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How to choose Coloured Hairdressing Scissors

How to choose coloured hairdressing or barber scissors without losing quality! Find the best rose gold or rainbow scissors in Australia!

Is it true that Scissors with colours like Rose Gold, Black or Purple are used to cover up cheap steel used to produce the shears?

The majority of Japanese Scissors or German Shears sold on Japan Scissors are polished without any colouring, so you can easily see the quality of the metal used to make the scissors. Rose Gold Scissors, and others like Matte Black Scissors are coated and polished to give a longer lasting colour.

When it comes to high quality steel, the colour itself will blend in with the scissors steel, giving it a natural blended colour mix, so the coating can't simply chip off to reveal the steel's original style.

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Ichiro Matte Black Cutting and Thinning Set

Cheaper scissors that are often made in Pakistan and some Chinese Scissor Manufacturers often use colours to hide imperfections in poor manufacturing or cheap steel.

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Typically you will see some inconsistencies with the Rose Gold Scissors or Matte Black scissors and the ability to easily chip the "paint coating" off. Luckily enough, if you stick to high quality Japanese or German scissors, they tend to use the same steel manufacturers as watchmakers to give the highest quality coating over the scissors.

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Ichiro Japan Rose Gold Cutting Scissor

In summary, Japanese Rose Gold Scissors or Japanese Matte Black Scissors use high quality Japanese Steel with their scissors that allows them to produce beautiful and durable robust Hairdressing and Barber Scissors. The high quality steel works perfectly with multiple fine coats of Rose Gold and the final polish ensures that it melds and mixes into the steel.

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Interview with Sarah, a hairdressing professional, from Melbourne, we asked what her opinion is when choosing her rose gold hairdressing scissors as a hairdresser:

"I am always careful what professional hairdressing scissor brands I purchase, as you don't know the quality until you receive them. Looking for high quality 440C Japanese steel to go with a cute, but simple scissor design was my real focus. Something that cuts well without any pulling or tugging. I personally use Yasaka and Ichiro for my hair cutting scissors."
Choosing high quality Coloured Scissors is the same as choosing any normal high quality Hairdressing and Barber shears. Look for the country of origin, as Japan, German, Taiwan (China), Korea and a few others produce high quality scissors - with Japanese Scissors and German Scissors being the best choice.

The high quality steel used means that it will shine better, cut smoother and last a lot longer. The ergonomics that comes with these scissors will also ensure that Japanese Offset Scissors alike will project your health while cutting.

Ichiro Japan Rose Gold Scissor Set
Lastly, the Japanese Convex blades are extremely sharp and the German Beveled Edge blades are sharp and more robust. Either way, buying quality shears will last you longer and shine better. Buy Japanese Scissors if you want higher quality with great steel and ergonomics. Buy German Scissors if you are looking for the hardest steel and durable robust designs.

So if you are looking for an affordable Japanese scissors brand and the perfect everyday shears, look no further than the Yasaka Offset Handle Shears. Available at the best price through Japan Scissors.



  • I just read an article about the difference between low-quality and high-quality hair scissors and it seems like the same considerations apply here. You can buy colored hair cutting scissors that are cheap or spend the extra money for a quality pair. What’s good is that there are online options where you can get high-quality scissors at a reasonable price.


    Ty Hutchinson

  • Beautiful scissors. It sounds like hair scissors are like many other products, you find out where they were made and if that place has a reputation for shoddy quality, you don’t buy it from there. The world of hair scissors is interesting. Like hair, there are so many layers to it.


    Edwin Albertson

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