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The Yasaka Scissors brand is well known, but you never see publicity about them. We see Yasaka Scissors for Sale, but the manufacturer, the Yasaka Scissors brand itself is a silent giant selling the best Japanese shears to the world. It is rare to see Japanese hair scissor manufacturers open a store or online shop outside of Japan, however, Yasaka Scissors manages to impress the world without advertisements, but with its quality hairdressing and barber scissors.

Without marketing its product, Yasaka Scissors spends its time, energy and resources making the best scissors for hairdressing and best shears for barbers. The silent samurai that markets its products only through its sheer impressive quality.

We asked Laurence, a barber shop owner and veteran professional hairdresser, about the history and use of Yasaka in Melbourne:

"A lot of professionals have been using Yasaka Scissors in Australia for hairdressing and barbers for the past 20 years. The brand has a lot of trust built around it, and to be honest, its not the same quality of Mizutani ($1200-1500), but for the price range of $300-500, Yasaka gives you scissors that cut hair just like all the other Japanese brands. I usually see hairdressers pass around their Yasaka scissors to show them off proudly and they set a really strong impression about why Japanese hairdressing scissors are so popular. Overall, I would say its both quality, style and affordability that makes Yasaka scissors so popular in Australia."
Yasaka Thinning Scissors in Australia

The shear world looks to Yasaka Scissors for the best Japanese Scissors and if you have ever held a pair of Yasaka Offset Scissors you would understand why. Compared to the standard hair scissors found in Australia from local brands, Yasaka Shears feel light, durable, they hold firm in your hands and cut sharp. These qualities seem obvious when you are looking for the best scissors, but it is rare to find all of these perks in a pair of scissors for less than $500.

The hairdressing and barber and shear world market is changing in Australia, and people are looking for hairdressing scissors online Australia that are affordable, will perform in a professional hairdresser or barber environment and will last for more than 1-2 years.

As prices of professional hairdressing scissors rise or the quality of Japanese shears drop, Yasaka stays strong with its high quality production quality of the best Japanese Shears for under $500 without compromising quality.

yasaka scissors for sale in Australia

From left handed hairdressing scissors 7 inch to Japanese Offset Ergonomic scisosrs, you will be impressed with Yasaka Scissors Japan. The craftsmanship and design from the tip of the blade to the handle is perfect. Minor engravings in the handle to give the hairdresser better grip and quality gears and screws to ensure the tension adjustments don’t wear out and hold their tightness for longer.

Yasaka Scissors quality delivered to its customers as the best Japanese Shears is unrivaled. If you are looking for Japanese hair scissor manufacturers in Australia, Japan Scissors has hairdressing scissors online Australia for Yasaka’s wide collection of left handed, right handed, thinning, cutting, hairdressing, barber and dry cutting scissors that are widely used by Australian Professionals.

If you are looking for a samurai scissors reviews that explains the quality of Yasaka Scissors, aim to deliver information of the best Japanese scissors in Australia, how to choose the best scissors and how to actually maintain them. Whether you are doing barber apprenticeship Perth or are a veteran hairdresser in Sydney, Yasaka shears has a variety of scissors available to suit you cutting needs from thin to thick hair.

Yasaka Scissors Cutting and Thinning Set
Yasaka Scissors use Japanese stainless steel as the main material to manufactur their scissors. The higher the quality of the steel, the more durable, sharp and reliable these scissors will be.

The side effect of quality steel is also its lightweight ability that allows reduces weight, strain and pressure while cutting for extended periods of time. The character of the Japanese steel used by Yasaka scissors is excellent in its hardness, is wear and tear and abrasion resistance, and the resistance to corrosion compared to normal steel.

Yasaka Scissors leads in the shear world with a unique sharpening technique where the scissor blades are hardened and then annealed in a complete vacuum, with the edge of the blades sharpened to a point in the final finishing of the scissor’s production. After the vacuum annealing process an ice cold sub-zero treatment is administered to the scissors to improve the hardness and sharpness.

Yasaka Dry Cutting Scissors

Whether you are looking for Japanese hair scissor manufacturers in Australia or hairdressing scissors online Australia, Yasaka Scissors are for sale at Japan Scissors with affordable prices that allows you to purchase a Yasaka Offset Scissors or Barber set. The Yasaka Scissors sets include a 5.5” inch, 6” and/or 7” inch cutting shear and a 6” inch thinning scissor that is made by professionals for professional with excellent edges scissors prices that makes Japan Scissors one of the most popular online hairdressing tools stores.

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