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Barber scissors are everywhere, online and in local retail stores in the USA. New brands and models of barber shears appearing every year.

With so many options available, how do you choose a reliable brand that has models that suit you?

The most popular barber scissor brands and new additions in the USA are as follows:

These brands are international and mainly available online in the USA. They are popular due their reputation, reliable scissors, and best value for either professionals or beginners.

When searching for a new pair of barber scissors, you need to focus on these aspects when choosing a new model:

  • The scissor steel used determines the sharpness of the blade and its overall lifespan
  • The handle determines the ergonomics and how comfortable the barber shear will be when cutting hair all day
  • The barber blade and edge determines how it will cut 

So when you are choosing a new pair of barber scissors in the USA, choose a reputable brand, and focus on the three points above to choose a pair that suits you best.

Paying more is sometimes the cheapest path when buying a pair of scissors. A more expensive model with higher quality steel and manufacturing will last for many more years. Replacing a pair of scissors less often means that you will save money in the long-run.

The most popular brand for beginner and apprentice barbers in the USA has been Mina and Ichiro.

The most popular brand for professional barbers in the USA has been Juntetsu, Kamisori and Yasaka.

Let us know what brands you think will be popular this year and why! Send us an email and we'll update the list.

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