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Our thinning scissors/shears are made from selected premium grade Japanese or German steel & designed by Professional in the business. Japan Scissors’s hair thinning scissor are imported from well-known brands such as Juntetsu Scissors,Jaguar Scissors andYasaka scissors.

Hairdressing/Barber thinning scissors allow for the creation of a textured/layered aesthetic, an industry must for a range of modern hairstyles. All our thinning scissors are both highly precise and durable, resulting in consistent clean cut for any layering effect.

Each shear features ergonomic handles designs ranging from crane handles to offset, giving you a maximum amount of comfort and control all day long. We supply right and left-handed thinning scissors, available in a range of unique and efficient styles; Stainless steel, rainbow chrome, various prints, rose gold and matte black designs.

All of our thinning scissors are hand-crafted by industry professionals and requires little maintenance to ensure that these must-have tools are a reliable shear year in and year out. At Japan Scissors we strive to provide you with the uttermost quality thinning scissors on the market ideal for any texturising effect your heart desires. Please contact us if you would like another thinning shear that isn't on this page & a team member will be happy to help.

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