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Hair Scissor Handles Guide | Offset, Straight, Crane & Swivel

When purchasing a pair of professional hairdressing scissors, you are not just investing in the quality of the tool. You are also investing in your time, money, and, most importantly, your health. It is essential to choose scissors that meet your needs. The handle is an important aspect to consider when purchasing hairdressing scissors. Let's now look at the three types of handles that you might find on a pair of scissors.

Read about the difference between the most popular Offset VS Straight Handles!

Offset Scissor Handles

offset handle scissors

When purchasing a new tool, an offset handle is something you should consider. This handle is popular with hairdressers who use their scissors with their ring fingers. 

The thumb ring is smaller than the finger ring and makes up the handle. The thumb ring is shorter than the finger ring, allowing the thumb to be relaxed in its natural state. This allows the user to use scissors naturally, avoiding awkward or unnatural hand positions. This allows for maximum productivity and efficiency.

The thumb handle's short length also helps to eliminate common health problems such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS)

This is due to the shorter thumb ring, which places less tension on your thumb tendon. Our professional hairdressing scissors, most of which are from the hair cutting and thinning scissor collection, feature a variety of hairdressing tools. 

To provide greater comfort, the texturizing scissors, thinner and swivel cutters all have an offset handle.

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Crane Scissor Handle

Crane handle scissors

The crane handle is very similar in appearance to an offset handle. Although the handle can be offset, the main difference between the two is that the crane handle allows for a lower elbow position for most hairstyles. 

The handle is not centered on a blade-like offset handle. This allows your elbow to drop naturally, putting less pressure on your thumb, shoulders, and neck.

CTS sufferers or those who just want to relieve the pain of chopping hair can also benefit from crane handles. These innovative handles are found on our Japanese ergonomic hairdressing scissors, which are made for maximum efficiency and maneuverability.

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Straight Scissor Handles

Classic or straight handles are the original handles you'd find on older generations of hairdressing scissors. This handle is for hairstylists that hold their scissors with one hand. Both the blades of the scissors have the exact same shape, and the rings are aligned on top of one another. This design is ideal for certain hairdressing techniques, such as deep-point cutting. The scissors are higher so that the elbows can be positioned higher. The handles can cause pain in your hands and CTS if you use them for a long time.

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Swivel Scissor Handles

Swivel handles are great because you can cut in any direction, and your thumb will always be in the right place.

The swivel handle is more flexible and less restrictive than the traditional stationary thumb hole. You will find that you have to take 2-3 breaks to get used to the swivel handle.

As you get more comfortable with the design, your wrist and hand will feel more relaxed and less painful throughout the day.

For older hair stylists suffering from repetitive motion injuries or younger groomers looking to reduce fatigue, swivel-style shears can be a great choice. Hairdressers who believe they need lighter shears often feel discomfort when scissoring at awkward angles.

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