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Scissors Vs. Shears: The Difference Between Hair Shears & Scissors?

As someone who has been in the business of hair for so long, not many people want to admit that they sometimes do get confused between scissors and shears.

If you actually searched for this article, we are very happy that you are finally coming to the brighter side. This shears vs scissors article will help you answer the question: “What is the difference between scissors and shears?”. 

Shears and Scissors are very like each other.

  • Scissors are equipped with holes that are equally sized for fingers. They are aligned. They generally feature a blade length that is less than six inches. They can accommodate the thumb as well as one finger.
  • Shears come with a tiny finger hole, as well as an extra large finger hole. They're also typically longer than 6 inches in blade length. They are able to accommodate the thumb and the fingers of three and four.

Continue to read on to find out how Scissors and Shears are used differently!

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How do Scissors and shears difference?

Shears and scissors are very similar.

  • Scissors are symmetrical and have equal-sized holes for fingers. They can accommodate one finger and the thumb.
  • Shears are small in size and have a smaller finger hole than . These can be used to cut the thumb and up to four fingers.

What are scissors?

Everyone is aware of what scissors are, don't they? Surprisingly, no. Scissors are a particular kind that is a cutting instrument. 

Scissors can be used in a variety of ways. Two small blades, less than 6 inches long, are riveted together. Handles join and separate the blades to make it easier to cut through different materials.

All-purpose scissors, also referred to by the name of office scissors feature straight blades. They are typically inexpensive and are used for a range of purposes.

Although scissors can be used for multi-purpose cutting, others are made for specific applications like kitchen scissors.

What are Shears?

Shears can be scissors with a length of more than 6 inches. This is to allow the user to fit more fingers and use more force to cut harder materials.

Some shears such as garden shears can be held with one hand.

Dressmaker shears often have adjustable screws to make precise cutting easier.

Are scissors and shears the same thing?

To figure out the difference between scissors vs shears, we will attempt to break down each piece of information that we know. Without further ado, here it is:

Definition and insights:

Scissors are multi-purpose cutting tools that you can find in your everyday households. They are an essential part of living. 

Shears, on the other hand, are a very purpose-oriented piece of household item that can only be used for a specific task at a time. Most people in the world don’t need a shear. 

Size Factor:

  • Your average pair of scissors is less than 6 inches long.
  • They can range anywhere between 3 to 6 inches and should normally never exceed that size. 
  • Shears are fundamentally bigger scissors: they are almost never the same size as your average scissors.

 As you would expect, the smallest generally-used shears are more than 6 inches long.


To further demonstrate the question of “what is the difference between scissors and shears”, we feel a few examples would be adequate:

  • Cutting parcels, paper, embroidery, clothes and so on. (Scissors)
  • Cutting onions, herbs, and small food items. (Scissors)
  • Trimming nails, hair, eyebrows, and other grooming applications. (Scissors)
  • Surgical operations and various medical applications. (Scissors)
  • Trimming grass, cleaning up hedges and various gardening applications. (Shears)
  • Helping make dressmaking for cutting fabrics. (Shears)
  • Allow effective cutting of cooked poultry (Shears)

We hope these functionality examples have helped you understand a little better about your query of “are scissors and shears the same thing”. 

Types you need to know:

There are many types of scissors available in the market, depending on the use they are for.

  • Hairdresser scissors are usually the sharpest pair of scissors you can find in the market: they are kept as sharp as possible to ensure that hair doesn’t get damaged while cutting.
  • Office scissors are essentially normal scissors for normal purposes.
  • They are also made of metal. Kids' scissors are like toy scissors: they are made of plastic and can often only cut paper. 

Shears come in various shapes and sizes as well, depending on where they are to be used. Fabric shears have rather small handles but quite a large pair of metal. This helps them cut through cloth easily. Hedge shears have the biggest handle and are made to be handled with two hands. Pruning shears are one-handed shears that allow for accuracy, which is needed in botanical tasks. 

How Much Do Shears Cost?

Hairdressing shears come in various types, but how much are you expected to pay?

Whether you are a professional hairdressing, barber or hair stylist, the cost of Shears are important when buying your next pair.

The cost of hair Shears are split up into a few different categories:

  • Professional hair shears are priced between $200 and $600
  • Premium Japanese hair shears cost up to $1,500
  • Barber Shears typically cost $150 to $400
  • Apprentice and student hair scissors cost between $100 and $250
  • Entry level home hairdressing Shears cost anywhere between $50 and $150

When searching for the cost of hair cutting Shears, you can find the best value pairs at Japan Scissors. 

Understanding the typical market price for various hair cutting and thinning scissors is the first step to finding the best value deal 

Final Thoughts:

We hope that this article has helped you understand the difference between scissors and shears. If you have any other queries, do hit us up. We will try our best to help you to the maximum extent of our ability. 


  • Haircutting scissors vs.haircutting shears. I’m still unsure of what the differences are but I do know this: some shears are very expensive which means be very careful with them. I’ve read that dropping them one time is all it takes to break them (if you’re lucky, it won’t happen).


    Leslie Anderson

  • This was a good explanation that didn’t require 10 pages to get the point across. I’ve heard about barber shears but when I think of getting a haircut or a style, I always think of hairdressing scissor sets. I’ve learned a lot about hair scissors by visiting your page. Do you get many visitors who cut hair for a living?


    Sam Danvers

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