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Australia's largest collection of Offset Ergonomic handles for hairdressing and hair cutting scissors.

The Offset hairdressing scissors includes:

  • High quality ergonomics to reduce fatigue while cutting
  • 15% to 25% offset curve on the handles
  • Comfortable sturdy grip
  • Premium hairdressing scissor manufacturing for 2020 industry standards
  • Lightweight 440c, stainless and VG10 steel

The offset design is where the scissor handle is slightly higher and away from the other. This gives it less of a straight and rigid feel and more aligned with the shape and movement of our hands while cutting hair with scissors. 

The offset design is an answer to all the workplace injuries that professional hairdressers and barbers experience in the industry.

Our massive collection of the best offset scissors includes: 

  • Jaguar Solingen 
  • Ichiro
  • Juntetsu
  • Kamisori
  • Yasaka
  • Wahl
  • Iceman

We cover a huge range of hairdressing scissors for professionals looking for comfortable and safe Offset ergonomics. 

Shop Our Offset Handle Selection - In the offset handle design, the finger rings are no longer symmetrical, rather, both the thumb and finger rings are askew from each other. Having the handle in such a manner allows for a more open hand position and more comfortable lower arm and elbow position when cutting.

If you suffer from Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) or general muscle fatigue, these shears are a must. Our hands are our greatest tools & must be looked after as such. Scissors as great as they are! Without hands are just hunks of metal.



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