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The Best Japanese Straight Razor (aka Kamisori)

Men have been dealing with their body hair in different ways from the starting of the evolution. It is because when the hair is removed from the skin, we get a sleeker and beautiful appearance. This is the reason we have seen a lot of different historical instruments that were used for removing body hair.

However, most of the historical instruments have been left behind because of technological advancements. But Kamisori the Japanese Straight Razor is still under production and usage, here we will discuss all about it.

Features of Kamisori the Japanese Straight Razor.

Kamisori is a Japanese traditional and historical razor that is still being produced and it is also used all over the world because of its great features. Here we will discuss some of them.

Single design with no removable parts.

The main highlight of this razor is that the design of this razor is kept simple. This helps in making this a minimalist razor that is not only easy to handle but also easy to use. Sometimes people add some sort of handle to the razor but originally it is made without a moving handle.

Comfortable grip for easy usage.

Although there are no moving parts, but the body of the blade is itself extended to the back side. This helps in keeping the blade easy to manage. As the whole construction is done in one piece this makes it extremely comfortable to use the handle that is formed at the back of the blade.

Durable material.

Japanese products are known for their superior quality all over the world. The reason why this is also known as a great product is also because it is very durable. The manufacturers not only use expertise and skills for crafting Kamisori the Japanese Straight Razor, but they also use superior materials. This altogether helps in making the blade and the whole razor very durable.

Benefits of Kamisori the Japanese Straight Razor.

Kamisori the Japanese Straight Razor is used all over the world just because of the benefits that come with it. So, here we will discuss some of them.

Superior shave.

Not only is this razor superior in terms of looks and feel, but it makes a great shave as well. it is all because of the hardened material of the razor and the sharpness that comes from the experience and skills of the workers.

Great for detailing.

The blade of this razor is so sharp that it makes it a great razor for detailing. This is something that is mostly used for styling beards because men want sleek looking beard lines.

One of the smoothest shaves in the world.

Every razor can provide a shave, but the difference comes in the comfort of the person being shaved. Kamisori the Japanese Straight Razor is a well-known razor all around the world because it makes great shaves. The shaves that you make with this blade are very smooth because every hair is cut from the start of the skin.

Great meta construction to work for long:

The metal construction of this razor and the hardened blade make it last for a lot of shaves. Using this can also save a lot of your money.


Every man needs to shave his body hair because other methods of removing hair are either very time taking, or they are very painful. Kamisori the Japanese Straight Razor is the razor that is made using traditional Japanese techniques and these techniques make it a great razor.

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