Jaguar Pink Pre Style Ergo Cutting & Thinning Set
Jaguar Pink Pre Style Ergo Cutting Scissors
Jaguar Pink Pre Style Ergo Thinning Scissors


Jaguar Pink Pre Style Ergo Cutting & Thinning Set

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An Introduction 

Made and Designed in Germany. Jaguar is the leader for European scissors - making high quality and well-engineered cutting tools available at an affordable price.

The limited edition vibrant Pink Pre Style Ergo scissors are a classic style of scissors, a setup up from Jaguar's Jay 2 series, and more ergonomic than the relax series, using stainless steel and engineered to be well performing, you will find that they are they perform well with the smoothest cut.

Featuring prism-shaped teeth with fine V-shaped teeth serration for a pleasantly smooth feeling when cutting for the thinning scissors.

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Product Features

  • Sizes: 5.5" Inch Cutting and Thinning
  • Blade: V-teeth serration and prism-shaped teeth
  • Thinning Rate: Fine
  • Metal: German Chrome stainless steel
  • Tension: Precise individual adjustment - VARIO Screw System
  • Ergonomics: Designed to be lightweight and perfectly balanced
  • Handle Position: Classic
  • Finish: Fine durable polished finish with a vibrant pink coating
  • Made in: Germany