Yasaka Scissors

Yasaka Seiki Co., Ltd, Japan is a professional Japanese Scissors and Shears manufacturer. They are internationally famous for producing professional Yasaka shears from high quality and pure Japan Steel. The unique hardness of Yasaka scissors allows for the sharpest cuts, abrasion, corrosion and overall resistance for long-lasting scissors. Manufactured with the unrivalled experience of Japanese Craftsmanship that has perfected excellent edges for hair cutting.

Yasaka generally uses a clam-shaped blade that is famous for their sharp cuts. Yasaka Shears uses modern engineering and designs with traditional expert craftsmen and professional quality controls to produce consistently high standards of hairdressing and barber shears. YASAKA SEIKI CO.LTD.is widely used and trusted in the professional hairdressing industry due to their consistent quality as the best Japanese Hair Scissors with the best prices. Yasaka Shears offers various different shears to suit every professional's needs. From Yasaka Offset Handle Shears to Yasaka 7" Inch Barber Shears, each pair is made with care and unrivalled experience. 

Browse our collection of Yasaka Scissors for sale in Australia and internationally. Each shear has a slim detailed design, ergonomic Japanese handles with a firm grip. Yasaka gives you maximum control for effortless, precision cutting. These flawless scissors will last you for many years as the best hairdressing scissor brand you will find.