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How to use blending and texturizing scissors?

Understanding how to use blending and texturizing scissors can be pretty hard for a layman. However, in this article, we will simplify it for you as much as possible, so you can better understand how to use blending and texturizing scissors, and can go for better options when you visit the saloon the next time. Or if you are a hairdresser yourself, you will see it as a little tutorial for you.

Dependencies of the usage

Before we go towards the details on how to use blending and texturizing scissors, we first need to look into the two factors that affect the usage of these scissors:

The type of scissors

The type of scissors used may determine usage. Not one particular type of blending and texturizing scissors will work in all the possible ways. Similarly, no particular way exists where all the scissors can be used. So, the type of scissors you use will determine the method or mode of usage.

The type of styling required

Even if you have all the types of scissors available, how you will use them may depend on the style. So, if you need a particular style, you may require a particular method, regardless of the scissors you use.

General Way to use the blending and texturizing scissors:

Nevertheless, here is the general way to use the blending and texturizing scissors are as follows:

They are to be used on particular parts

You cannot and should not use blending and texturizing scissors on all parts of the head. This depends a lot on the thickness (or density) of your hair, and also on the fact that you may be looking for a particular style. They are used on the head accordingly, to avoid any sort of odd look.

They shall not be overused

This point is the extension of the previous point. You cannot overuse them, or your hair will look very odd. You should use the scissors only when you actually need them. There are two kinds of overuses:

  • You use them too much at one time.
  • You use them too many times in succession.

Should be used on thick hair

Although they can be used on all types of hair depending upon the need of the particular individual, it is preferable to use them on thick hair. This is because the purpose of these scissors is to give your hairstyle a balance. But hair that is not thick usually has a good balance, so you may not need to use them on that kind of hair.

Keep the balance and proportion of hair in check

You should see that you do not use too much of these scissors on one part and leave too much on the other. This will cause a lot of problems and potentially damage the hairdressing procedure. So, you should use them in a way that keeps the proportion in check.

Final Thoughts

We hope this guide helped you understand how to use blending and texturizing scissors. However, if you are still confused, a little bit of experience may help you understand.


  • Hmmmn. So blending and texturizing scissors are good, but like anything good, you have to use them in moderation. When the writer talks about “layperson,” do you mean people who cut hair at home? If so, this is a good lesson for people who cut hair for family members and friends.


    Kevin Wilson

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