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November 27, 2019 4 min read

High quality and reliable hair cutting shears are a hairdresser's most valuable tool. For an experienced hairdresser or barber, a good pair of shears will give you the ability to work with anything that a customer throws at you.

As many of you are aware, hairdressing as a job is ever-changing, good knowledge of the latest hairstyles and a good pair of high-quality shears will carry you a long way! 

However, while shears are important, they can only be as good as the parts they are made of. A high-quality steel blade helps cut hair faster, but without a well-designed handle, your wrist will be in an unsustainable position and lack agility. Therefore, in order to obtain optimal efficiency, a good handle/blade combo is required.

In the following blog, we list the best hair cutting scissors for 2020. We’re certain that after reading our guide you’ll be able to find the best hairdressing shear for you!


Top 5 Hair Cutting Shears For 2020

1. ) Yasaka Traditional Cutting Shears

Yasaka Traditional Cutting Shears
STEEL ATS314 Cobalt Stainless Steel
SIZE 5" and 5.5"
CUTTING EDGE Slice Cutting Edge 
BLADE Clam Shaped Convex Edge
FINISH Polished

Yasaka Seiki Co., Ltd
, Japan is a professional Japanese Scissors and Shears manufacturer. They are internationally famous for producing professional Yasaka shears from high quality and pure Japan Steel. The unique hardness of Yasaka scissors allows for the sharpest cuts, abrasion, corrosion and overall resistance for long-lasting scissors.

The Yasaka Traditional cutting scissors use a clam-shaped convex edge that is perfect for slicing. The high-quality Cobalt Japanese steel ensures that these last for years to come with constant effortless cuts. These are one of the most popular Yasaka scissors in Australia

For any hair cutting professional looking for the best hairdressing, Yasaka Scissors Australia delivers another amazing set of high-quality ergonomic scissors made in Japan from premium Japanese steel.

This Set Includes a Yasaka pouch.


2.) Kamisori Diablo Professional Haircutting Shears

Kamisori Diablo Professional Haircutting Shears

STEEL Japanese 440c Japanese Steel
SIZE 5.0", 5.5" and 6.0" Inches
BLADE Kamisori Japanese 3D Convex
FINISH Durable Polished Finish
HAND Left Or Right


This beautiful Diablo model has become a #1 hot seller since launch. It features a beautifully engraved handle together with a sharp and durable convex edge.

Kamisori a growing giant in the scissors industry, notable for their creation of high quality, professional-grade, hair cutting scissors. Each product is carefully hand-crafted and sourced from some of the highest quality Japanese steel available.

Kamisori pride themselves on their diverse product line of high-quality scissors. Their unique craftsmanship, ergonomic designs, and deadly sharp blade, giving them the edge they have fought for in the scissors industry.


3.) Jaguar Jay 2 German Hair Scissors 

 Jaguar Jay 2 Best Scissors


STEEL Chrome Stainless Steel
SIZE 5.5 and 6" Inches
CUTTING EDGE Slice Cutting Edge
BLADE Classic Grind Blade
FINISH Polished


The Jaguar Jay 2 (JAY2) Cutting Scissors are perfect for any casual, student/apprentice or professional hairdresser. Jay 2 uses a classic grind on the blade and simple classic handles that make them easy to pick up and go.

Whether you are looking to practice cutting on mannequins or having a backup pair to use instead of your main hair cutting scissors, these Jay 2's are versatile enough to cover you in most situations.

This Set Includes: A Jay 2 Cutting Scissor and a tension adjuster.



4.) Juntetsu Offset Hair Cutting Scissors


Juntetsu Offset Cutting Scissors

STEEL Japanese VG10 Steel (High Quality)
SIZE 5.5" & 6" Inches
CUTTING EDGE Convex Edge Blade
BLADE Cutting
FINISH Polish Finish


Juntetsu creates hairdressing and barber scissors from premium VG10 steel for haircutting professionals. The main designs are handcrafted and simplistic with semi-offset professional ergonomics. Japan Scissors is the official re-seller for Juntetsu in Australia and New Zealand.

The Juntetsu Hair Cutting scissor used hardened VG10 steel to create an extremely sharp convex blade with excellent edges. These stay sharper for longer and cut effortlessly for haircutting professionals.

The VG10 steel allows for easy cutting without tugging and pulling. The convex edge blade gives superior sharpness to bevel edge blades. These barber shears are used by students, hairdressers, and barbers in Australia and New Zealand.

This Set includes A Juntetsu (5.5" or 6") Cutting of your choice, a leather pouch cleaning cloth, and scissor oil.



5.) Jaguar Pre Style Relax Scissors


 Jaguar Pre Style Relax Hairdressing Scissors

STEEL Stainless Chromium Steel
SIZE 5", 5.5" and 6" inch
CUTTING EDGE Micro Serration Blade
BLADE Classic Blade
FINISH Satin Finish
Item Numbers JAG 82750, JAG 82755, & JAG 82760


The Jaguar Pre Style Relax scissors are a classic style of scissors with a twist. Traditional handles and lightweight design allow these Pre Style Relax scissors to be held lightly and firmly. 

The classic blade has micro serrations to ensure that each cut is smooth and effortless. The stainless chromium steel makes these robust and gives them a long life if well maintained.

The Pre Style Relax series uses Jaguar' hairdressing Vario Screw Connection for convenient tension adjustment. Find out why so many Australian and New Zealand Hairdressers and Barbers are using Jaguar Pre Style hairdressing scissors!

James Adams is an author for Japan Scissors. He focuses on writing informational content on Hairdressing scissors for beginners and professionals.

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Ethan smith

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