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We often get asked "are Jaguar scissors any good?". The answer is Yes. Jaguar scissors are good for haircutting, thinning and are commonly used by professionals in Australia.

We've reviewed all of the Jaguar Shears and found that their Jay2 and Pre Style collection are some of the world's most used scissors.

Most reviews for Jaguar scissors give them 5 stars for affordability, quality, and performance. The most reviews Shears are the White Line scissors in Australia and the USA.

Jaguar Germany is one of Europe's oldest scissors manufacturer for the hairdressing and barber industry.
  • Jaguar scissors use German chromium steel
  • The Jaguar prices are between $125 and $1,300 in Australia 
  • The Jaguar series include: JAY 2, Pre Style, White Line, Black Line and Gold Line models
  • Jaguar scissors are made in Germany and China
  • The basic models use a bevel edge blade 
  • The Black Line and Gold Line models use a precision convex edge blade
  • The Solingen ergonomics use Offset and crane scissor handles
Jaguar Scissors creates unique thinning and scissors set that are widely used in Australia and New Zealand. From the popular Jaguar Jay 2, JaguArt, Jaguar Pastell Pluss Scissors, to the Jaguar Pre Style Ergo, you will find a large line of high-quality hairdressing scissors made in Germany. 

Within Jaguar Scissors there are multiple collections, such as the Jay 2, Pre Style and White Line.

The Jaguar Jay 2 Hair Cutting shears and Thinning scissors sets are one of the most popular in Australia (AUS) and New Zealand (NZ) for hairdressers and barbers.

The Pre Style Ergo and Pre Style Relax Jaguar Scissors are extremely popular for barbers and hairdressers as they come in multiple sizes from 5”, 5.5”, 6”, 6.5” inches and are very versatile to be used in many cutting situations.

Since its establishment in 1932, Jaguar has worked on innovating the German hairdressing scissor market. Offering high-quality hair cutting tools at affordable prices has made Jaguar a popular choice in Australia.

Manufactured with strict quality assurance guidelines to ensure that you receive quality scissors each and every time. Jaguar Solingen crafts each pair of scissors with more than 120 operations to ensure that each pair is as good as the next. Browse through unique designs, short and long scissors, offset, and classic scissors,

When it comes to professional hair scissors with top-quality and unique designs, Jaguar has it all!
Watch the video on how Jaguar manufactures premium hairdressing scissors in Solingen, Germany. A documentary on the creativity and innovation for high-quality Hairdressing and Barber Shears.
You can learn more about Jaguar Scissors (Solingen) through our partner, Scissor Hub here!

Here is our summary of all the Jaguar scissor models available by collection.

Jaguar JAY 2 Models
 Model Number Price Description
JAG JAY2 SET $300 Jay 2 Cutting and Thinning Set
JAG J5055 & JAG J5060 $150 Jay 2 Cutting Scissors
JAG J5075 $150 Jay 2 Thinning Scissors

Jaguar PRE STYLE Models
 Model Number Price Description
JAG 82650, JAG 82655 and JAG 82660 $150-250 Pre Style ergo scissors with a classic design, a traditional cutting feel, and polished finish.
JAG 83355 $150-250 Pre style ergo 5.5" thinning scissors with 28 teeth.
JAG 82750, JAG 82755 and JAG 82760 $150-250 Pre style relax offset design cutting scissors with a polished finish.
JAG 83455 $150-250 Pre style relax 5.5" offset thinning scissors with 28 teeth.
JAG 823525 and JAG 823575 $150-250 Left Handed (LEFTY) Pre style relax hairdressing scissors.
JAG 839525 $150-250 Left Handed (LEFT) Pre style relax thinning scissors with 39 teeth.

Jaguar WHITE LINE Models
JAG 0350, JAG 0355, JAG 0360, JAG 10365, JAG 10370  $150-250 Jaguar White Line Satin scissors have a traditional feel while cutting. These include a micro-serrated blade and a satin finish.
JAG 3453 and JAG 3455 $150-250 White Line Satin thinning scissors with either 32 or 27 teeth.
JAG 3350 and JAG 3360 $150-2550 White Line Satin double sided thinner with either 28 teeth or 30 teeth.
JAG 4750, JAG 4755 and JAG 4760 $150-250 White Line Satin Plus with a slim design.
JAG 3050 and JAG 3065 $150--250 White Line Satin Plus thinning with either 40 teeth or 46 teeth.
JAG 2150, JAG 2155 and JAG 2160 $150-250 White Line Satin Plus E offset design cutting scissors.
JAG 3865 $150-250 White Line Satin Plus E offset hair thinning scissors.
JAG 4350 and JAG 4355 $200-300 White Line Charm ergonomic hair cutting scissors with a polished finish.
JAG 36555 $200-300 White Line Charm ergonomic thinning scissors.
JAG 4350 and JAG 4355 $200-300 White Line Smart features Jaguar's unique ergonomic crane handle design.
JAG 43155 $200-300 White Line Smart is Jaguar's best crane handle thinning scissors.
JAG 46525 and JAG 46575 $200-300 Jaguar's popular JP 10 (JP10) offset ergonomic hair cutting scissors.
JAG 46526 $200-300 Jaguar's popular JP 10 (JP10) offset ergonomic hair thinning scissors.
JAG 1355, JAG 1360, JAG 1365 and JAG 1370 $200-350 Jaguar's Silver ICE cutting scissors feature a traditional design and polished finish.
JAG 3150 and JAG 13165 $200-350 The Silver Ice thinning scissors feature 40 teeth and 46 teeth version.
JAG 2950, JAG 2955 and JAG 2960 $200-350 The Sterling hair cutting scissors have a traditional feeling while cutting. 
JAG 3950 $200-350 The Sterling thinning scissor has an ergonomic handle and 40 teeth.
JAG 4752-1, JAG 4752-2, JAG 4752-3 $200-350 The Pastell Plus are ergonomic scissors in Viola, Lava, and Candy colours.
JAG 3054-1, JAG 3054-2 and JAG 3054-3 $200-350 The Pastell Plus thinning scissors have 40 teeth and a relaxed ergonomic handle.
JAG 3550 and JAG 3565 $200-350 The Jaguar CM thinners have 40 and 46 teeth version and come in 5 inches and 6.5" inch sizes.
JAG 49525 and JAG 49575 $200-350 The Left-Handed (LEFTY) JP 10 cutting scissors are ergonomically friendly for professionals.
JAG 49526 $200-350 The Left-Handed (LEFTY) JP 10 thinning scissors come with 38 teeth and an overall 5.25" size.
JAG 45255-12 $200-300 The Jaguar Art (Jaguart) Freak features unique colour coating designs.
JAG 45255-23 $200-300 The Jaguar Art (Jaguart) Moonlight Garden features unique colour coating designs.
JAG 45255-24 $200-300 The Jaguar Art (Jaguart) Sweet Daisy features unique colour coating designs.
JAG 45255-29 $200-300 The Jaguar Art (Jaguart) SPLASH features unique colour coating designs.
JAG 45255-30 $200-300 The Jaguar Art (Jaguart) SUNSHINE features unique colour coating designs.

Jaguar SILVER LINE Models
 Model Number Price Description
JAG 65150, JAG 65155 and JAG 65160 $300-400 Jaguar Grace scissors feature premium German steel, ergonomic design, and a polished finish.
JAG 65555 $300-400 Jaguar Grace feature 40 teeth and overall size of 5.5" inches
JAG 70055 and JAG 70060 $300-400 Jaguar FAME scissors have premium steel, ergonomics, and uniquely perfect fitting angled finger rings.
JAG 70055-2 $300-400 Jaguar Fame limited edition ROSE GOLD.
JAG 70575 $300-400 Jaguar Fame thinning scissors with 42 teeth and overall 5.75" size.
JAG 9250, JAG 9255 and JAG 9260 $300-400 Jaguar CJ4 (CJ 4) Plus models are feature unique ergonomics and sharp cutting blades.
JAG 92555 $300-400 Jaguar CJ4 thinning scissors with 0 teeth and overall 5.5" size.
JAG 95575 $300-400 Jaguar CJ5 (CJ 5) scissors feature the best ergonomics out of the Silver Line collection.
JAG 9650, JAG 9655 and JAG 9660 $300-400 Jaguar CJ3 (CJ 3) scissors are the most popular Silver Line shears. Great ergonomic design, sharp cutting blades, and premium steel.
JAG 96525 $300-400 The Jaguar CM36 thinning scissor features 36 teeth and an overall 5.25" size from tip to handle.
JAG 0150, JAG 0155 and JAG 0160 $300-450
The Jaguar Perfect cutting scissors have a traditional cutting feel and feature a polished gold-plated finish.
JAG 99525 and JAG 99575 $300-450 The most popular Left Handed Jaguar scissor available. The LEFT CJ 4 Plus (CJ4) scissors are ergonomically designed for left-handed hairdressers.
JAG 99526 $300-450 The Left-handed CJ 4 Plus thinning scissor features 40 teeth and an overall 5.25" size from tip to handle.

Jaguar GOLD LINE Models
 Model Number Price Description
JAG 26155 $600-900 The Gold Line Lane scissors use premium German steel and sharp blades for the best cuts.
JAG 26575 $600-900 The Gold Line Lane thinning scissors feature 33 teeth and an overall 5.75" length from tip to handle.
JAG 29155 and JAG 29160 $600-900 The Silence haircutting scissors feature premium steel, design, ergonomics, and sharp excellent edges.
JAG 29575 $600-900 The Silence thinning scissors have 34 teeth and ergonomic handle design.
JAG 28155 and 28160 $600-900 The Goldwing Jaguar scissors feature the sharpest convex edges, premium German steel, and professional ergonomics.
JAG 28575 $600-900 The Goldwing thinning scissors include 34 teeth and a size of 5.75".
JAG 27155 and JAG 27160 $600-900 The Xenox scissors include an ergonomic handle, unique curved blades, and are made in Germany.
JAG 21150, JAG 21155 and JAG 21160 $600-900 The Diamond E ergonomic cutting scissors use high-quality German steel, sharp convex edge blades that cut lie diamonds.
JAG 21555 $600-900 The Diamond CC39 thinner uses 39 teeth and comes 5.5" size.
JAG 20150, JAG 20155 and JAG 20160 $600-900 The Diamond scissors feature premium steel, sharp cutting edges, and traditional handle design.
JAG 20555 $600-900 The Diamond thinning shears feature a traditional handle and sharp thinning teeth.
JAG 24525 and JAG 24575 $600-900 The Diamond E Left-Handed (LEFTY) cutting scissors use professional ergonomics, German steel, and cut sharper than diamonds.
JAG 24526 $600-900 The Diamond E Left thinning scissors feature 39 teeth and overall size of 5.5" inches.

Jaguar BLACK LINE Models
 Model Number Price Description
JAG 941525 and JAG 941575 $1200-2000 Vision MC Steel features the highest quality of German scissors with angled finger rings, the best ergonomics, and the sharpest convex edge blades.
JAG 971525, JAG 971575 and JAG 971600 $1200-2000 Synergy Design MC Steel uses the highest quality German steel, rotating thumb ring ergonomics, and sharp convex edge blades.
JAG 97525-1 and JAG 97575-1 $1200-2000 Euro Tech Design MC Steel uses Micro Carbide German steel, convex edge blades and premium offset ergonomics.

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