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Offset VS Straight (Opposing) Handles

There are many sizes, shapes and materials available for scissors. We have some tips to help you keep yours on track!

You can either make your scissors by hand or machine. Handmade scissors are more durable and more valuable because they require more work. Handmade scissors of high quality are made from the finest materials and process to ensure lasting quality.

High quality scissors are usually made by traditional Japanese companies. For added strength and resistance to stains, good quality scissors are made of a combination carbon, stainless steel and chrome.

Shopping Tips & Hints It all comes down to size, style, and fit. The first rule when choosing scissors is to ensure that your middle and index fingers do not touch the pivot area. Clear path is essential for the moving blade.

What is a straight-hand (opposing handle) scissor?

Straight handles are one of the most common types of scissor for barbers and hairdressers.

Straight, Classic or opposing handles are for those who use their scissors with their middle fingers.

This handle design was the only one available for many years. This design was so popular that it is still the industry standard, even though there are potential wrist and hand health concerns.

This shape of scissor can cause syndromes similar or even identical to Carpal Tunnel if it is used for a prolonged period.

What does an offset handle look like on my scissors?

For professionals, the offset handle is the most common modern hairstyling handle. It provides ergonomic support and reduces the chance of RSI.

People who prefer to hold their scissors with one hand, such as those who use offset handles, will love the modern design of offset handles. This handle design allows for a more natural cutting position.

This design allows for you to cut more comfortably with your hand, but you still need to raise your elbow in order to properly position the blade. The thumb handle is shorter, which reduces thumb extension.

Offsets Scissors Vs Straight (Opposing) Handle Shears

Style can be described as straight or offset, sculpted, or not, with or without tang. A sculpted hand allows for more freedom in your wrist and your cut without losing pressure or tension. The tang acts as a finger rest and provides additional stability, comfort, and control.

The position of the thumb rings is determined by whether they are straight or offset. Straight scissors will place your thumb directly below your third finger. An offset scissor will position your thumb in a more natural location. This is simply a comfort issue. If your scissors feel comfortable, you'll be able to execute your cuts more accurately.

There are two types of scissors: those with honed and those with micro-fine serrated edges. Only honed, honed-bladed scissors can be used to slicing. Serrated blades could pull hairs.

How straight and offset handles fit in your hand

This is the most crucial factor in choosing scissors. The thumb ring should be placed just in front your thumbnail.

Your third finger's second knuckle should be in front of your finger ring. If you don't fit these two points correctly, your finger will slide past them. As you adjust your holding technique, you will put unnecessary pressure on the cutting edges. This will make your scissors go blunter than usual.


  • I have only ever used straight handles on my scissors so now I am wondering if I have been cutting hair wrong this entire time! It has always felt awkward to hold them but I never considered this could be down to the handles and not my ability. I am going to invest in a good pair of offset handle scissors and see how I do with those. I learned to cut hair from my mother and she had always used straight handles but thinking back now, she always did blunt straight cuts. This is some interesting stuff I am learning here! Thanks for the information!


    Brianna Davis

  • I want to get this off my chest after reading this article about offset vs. straight handles. There are apparently a lot of different style hair scissors out there. Some of them are obviously high-quality which has me wondering how many of the hair stylists at chains (I won’t mention any names) use quality products like the ones mentioned here. Anyone have any idea?


    Sam Danvers

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