Barber Scissors Australia

Our sources of premium-quality Japanese/German steel makes our barber scissors collection superior in hardness and in combination, equipt with a perfectly sharp cutting edge. The ergonomically designed handles are solid, reliable and comfortable, ranging from traditional to complete offset levels.

Japan Scissors barber shears are both balanced and agile, resulting in cutting blades of maneuverability and control without sacrificing the toughness and durability of high-quality steel. We carry professional barber scissors from reputable brands such as Ichiro Scissors, Yasaka Shears, Jaguar Scissors & much more.

All of our barber scissors are hand-crafted by industry professionals and requires little maintenance to ensure that these must-have tools are a reliable shear year in and year out. At Japan Scissors we strive to provide you with the uttermost quality barber shears on the market. Please contact us if you would like another thinning shear that isn't on this page & a team member will be happy to help.