overnight and they have been designing and innovation hair cutting instruments for generations now. In the eyes of Kamisori, superior blade-making is a form of art.

Only certain individuals with extensive talent and experience can master such methods and techniques to deliver and keep on delivering high-quality products. After much hard work and intergenerational techniques, the end result is a light-weight and perfectly balanced shears for both fast, accurate and delicate cutting.

Haircutting Shears with Exquisite Craftsmanship:

Kamisori's imaginative haircutting shears are cautiously hand-produced using the absolute best materials accessible today; no other organization joins such a different scope of excellent metals with such interesting craftsmanship.

Kamisori shears Australia sells premium haircutting scissors to

  • Melbourne
  • Sydney
  • Adelaide
  • Brisbane
  • Perth
  • Hobart
  • Gold Coast

Australian hair professionals have high standards for cutting tools, and Kamisori always pleases and satisfies.

The final product is light-weight, ergonomic and totally adjusted shears for quick, exact and smooth cutting.

During assembling, each pair is keenly built utilizing results from long stretches of study, examination, testing, and experience. Each pair experiences a progression of 93 distinctive cautious strides to guarantee the end-product is only flawlessness.

Kamisori's senior Australian specialists have been making haircutting instruments for ages and to them, unrivalled edge making is a type of craftsmanship that lone certain people with broad ability and experience can dominate.

Lifetime Guarantee:

We are sure about the apparatuses we make and we completely remain by it to guarantee absolute consumer loyalty. At the point when you buy a couple of Kamisori shears you are covered by our genuine lifetime guarantee, our selective one-year incidental harm guarantee, and a 15-day cash back fulfilment ensure.

Wonderful equilibrium, unrivalled sharpness; a work of art of class. Kamisori shears are utilized and suggested by stage hairdressers everywhere on the world, experience inventive shears genuinely perceived as one of the world's ideal.

Damascus collection

These models are made individually by the most regarded Japanese sharp edge smiths with a convention saturated with the best craftsmanship passed starting with one age then onto the next. #KamisoriNinjas

Dragon collection

Each pair cunningly built utilizing results from long stretches of study, exploration, and testing. Our Dragon assortment brings the beautician refreshingly in vogue, even and exact shears. #KamisoriNinjas

Titanium collection

An amazing case of Japanese exactness designing wedded with high style. Release your inventiveness. #KamisoriNinjas

The specialty of shaving razor tools

The Art Of Shaving assortment brings refreshingly sharp exemplary straight cutting edges created with the best Japanese steel. Kamisori holds its worldwide standing as the debut brand for quality styling instruments in high respect and we remain by our Art of Shaving assortment.

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