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What Do Texturizing Scissors Do?

As a hairdresser, you know that there are many different types of scissors you can use. So, depending on the effect and result that you want to achieve, you need to pick the right one for the job.

One of the scissors that has been gaining a lot of popularity is the texturizing scissors.

What Are Texturizing Scissors?

Texturizing scissors are also known as hairdressing shears, barber shears, or hair shears. The main goal is to blend layered hair, creating texturizing effects, or simply to reduce hair thickness.

Texturizing scissors are usually between 5 to 7 inches long and while they include a pair of pivoted blades just like normal shears, one of the sides has teeth on the edge similar to a comb.

The Best Ways To Use Texturizing Scissors

As we mentioned above, texturizing scissors allow you to do many different things. However, depending on what your goal is, you should use a different technique. Here are some examples:

#1: Slide Cutting:

When you are looking to do this, you will need to hold the texturizing scissors with the right side of the blade leading the way so it enters the hair first.

#2: Point Cutting:

When you want to remove less hair, then you will need to hold the texturizing scissors parallel to that specific section. Notice that the teeth side of the blade should be on the top.

When you want to remove more hair, you just need to hold the texturizing scissors in a more perpendicular way to that section. 

#3: Scissor Over Comb:

When you want to get more control over the shears, then you want to ensure that its tip is pointing down. It's also important to consider using a wide-tooth comb so that you don't make so much pressure on the hair.

In this case, the straight blade should be on top.

Using Texturizing Scissors For A Modern Bob

With more and more women looking to get a more modern bob hairstyle, this is the perfect occasion to use your texturizing scissors. However, you need to always keep in mind your ultimate goal.

#1: Adding A Slight Graduation

This is definitely a trend this year. However, you want to make sure that you don't start it too high because this can lead to over-texturized hair. Instead, you should use a wide-teeth comb and texturing shears to point cut.

#2: Add The Line Of The Bob First

While you may be looking to get a modern bob, the truth is that you still need to create the line for it first. This will help you be more precise when you start using the texturizing scissors.

The best way to do this is by simply holding the texturizing scissors pointing down and the tooth side should be pressed right up against the skin.

#3: Don't Be Afraid Of The Frizz

While almost everyone feels happy when they leave the hairdresser salon, all hairdressers know that more than the way people look at that moment is how the hair grows afterward. One of the main concerns about using texturizing scissors is that they may cause frizz. However, this won't happen since you can see exactly where you are cutting the hair. Besides, if you use the texturizing scissors gently and slowly, you won't damage the cuticle.

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