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Joewell is 100% made in Japan hairdressing scissors since early 1917. The Joewell and Tokosha shears are built on simplistic scissor designs with premium Japanese steel.

These Joewell scissors are famous in Australia as being light-weight, durable and having reliable sharp convex edge blades for a high performing hair cutting experience.

Joewell is a traditional Japanese scissor brand with modern designs for hairdressers and barbers in Australia.

The best Japanese Joewell scissor models include:

 Name Type Price 
Supreme Convex Edge $500-1000
Cobalt Traditional Convex Edge $300-600
FX (FX-PRO) Offset Convex Edge with a unique 3D handle $500-1000
TR Titanium Convex Edge $800-1300
AR Unique Ergonomic Handle $900-1300
C Ergonomic Handle With Permanent Rest $600-900
JKX Long Joewell Barber Sword Shear $800-1500
FZ Barber Long Ergonomic Barber Shear $1000
Classic Simple lightweight traditional hair cutting scissor $300-500
Craft Unique 3D grip hairdressing scissor $500-1000
Z II Light ergonomic hairdressing scissor with smaller finger holes. $400-800
SDB Unique Hair Cutting Scissor With A Curved Blade $600-1000
JDB Bamboo Blade For Dry Hair Cutting $800-1200


Compared to other Japanese shear brands, Joewell focuses on making both affordable and expensive premium models that cater to the needs of home hairdressers, students and professionals.


The majority of hair scissors manufactured in Japan is in Iwate. The Iwate Japan factory focuses on training workers to be able to manufacture world-class hairdressing scissors under the Joewell brand.

What makes Joewell (Tokosha) scissors so good? 

Joewell procures high quality Japanese steel from companies like Hitachi Steel. This allows them to use world-class premium steel when creating Joewell scissors.

Modern manufacturing equipment, world-class Japanese steel and experience master craftsman make for the best Japanese scissors that the world can find.

Joewell also takes the time to model and design hairdressing scissors. Most manufacturers simply copy other models and never change, but Joewell improves on the models and designs each year to cater for the ever changing hairdresser and barber scissor market.

Lastly, the Joewell manufacturing process includes a strict and high performing quality assurance and checking process that ensures each pair of scissors is as good as the last one.

Does Jowell have any reviews from hairdressers and barbers?

Joewell has locations in over 30 countries across the world and has been a leader the global hairdressing scissor market since 1917.

With almost every major country in the world buying from Joewell as the best Japanese scissor brand, its no surprise that Australian hairdressers and barbers are looking to buy Joewell (Tokosha) shears.

We have 100% authentic and real reviews that show Joewell scissors are the best value for money when it comes to top-range Japanese hair scissors.

I have been using Joewell for the past 20 years. Even the cheaper $300 pair lasts for five or more years and they have enough model varieties to cover my needs. Sandra (Melbourne Hair Professionals)

There are a lot of different hairdressing brands available online, and Joewell stands strong next to Yasaka, Mizutani and Juntetsu as high-quality professional hairdressing scissors.

How to sharpen or maintain Joewell scissors?

When you buy high quality hair shears you need a professional scissor sharpening service, but where can you find one in Australia for Joewell scissors?

There is a handful of professional hairdressing scissor sharpening services in Australia, but we always recommend Joewell direct.

Have the same professionals who made your Joewell scissors sharpen them for you!

The Joewell scissor sharpening and maintenance service repairs, sharpens and improves on any pair of your Joewell shears.

With a 1 business week estimated turn-around, Joewell will sharpen and repair your scissors. 

Using Japan Express Post, it only takes a few days to send your sharpened scissors back to you in Australia.

For $60-120, you can have your Joewell scissors sharpened and maintained by the same professionals who made them in Japan. Protect your investment by using professional scissor sharpening services like Joewell Japan. 

Conclusion: should I buy Joewell scissors?

Joewell manufactures high quality scissors between $300 to $2000 in Sendai, Iwate, Japan.

Joewell Japan focus on simplistic designs, sharp convex and bevel edge blades with unique professional ergnomics that suit professional hairdressers and barbers.

The Japanese manufacturing facility uses high quality steel to produce lightweight and sharp (made in Japan) hairdressing scissors.

They have offices setup in over 30 countries and are a world leader in hairdressing scissor manufacturing since 1917.

Should you buy a pair of Joewell scissors? They are easily the most reputable brand from Japan and have enough models to suit everyones price range.

Sometimes you can buy a cheaper pair of scissors for $100-200, like Mina, but the overall quality of a pair of Joewell (Tokosha) shears makes them worth the purchase. 

Joewell scissors last anywhere between five and twenty years if well maintained. 

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