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How To Choose The Best Hair Cutting Scissors

Ask any barber or hairdresser what they use to cut hair, and they will talk about the best hair cutting scissors they would choose.

The most popular and used hair tool you can use to cut hair is the hair cutting scissor.

Here are the 7 steps to choosing a the best pair of hair cutting scissors for professionals and home use:

  1. Find the hair cutting scissor size that suits your needs
  2. Choose the best materials and steel for hair cutting scissors
  3. The different ergonomic handles types
  4. Various hair cutting scissor blade types made for different haircutting techniques
  5. The best scissor brand gives you confidence in the quality of the hair shears
  6. How to maintain your hair cutting scissors to make them last a lifetime
  7. How pricing affects your choice in a new pair of scissors

Before we discuss the important factors to consider when purchasing haircutting scissors, it is important to understand that the quality of the scissors used will determine the final result. 

A poor-quality or dull-bladed scissors can not only negatively impact your styling but can also cause significant damage to your hair. 

A high-quality pair of scissors will last longer and offer a better return on your investment. To achieve the perfect look, it is worth investing in high-quality scissors.

A great haircut gives shape to your face. It also enhances your best features. The best new hairstyles require a pair of sharp hair cutting scissors that allows you to cut hair effortlessly.

This easy guide will help you choose a pair of hair cutting scissors that are right for you:

1. Hair Cutting Scissor Sizes 

The different hair cutting scissor sizes for hairdressing and barbering

The size of your hair cutting scissors will depend on the type of haircut that you choose. Barbers and hairdressers use larger scissors to cut large areas of hair. You can use regular scissors for small haircuts so you can achieve a perfect look.

The length of your hairdressing scissors can be measured from the tip to the end of the longest finger hole. Scissors are measured using your hand, and you need to consider the length of your hand. The blades must be a little longer than your index finger.

Hairdressing scissors' loops should be large enough that your finger can easily slip in and out. Put your thumb and finger on the scissors and test them. You should not use scissors that have very small loops. This can lead to sore spots. 

You might also have trouble controlling them if they're too big. This could cause injury to the person who is having their haircuts or you. You should ensure that you only purchase hairdressing scissors that fit perfectly.

2. How Steel Affects Your Haircutting Scissors

Scissor steel types for hair cutting tools

Its material determines the durability and life expectancy of the scissor. The original scissors were made of stainless steel, but newer models combine steel with other materials such as molybdenum or cobalt to increase strength.

The handles are made from soft steel, so your fingers don't hurt. The handles made of steel and molybdenum combine offer greater strength, flexibility, and strength; however, the steel and cobalt ones retain their sharpness longer if they are maintained correctly.

Read about the best scissor steel and material types here!

3. Ergonomic Handles Protect You While Cutting Hair

Hair cutting scissor ergonomic handle types

Hairdressing scissors have several important features, including the handles. Each has its own ergonomic advantages. Comfort is the most important thing. It should be simple for you to insert your fingers into the loops and begin the hair-cutting process. The suitability of the handle will also depend on the shape and style of your hands. Here are some examples of handles:

  • Level scissor handle. The handle is simple in design. It has equal handles and is straight in size.
  • Offset scissor handle. This allows you to make a natural and smooth haircutting motion. This is also useful for hairstylists using their thumb and ring fingers to cut hair.
  • Crane scissor handle. It has a shorter handle than the level handle. The thumb handle is also angled. This prevents excessive pressure on your wrist and shoulders and allows you to achieve precise haircutting.
  • Swivel scissor handle: The swivel handle is more flexible and less restrictive than the traditional stationary thumb hole. You will find that you have to take 2-3 breaks to get used to the swivel handle.

Read more about the different types of Scissor Handles Here!

4. Different Scissor Blades Change The Way You Cut Hair

The different types of hair cutting scissor blades and edges

The type of haircut that you desire will also affect the blade type you choose. These are the two main categories of haircutting scissors:

  • Beveled edge. Because they are made of mixed metals, these scissors are lighter. The blades are made from mixed metals and have small serrations to prevent hair from sliding between the blades. These blades can be used for precise cutting or to cut dry hair. 
  • Convex blades. You can use their sharpness to make a smooth and clean cut. For smooth cutting, the blades are hollow in the inside. These blades can be used for both slice cutting and any other type of haircutting. These blades need professional sharpening and maintenance to ensure their durability.

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5. Which Brands Make The Best Hair Cutting Scissors

The best hair cutting scissor brand logos

Every year, more hairstyling brands are appearing and disappearing. So how do professionals choose the right brand?

Brand selection is based on their value, reputation, and model list.

We know that not all brands are suitable for every hairdresser, barber or hairstylist, and so we have broadened our selection to meet everyone's needs.

We have compiled a list of the top scissor brands for those who want quick answers.

Professional hairdressers, barbers, as well as home-tatting enthusiasts are all needed.

These are the top-selling professional hairdressing scissors brands available in Australia, Canada USA, New Zealand, Europe, Asia, and Europe.

  1. Jaguar Solingen ScissorsMost Reputable & Diverse Selection
  2. Juntetsu: Best value professional hair scissors
  3. Yasaka: The Most Popular Japanese Brand
  4. Ichiro: These Professional Sets are a great value
  5. Kamisori: Unique & Powerful Professional Scissor Designs
  6. Mina: The Best Basic & Beginner Hair Scissors
  7. Joewell: Japanese Scissors with the Best Custom Design
  8. Feather: Best Razors + Basic Japanese Scissors

There are many choices when it comes to professional scissor brands. Every brand of scissors is unique. They all have their perks and satisfy hair professionals.

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6. How To Maintain Your Scissors 

Repairing a broken pair of scissors

It is a good idea to choose scissors that are simple to maintain. You must also tighten or loosen the screws and sharpen the blades at regular intervals. 

The frequency at which you need to sharpen them will depend on how often they are used. Keep the scissors tidy and clean as dirt and dust can cause sharpening problems. Regular oiling with mineral-based scissor oils is recommended. To get the best results, store your scissors in leather pouches.

Professional-quality cuts can only be achieved by having your scissors serviced every three to six months. As insufficient or incorrect sharpening can cause distortions, only experienced and trained professionals should sharpen your scissors.

Read about the best ways to care and maintain your scissors here!

7. The Different Prices of Hair Cutting Scissors

There are many options for haircutting scissors. The price ranges can vary greatly, so it might be hard to find the right pair. The most important tool for haircutting is the scissors. However, you should not hesitate to buy one that guarantees both quality and performance. 

You should avoid buying low-quality, cheap scissors as they will not last long and won't deliver the results you expect. It is better to purchase haircutting scissors from well-respected manufacturers who provide the highest quality and offer ongoing support.

What are Haircutting scissors?

You might have seen different tools used by hairstylists when you visited a salon. Hairdressers have a wide range of tools that allow them to create the desired hairstyles for their clients. This includes cutting scissors, combs, and mirrors as well as brushes, combs, and shavers.

The essential tool that every hairdresser relies upon is the scissors. There is no shortcut when it comes to selecting the right hairdressing scissors. This will ensure that you have precision when cutting hair and significantly reduce the chance of hair damage.

It is fascinating to know the different types of hair-cutting scissors, as each has a different design that matches specific hairstyles. Every hairdresser needs a good pair of scissors to cut their hair. These are the hairdressing scissors hairdressers may use to cut your hair.

Tips you need to know when buying hair cutting scissors 

As you can see, the hair-cutting scissors are a crucial tool for any hairstylist. It is important to select the right scissor. Some people like to trim their hair themselves. However, this can lead to serious consequences. 

It is possible to cause hair damage by doing it yourself. While this might save you money, it can cause damage to your hair. 

You can save money by avoiding salons and cut your hair at home with the best hairdressing scissors. To achieve the best results, you will need more than one type of scissors.

The quality and finish of any hairstyle will depend on the hairdressing scissors used. Low-quality, dull-bladed scissors can cause hair damage and result in a less professional style. 

It can also cause severe damage to your hair. High-quality scissors for hairdressing are an excellent investment. They will last longer and can be used to achieve your desired hairstyle. Here are some tips to help you choose the best hair-cutting scissors.


  • I guess there are many elements involved with choosing the best hair cutting scissors, most of which never popped into my head. Materials and steel seem like the only thing I could think of affecting the quality and performance in terms of choosing some scissors. Price obviously, but you have to know what the other elements are to see if the price matches what you’re getting (scissor brand, scissor blade types, etc.)


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