Is it okay to cut your hair with regular scissors?

Hair split ends from regular scissors
Cutting your hair with regular scissors is awfully tempting, but will it damage your hair? What happens when you cut hair with regular scissors.
Regular scissors made to cut cardboard, fabric or other materials have a rough serrated blade not made to cut hair.
Having regular house scissors that cuts cleanly through paper may not be the same as hair cutting scissors that will smoothly cut or thin hair.
Using regular scissors will tug, pull, damage and cause split ends while cutting hair. It will pull hair and smash through your hair with a crooked off cutting style.
Does it matter what scissors I cut my hair with? It really does if you want to get a haircut you can be proud of. 
Hairdressing tools are made to cut hair. The edge of the blade has a fine and thin sharp edge that seamlessly cuts through her.
Excellent edges are what makes hairdressing and barber Shears the perfect hair cutting tool. 
Regular scissors are made for brute strength to cut through tough objects. It damages, ripe and pulls hair.
Hair cutting scissors scissors use an elegant sharp blade to slice through hair like butter.