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The difference between hair thinning and texturizing scissors

When you are planning to buy a good pair of hair scissors, there are lots of options available for you to consider.

Hair thinning and hair texturizing scissors are the most common options you can have. But we often notice that people get confused when they are about to buy a hair thinning scissor or a texturizing scissor. 

This is the reason why we have decided to share an elaborated comparison between them.

As such, you will find it easy to find the difference between these two types of scissors. Also, the comparison helps you to decide which one to buy that suits your needs better.

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Thinning scissors

Hair thinning shears for hair

If you want to thin excessive hair, a thinning scissor is a perfect choice. This kind of scissors is designed to thin hair by removing excess weight.

Moreover, this haircutting tool comes with small teeth to deliver the best results. Because of smaller teeth, the hair-thinning scissors that you find on the market are smaller in size.

Apart from thinning the hair, the thinning scissors help to soften the looks of the hair. Almost every hair-thinning scissors have 28 to 40 teeth.

Texturizing scissors

Texturizing and blending shears on hair

The hair texturizing scissors comes with wider teeth, unlike the thinning scissors. Therefore, these scissors are bigger. Also, you will notice that texturizing scissors have extra space between the teeth.

These kinds of hair scissors remove substantial pieces of hair without thinning them. Apart from that, the texturizing scissors add more volume and texture to the hair. It helps to add extra layers to the hair.

When you are using texturizing scissors, you will notice that the short hair lies underneath. In this way, they provide good support to the long hairs.

Different kinds of hair thinning scissors available on the market for you to buy

So, are you planning to buy hair-thinning scissors? If so, you will find out that there are lots of options in the market. And each of them has different functionalities for individual needs.

Here is an overview of the most common types of hair thinning scissors available for you to buy. 

Finishing hairdressing thinning scissors

The difference with hair thinning scissors

You need to use the finishing hairdressing thinning scissors when you want an excellent finish to a haircut. Apart from that, you need this kind of hair scissor to perform other hairstyling techniques.

It can add finder details to a hair. In general, these kinds of hair scissors come with many teeth. This is something you cannot find on other options available on the market.

In short, the finishing hair thinning scissors deliver finder details to the hair. And, you do not have to cut too much hair for that.

The finishing thinning hair scissors come with more delicate teeth. So, it might take some time for you to make good use of these thinning scissors and thin hair.

Also, you need to end up having the perfect result by using these scissors. Therefore, this option is suited for hairdressers who like to deliver amazing looks to someone’s hair.

Chunking hairdressing thinning scissors

The different style of Juntetsu Chomping Shears

This is another excellent thinning pair of scissors opted by most hairstylists. In chunking hairdressing thinning scissors, you can find about 7 to 15 teeth.

However, you would notice that the number of teeth in chunking hair thinning scissors is less. And, they are lower when you compare them to standard hair-thinning scissors. Because of the same reason, the teeth have a wider space.

If you want to work on curly, bulky, and thick hair, you need to buy a good chunking hair thinning scissor available in the market. First, however, you need to remember an important thing.

The chunking hair thinning scissors can take about 80% of the hair on a single cut. So, keep that in mind while working. 

The chunking hair thinning scissors are great for creating notches in the hair. And anyone can use them to create one with ease.

Apart from that, these kinds of hair scissors help a person to thin hair without hurdles. The chunking hairdressing thinning scissors work effortlessly for thinning thick or curly hair.

How can you use thinning scissors?

The primary purpose of using thinning scissors is to improve the shape of the hair. This is the reason why hairdressers all over the world use thinning hair scissors at the end of a haircut.

You can use this type of hair scissor to soften the haircut, as well. Also, there is an added benefit of using it. While performing with this scissor, the shape and structure of hair remain the same. 

Thinning scissors help you to remove unwanted bulkiness and blending of hair. So, if you are looking for a convenient method, you can consider using this kind of scissor.

However, if you reach the scalp with thinning scissors, there might be chances of making the hair short. Therefore, you need to keep that in mind while using the thinning scissors. 

How can you use texturizing scissors?

When you are using texturizing scissors, you can perform plenty of hairstyling techniques. Texturizing scissors provides unlimited scope to hairdressers. However, of all the techniques, one of them is very popular. You can add a lot of layers to the hair with texturizing scissors.

With the help of these scissors, you can control the amount of hair that you are about to take out. As a result, you can get the best outcome from using this kind of hair scissor.

When it comes to delivering ultimate results while extracting hair, texturizing scissors is the way to go. Moreover, you can add texture to the hair by using texturizing scissors. 

Wrapping up things

So, that was the difference between hair thinning scissors and hair texturizing scissors. And, by now, you should have a good understanding of it. In short, when you want to remove excess hair, buying a good thinning scissor is the right solution for you. However, if you want to add volume to the hair and more texture with layering, you can choose hair texturizing scissors.

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  • I honestly thought these were the same thing! I have been using the name of these interchangeably and have been wondering why people were a bit confused by what I was saying. I am new to cutting and styling hair and had no idea they were both different. It turns out, I have been using just standard thinning scissors. I will have to get a pair of texturing ones and see how I do with them.


    Amber R.

  • When I look at someone with a gorgeous head of hair (and a quality cut that accentuates their locks), I wonder who did it. From what I’ve read, there’s also something to be said for what hairdressing scissors are used to create the look. This article describes thinning and texturizing scissors. What other scissors are important to that great cut?


    Harold Benderson

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