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How Do You Hold Scissors With Scissor Over Comb Techniques

You now know how to hold your shear. Now, it's time to learn how you can hold your comb and shear in one hand.

It is not difficult, and it's much the same as holding your shear in your other hand. All you have to do is transfer your comb from one hand into the other. To ensure the best control, comb your hair with your scissors in one hand. Then, use your index finger to control the comb. Once you have combed the hair straight, you can transfer the comb to the other hand. Your scissors will now be used to cut the hair.

You should always remember to keep your comb in one hand while you transfer it to the other. The blade of the scissors must be closed so that you don't accidentally cut yourself. We all know how sharp a scissor blade is. However, we don't want to cut our fingers.

How Professionals Use The Scissor Over The Comb Technique

You will need damp hair to begin a scissor-over-comb haircut. Then you can begin shaping the bottom part of your hair using the scissor-over comb technique. 

This will allow you to see the entire head better.

You can lift one hair at a stretch by holding the comb in your dominant hand. The scissors will be held in your dominant hand. You will cut the hair that is sticking to the comb by holding the blade parallel with the comb. 

For smooth and consistent cuts, keeping the scissors blade moving while you are cutting each section is important. You won't touch the comb unless you are creating a short style. You will do most of the cutting with the top of the scissors, while the bottom blade is held in your hand.

After the first section is cut, you can refer to it as a guide for the next sections. To determine the length of your next section, you will need to lift the hair from the previous section. For consistency, you will want to keep your comb at the same angle as the scalp. You can lift each section vertically or diagonally as you go.

Tips To Holding Hair Scissors While Cutting Over The Comb

  • It's important to do this quickly in order to prevent horizontal steps from building up in your haircut. A less even cut could result from avoiding the task.
  • It is better to fully open and close the blades before cutting. This will ensure that the cutting ends are in the middle of the blades. If you are using the tips to cut, it can result in a more pronounced cut. The scissor-over comb technique is for a blended consistency.
  • This technique works best with long scissors blades. With shorter scissors, your hand could get in the way. This can lead to choppiness, or even horizontal steps during the haircut.

Conclusion: Hold Hair Scissors With Comb and Shears Technique

Holding and using your scissors correctly won't just improve the quality of your work, it will also maintain the health and safety of your hands, wrists and shoulders. When I was young and watching the best hairdressers in the industry, I saw that they had a great grasp of their tools, a natural control of the scissors, and the ability to keep cutting. Scroll down to discover the cutting technique that will save you a lifetime of work.

Begin by holding your scissor in a balanced position, as shown in the image. The finger hole in the still blade should be where your ring finger is. Your ring finger should be just below your finger hole on the still blade. Your pinkie finger should rest on the tang of the shear. Your index and middle fingers should rest on the shaft of your still blade. The length of the shaft should be equal to the length of your fingers. Your fingers should apply pressure to the top of the still-blade, creating a balance. This balance keeps the scissor stable when cutting. Your range of motion will be limited if you wrap your fingers around the shear. When you achieve this balance, your scissors will go wherever you want them.

Your thumb should not reach the moving blade if your fingers are fully extended and relaxed. Your thumb should be at the base of your fingers. It is important to emphasize that our thumbs should be lower than our fingers by bending at their base (think hand puppet, and not c-shaped).

Instead of sticking your thumb in the moving blade, press against it to create tension below your second knuckle. The scissor can be misused by putting your thumb in the moving blade. This restricts your motion and encourages 'chomping.


  • I’ve seen stylists perform the scissors over the comb technique and even after reading this, it sounds like something that you should let barbers and other pros perform. I think if you’re using hair-cutting scissors, you should have training and experience. If you don’t, you’re always putting your hair at risk of looking poorly.


    Ryan Anthony

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