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Fade Haircut: How To Guide!

The fade haircut is one of the most popular hairstyles for men, and is in the barber's handbook for must-learn styles. The fade hairstyle is about making they hair gradually fade the lower it gets.

A barber or hairdresser will use hair scissors and a clipper evenly cut and blend hair so it starts longer and gradually fades away as it becomes shorter.

The fade men's haircut is a popular and clean style that fits in both a casual and business environment.

This article covers how to fade your own hair or somebody else's hair!

Preparing the hair before cutting 

You will need to dampen the hair, and then you can pick the right guard size. Remember that a smaller guard size means you want a shorter cut. A 3 would be great for starters, but you can adapt and adjust yourself. 

Figure out where you want the fade line. They can be across the back, although some will dip at the back of the head.

The most challenging part of the fade haircut technique is to blend the hair. Blending is when you have different sections of hair with different lengths, and you want to blend these together, so it appears to have a smooth fading style, and no excess length of hair overlapping the shorter hair.

Have a comb, a mirror, a pair of hair scissors and clippers with varying guard lengths ready before starting a fade haircut.

How to perform a fade haircut on yourself

The before and after of a fade haircut style

After COVID-19 in 2020, one of the most requested "how to" guides on men's haircuts was the fade. Whether its to save money, or maintain your style at home, you can become an expert of the fade haircutting technique on your own.

Just a forewarning, it is easier to fade someone else's hair than it is your own. But once you master the basics of cutting your own hair, then maintain your fade haircut will be easy.

You will need a pair of clippers and a mirror to cut in front of. It also helps to have someone else to check and approve your finished fade haircut.

The steps to fading your own hair

  • The first and most important step is to decide where the fade line starts. The fade line is where you will start fading downwards. You can have a long fade where the fade line starts higher (above the ears), or a lower fade line that begins at or below the ears.
  • Once you have decided the fade line, then you can choose what guard sizes you will use. The guard sizes define how short you will be cutting your hair with the clippers.
  • Grab the clippers with the highest/longest guard, and start cutting your hair by moving the clippers up the back and sides to trim your hair. Make sure to start from the bottom and work your way up with short, clean strokes. The clipper should be pointing towards the ceiling in an upwards fashion.
  • Start fading by changing to a smaller guard size and cut your hair at the bottom up to the fade line. the idea is to create a natural fading the progress downwards. 
  • Keep working and fading up the head and be sure not to go above the temples.
  • You can blend the fade, where two different lengths of hair sections meet, by using a comb through this section and running the clippers over the hair exposed through the comb.
  • You can finish by cleaning up the hairline and neckline with the clippers or scissors.

How to Perform a Fade Haircut On Somebody Else

How to fade someone else's hair

Before you start cutting somebody's hair, have the person sit up straight in a chair with clean, dry hair.

Steps to fade haircutting somebody else's hair:

Section the top portion of the hair and then move the clippers vertically to begin cutting. 

Cut in the opposite direction that the hair is growing on, as that will help quite a bit. We recommend you to move the clippers sideways, as that will make it easy to keep the fade line.

Keep a steady hand and use the clippers to cut small sections. Sometimes you even have to push the clippers onward to get those uneven spots. This will help you catch the hair without a problem. 

You will need to switch the guards in order to continue with the hair fading process. You need to maintain the same technique across the head in a lower section. 

You can clean up the fade line using the clippers over the comb approach. It works very nicely, and it gives you a sense of quality and a great look too. 

Cut the top of the hair, pull it up and the cut above your fingers. You want to keep both the comb or fingers parallel to the floor, as that will help you stick to the right line and cut properly.

You should shave the bottom with unguarded clippers or even a trimmer if possible. This might not be necessary for the sideburns, but it depends from one person to the other. We recommend you to blur the remaining visible lines; you can use the clippers for that. Ideally, you want to clean up the neck base. Use the clippers for that. Ideally, you want to clean up the neck base. 


The Fade Barber Haircut is one of those cool haircuts that will impress plenty of people. That’s because it’s short at the bottom and it then gets longer and longer towards the top. It’s a great idea to learn how to do a fade cut. It might seem a bit tricky at first, but with the right amount of practice, you can make it work.

Getting the Fade Barber Haircut appropriately done can take a bit of a trial and error. This is the type of haircut that can take a bit of work, but it always delivers a great experience.

Remember that the Fade Barber Haircut is one of those styles that look great. Even if you’re new, you can still get it right the first time. It will take a little bit of getting used to the style and every step, but you will enjoy it. Make sure that you use professional equipment and clean it every time you use it so that it will last for a long time! 

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